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SONG: Innocence by Avril Lavigne

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As I made my way towards class, I thought about what had happened this morning

As I made my way towards class, I thought about what had happened this morning. Did, Edward, really break up with Jessica… or not? He seemed mad when she kissed him, but you never know they could have been fighting.

The rest of the day seemed to fly by and before I knew it, it was morning.

I woke up today feeling very refreshed. I was in a much better mood this morning than I have been previously. While I walked through the hallways to get to class, I would stop and say 'Hi' to almost everyone that I saw.

When I entered Mr. Banner's class I immediately took a seat, right next to Edward. He gave me that smile, again! I really don't know what it is but that smile of his makes me lose all feeling in my legs.

Mr. Banner passed out Amazing Grace, Which happens to be the recital piece. I had the solo. How I got it, is still up for discussion, Mr. Banner told me that someone had recommended me to sing the solo.

Truth be told, I was petrified to sing the solo.

I was still having a hard time dealing with Bryce's death.

As I sat in my seat, I played with my cross necklace that Bryce had given me the day before his Grad party. I still remember that day very clearly, because what he said stuck in my mind.

"Bella, no matter where life takes us after I move away. I will always be watching over you. Wear this necklace at all times and if you ever get scared, always remember that your brother is watching over you. I Love you, Bella, you are honestly the best sister I have ever known."

The only thing different with the Cross, now is that it has his initials engraved on the front. On the back it say's Watching Over You. I took a shuttering breath in; I could feel the tears start trickling in my eyes.

I knew I had to do something to get my mind off of him. Or I would soon be a mess.

Edward looked over at me when I started sniffling, because your nose just had to be connected with you eyes! "Hey, are you okay?" when I looked up at him, he had worried look on his face.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I told him. I hope he didn't ask why.

His gorgeous, green eyes didn't believe me, but thankfully he didn't push on the matter.

Mr. Banner must have said something because the class started to move over to the risers, to begin working on Amazing Grace.