Your A Peach
Pairing: Andrew/Dawn
set during: Season 7
episode: begins in 'Never Leave Me'
Theme: Humor/Romance
Description: Some classic Andrew moments you didn't see during season 7, inbetweens, Dawn/Andrew moments, Baking and interviews.
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Joss and Fox


"Careful with my coat, it's expensive"--10 dollar fake leather jacket from the salvation army in Sunnydale.
Anya smirk then threw the jacket on the ground and deliberatly stomped on it.
Uhh, Vengeance demon...more like Bitch demon, my poor coat.
"Hey," Xander hastily tied one of Andrews wrists to the flimsy chair," oww!" he whined like the nerd he was.

This was clearly unjust, he felt just like princess Leia, chain up against his free-will.
At least he wasn't chained to Java the Hut, he wasn't fond of fat, even inter-galactic alien fat.
Talking about fat, Xander was starting to look like 9th season chandler. He wasn't as toned as he used to be -not that he would notice something like that... he wasn't Gay
Andrew looked around with shifty eyes.
Wait, he thought, no one can hear what I'm thinking, okay unless of course they were a Vulcan and could mind melt.
Andrew was 96 percent sure Xander wasn't a Vulcan.
"Now we can do this the hard way if you want," Xander's beady eyes glared malevolently at a squirming Andrew. this cool, your Andrew, your smart-you wet the bed till you were 12...quick say something!
"Your Barking up the wrong asparagus!" Andrew struggled again, small beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.
Anya stood with crossed arms. Andrew was pretty sure the shirt she was wearing was the ugliest shirt he'd ever seen and he'd lived with two virgin-nerds.
Xander presciently questioned Andrew till he blabbered out a lie, he was a pez dispenser of lies.
"Do you think this is a game junior!?" Anya launched herself at him," people are dying! Friends life's are in Danger"
Andrew had never been so terrified in his whole life, his life was flashing before his eyes.
Wow like 60 percent of his memories were made up of star trek, that was slightly depressing, oh and Demonic monkeys of course.
Anya slapped him across the face, Xander quickly grabbed her and pulled her back.
" owww," wailed Andrew again, Bitch Demon

" You were great"
" I didn't know if i should slap him... but then i wanted to slap him"
Andrew could barely make out what Xander and Anya were saying, if only I had extendable ears.
His eyes began to wonder, looking around Dawns typical teenage room, he had this permanent half-worried smirk on his face.
Small bed, Pretty necklaces, ouuuu a Nsync poster- Nsync was so over-rated. They only made it big was because of Justin.
Warren was so the Justin of the trio, except when Justin left Nsync he wasn't turned inside out by a Gay Witch.

'Andrew's Awakening'

Chewbacca growled, but he understood exactly what he was saying because he was Andrew Skywalker.
Princess Dawn was lying just beyond Darth Anya, Darth Anya with her menacing (ugly) deer shirt.
His mission? why to save the princess of course-being a Jedi and all, it was his duty.
'You can't defeat me Darth Anya, I don't just use the force, I am the force!' Andrew yelled, thrusting himself into battle.
Darth Anya's Red light saber clashed with his green one, sending sparks flying.
'pesky nerd' coughed Anya from under her Deer-head helmet.
'You may be quick but I'm T.N.T, I'm Dy-no-mite!' Andrew skywalker gave her a snarl, his lip rising up just above his teeth.
'Andrew' Darth Anya wheezed' why won't you wake up!?'
'He's been asleep forever!' whined Princess Dawn behind her capture
'a-asleep? that some kind of insult, because I'm really--' Andrew coughed, 'I'm fighting the best I can!'

cool water drenched Andrew's sweaty face, he twitched slightly, the water trickling down his nose and off his chin.
'That was something,' Anya spat sarcastically. Andrew was currently tied to a chair in the summers living room. He'd been there since the night before when the bringers attacked. Spike had left a nasty wound on the side of his neck from when he'd pulled Andrew threw Dawn's wall and bit him.
wow, Poor Andrew, Spike really took a good chunk out of him. More like poor bedroom-- my room is ruined. Dawn's eyes were glued to the bite on Andrew's neck.
"Maybe if you threw hot water on him!" suggested Dawn.
"Good thinking!" Anya clapped happily.
Andrew was beginning to stir, he could still hear Darth Anya's uncanny voice.
Buffy walked down stairs and before Andrew could fully wake up, he was being question again, this time about the hellmouths opening.
"First isn't a Evil Name," he complained, The first-the evil being who had pretended to be Warren.
" It is, if you understand the concept of it," Dawn tried to explain.
"Evil names should be like Lex or voldemort-" Andrew looked up at Dawn who rolled her cobalt blue eyes at him.
He countered with a kooky smirk.

'The Fith'

hmm nice car, kinda smelt like the double meat palace though. Andrew buckling into the back of Xander's car, Dawn got in the other side.
Andrew got hit by all kinds of yummy smells when she sat down, mmm peachy.
Buffy and Xander got in simultaneously, not giving him a second glance and setting off to Sunnydale high.
" I still think The First should have a cooler name," thought Andrew out loud, watching houses pass by.
" It has that name for a reason," spat Dawn.
" ye-yeah, so did voldemort, but his name was cooler," replied Andrew stuttering slightly in that awkward way he did.
He looked down, playing with his seat belt and noticing just how dirty he looked. Andrew looked up, Dawn was clean, smelt nice and had rich bouncy hair.
" Fine," Dawn sighed," what would you call It?"t wasn't like she actually cared but sitting with Andrew was already awkward enough.
Andrew smiled and twisted his body to face her.
"hmmm," his eyes searched upward," ouuu what about Darth Evil," Andrew looked very pleased with himself.
"Darth Evil?" Dawn raised an eyebrow.
"What?" he twitched, "what would you call it"
Dawn thought for a while, playing with words in her head.
"The Fith, Like Sith and First merged together!" Dawn exclaimed before she could stop herself. It was too late, Andrews eyes widened and his mouth hung open-he saw Dawn in a new light, in the nerd light.
Why didn't i think of that? thought Andrew. That was so witty and smart, the young padawan knows the way of the Jedi.
"You like Star Wars?"
"I may have seen it once or twice," admitted Dawn, when Buffy had died last year she and Spike spent alot of time watching movies.
one week they had watched the whole star wars series.
"The First shall no longer me known as...the First," Andrew grinned, "It is now the Fith," This was followed by maniacal laughter, which was brought to a halt when Buffy turned around and glared at him. Fearing for his life, he stopped laughing.

'The Virgin'

They were in the school basement, looking down at the seal where Andrew had killed Jonathan. The place gave Andrew the creeps, in his opinion the school basment was creepier than the Temple of Doom-and that was scary.
"whatever this is, we can't leave it exposed," Buffy decided while handing out shovels.
For a while the four shoveled relentlessly, Buffy doing most of the work while Andrew shoveled dirt as if he was using a spoon.
"Uhh, if only I was Jean Gray then I could move the dirt with my mind," Andrew sighed looking over at Dawn.
"You're just not stop nerd aren't you? a non-stop flight from birth to death," Dawn shot back and continued to shovel dirt onto the Goat's head.
That hurt, thought Andrew, I mean who doesn't know about X-men? even Mexicans knew about X-men, it's like a universal language-like klingon.
"Why do we have to cover this up? I don't think a little dirt will stop the Fith," he directed to Dawn.
"The Fifth?" Xander couldn't ignore Andrew any longer.
"Yeah the Fith," more spoon shovelling.
"It's The First evil not the fifth evil," Xander leaned on his shovel.
"Fith, Not F-Fifth," stuttered Andrew.
"What's the difference?"
"Fith, like sith and First merged as one"
"...and that's why you're a virgin," Xander laughed.
Andrew looked at his feet, clearly offended," Why did you have to bring my virginity into this?"
Dawn shook her head and continued to shovel. Poor Andrew, she thought, probably never even been kissed.
" It was Dawn's idea--"
"Will the nerd and Virgin please get back to shovelling," Buffy ordered, clearly miffed that she had done most of the work--yet again.
"hey!" Xander and Andrew yelled, digging their shovels back into the red powdery dirt.