-Love and Forget: These Loving Memories-
By: Concubine99

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Warning(s): Slash, Amnesia, Sexual Context, Angst, Mpreg, Language, Underage -Harry's sixteen-f

Main Paring: Tom Riddle (Voldemort)/Harry Potter; minor pairings later on.

Summary: "Pott- Harry…have you truly forgotten who you are?" "I have…but Tom told me…I'm his love…that's what he says…I'm his only love. And I believe him…I feel he is someone very important to me…". Harry has forgotten, Voldemort has taken advantage and…falls in love…It wasn't supposed to be like this!

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Onward with the first!

Chapter One-
Like the sun, like forgetfulness

"We're going out."

"Have fun."

"We'll be back tonight…seven at the latest."

"Alrighty then…"

"You touch the stove-"

"You'll throttle me, got it."

"Don't go outside,"

"Because the neighbors don't know that your delinquent of a nephew has returned yet."

"I'm warning you! Any funny business and-"

"I'll die a painful death, yeah, yeah. I know. I'm not planning on riding my broom around the neighborhood or changing the sky green if that's what you're worried about."

Uncle Venom kept his glare directed towards his scrawny nephew, his hands twitching with the urge to hit the boy over the head. He suppressed it however, remembering that…that wizard's warning. He let a noise resembling a growl leave his mouth before he turned and began the journey downstairs.

Harry heard his uncle's loud voice echo downstairs as he called his aunt and cousin to hurry it up. It wasn't long before the force of the door slamming shook the house.

"Well…they're off…" Harry mumbled as he glanced towards Hedwig. He received a hoot before the white owl closed its eyes and soon drifted off to sleep.

A sigh rattled his chest as he stood up from his small chair and walked down stairs.

He soon wished he hadn't.

"How the hell do I get myself into these situations?" He mumbled to himself as a curse barely missed him and instead, hit the kitchen door.

"Itty bitty baby Potter…come out, come out!" rang that horrible voice. He felt that same hatred from the Ministry bubble within him and it took everything he had not to jump from behind the wall and rush towards the bloody witch and…


It wouldn't do to kill her…he would be just like him

"Ohh…I know where you are…" he heard her cackle with glee and heard the approaching footsteps. He cringed…Damn it…

He raised his wand hand and hissed as unexplainable pain shot from his shoulder to the very tip of his fingers. He knew something in that arm was broken and with shaking fingers, he grasped his wand with his other hand.

He had always preferred using his right-hand although he did on rare occasions find himself using his left a bit awkwardly but ever since he had visited Ollivander's for the first time, he had always used his right hand for his wand.

He wondered vaguely what would happen if he were to use his left.

'Well, I don't have much of a choice…"

He did not know how it occurred. He had walked downstairs after his family (he snorted at that one) had left to God knows where. He was hungry for he had skipped breakfast and had decided he was going to make something for late lunch.

And then, just as he was making a rather nice sandwich with ham and turkey and lettuce (because he absolutely hated tomato) and some butter on each slice of bread, the front door was blasted open.

Thank Merlin he had his wand with him, and he had hid behind the wall but not before the evil bitch saw him run past her.

She had yelled a spell that hit the stove and it blew it in a most comically way and he would have laughed if pain had not engulfed his right arm. It seemed he had not escaped the blast fully for his right arm was not only bleeding and somewhat burned, but he was sure- because of past experience- that a bone was broken somewhere in there.

He had stood up and walked towards the door that led to the dining room but at the last minute decided against it and turned left, walking towards the small opening that led to the closet.

He had slid down to the floor against the closet door and hissed as another jolt of pain shot through him.

He had been there for only a minute when he decided to see if the witch was now in the kitchen. He pulled back as he caught a glimpse of black robes and it had been then that the curse hit the kitchen door.

Bellatrix knew where he was and the only way to get out was either past Bellatrix and through the opening that led to the front door or through the kitchen door that led to the dining room, and rush out of the dining room, enter the living room and leave out of the living room before entering the hallway that would lead to the front door and risk Bellatrix seeing him as he past the opening to the kitchen.

Damnit! Who the hell came out with the structure of this bloody building?!

Shaking his head, he drew in a long breath before he exhaled quickly and with one sudden movement, he sprang to his feet and left his hiding place, facing the demented witch.

He raised his wand just as she did and shouted the first spell to come to him, "Obliviate!"

He had never practiced that spell although he had learned about it and had heard many wizards and witches talk about it but for the life of him, he could not understand why he used that spell.

His spell did not hit the Death Eater directly, but instead clashed with her spell.

The last thing he realized was that her spell was a bright color…red or yellow…he couldn't remember.

Oh! Wouldn't her Lord by most pleased with her! She had found his whereabouts. Truly…the Order were getting sloppy if they let just anyone enter their mist, especially one prone to talk with just a minute under the Crucrutis cruse.

She cackled in glee as she sensed how close, how so very close she was! Her Lord would be most pleased with her! Most pleased!

The boy had nowhere to go or run and that Order –for she had sensed the wards- would be too late, they (and she meant herself and the little brat) would be gone! Towards her Master's manor!

She did not expect him to step out of his hiding but what could she expect from a Gryffindor? Those stupid, stupid, stupid Gryffindors!

She raised her wand the moment he did and let out the worst spell she could think of that wasn't the Killing Curse and was mildly surprised when she heard faintly, "Oblivate!"

So the itty bitty baby Potter knew advanced spells…she grinned as she watched her curse overpower his and engulf him in a strange orange light.

She felt giddy inside. What if he was dead! Her Master would not like that at all! No, no, no! She would be punished.

She walked towards the unconscious boy, her wand still trained to him and cautiously, she kneeled next to the boy and placed two clammy fingers at the pulse on his neck.

"Alive, little baby Potter? Alive! You must stay alive! My Lord is the only one that can kill you!" She stood up and with a quick flick of her wrist and a mumbled spell, the boy was floating next to her. She touched his burned arm and with manic grin, they disappeared.

The Order appeared not even a minute later.

He was not annoyed, he was furious.

They were testing his patience. Severus had arrived a minute late, stating that Dumbledore was reluctant to let him go. He had to keep his cover and had persuaded the old fool to let him come.

For some reason, he was beginning to lose faith in Severus Snape. He might just be a traitor.

He had given the task of finding the Potter boy to his Death Eaters and they have all come out empty handed! A month and they have yet to find anything! Where they so incompetent?

And then there's the fact that they had yet to- no…he would forgive them this…it was after all a hard task…he would give them more time…just a little more time…

And of course there was the fact that Lucius had dared to defy him! His son was supposed to be here! But no! He was with his mother, in Spain… How dare they! Did he not say he wanted to speak with the boy? Had he not made himself clear? He wanted that boy here! Not in bloody Spain!

How dare they! He glared angrily at the shaking man who lay ungracefully on the cold stone floor and was tempted to continue his torture but managed to control himself.

He couldn't have one of his most elite Death Eaters an insane, useless, mass of meat.

"Get up Lucius and go back to your position! I expect him here tomorrow," he said, his anger covering his words.

"Ye-yes My Lord. Of course," the proud Malfoy Head said as he stood up and cringed as pain jolted through his bones. His muscles ached horribly but he managed to get back to his position in almost record time. He did not want to anger his Lord any further.

"Where is Bella?" Voldemort asked as he looked at his Death Eaters.

"She-she is not present, My Lord…" Nott said with hesitation. He did not want those eyes upon him.

But it seemed like Fate hated him for those scarlet eyes landed on him and they narrowed. A sneer twisted their Lord's face, "Do you think me stupid, Nott? I can see she is not here! I asked where she was, you fool!"

They flinched as his voice rang throughout the large room and felt a shudder of dread run through them.

But they were saved as the door to the large room was opened and entered Bellatrix with a figure floating behind her.

"My Lord! My Lord! I have found him and brought him here!"

Voldemort had brought his wand and directed towards the manic witch, a curse on his lips but her statement cooled his anger. If only a little.

"Who?" he asked and his eyes landed on the floating figure. His eyes widen slightly, barely noticeably, when they caught sight of the Boy-Who-Lived.

"Is that-"

"Yes! It's the Potter boy!" Bellatrix said with glee.

He scowled at the witch, "May I finish my sentence, Bellatrix?"

"Of course My Lord. I apologize!"

Voldemort glanced towards the boy, "Is he dead?"

"No, I would never take his life when you have claimed it My Lord! Never! Never!"

"I heard you fine the first time, Bella," Voldemort mumbled, feeling a headache coming on. God, sometimes this witch more annoying then useful.

"Is this why you ignored my summoning?"

"Yes, Master. I thought- I thought that this would please you!"

"It does," Voldemort said slowly, "You will be rewarded…but first-" he said, already feeling Bellatrix outburst, "Take him to my room."

"What?! But My Lord wouldn't the dung-"

"Are you questioning me?" He said as he titled his head, his red eyes now on the boy, "Take him to my room. Is his wand with him?"

"…Yes…he did not let go of it…"

"Fine. Give it to me."

"But My Lord-"

"Bellatrix! You tire my patience and at the moment I have barely a hair's width."

"I-I apologize, My Lord," Bellatrix said as she bowed towards her Lord. She walked towards the boy and without any grace or care, she grabbed the wand from Harry's cold, clammy hand and jerked it out of his grasp.

She walked briskly towards her Lord and handed him the wand, "His wand…" she mumbled with a dark scowl as she tried to figure out why her Lord would want the brat in his room.

"Go Bella. I tire of you…" he hissed as he glared heatedly at the witch, "Place him on my bed and make sure you lock the door before you leave. We wouldn't want him wondering the manor do we?"

"No, My Lord. Of course not."


She walked down the small pedestal and with another flick of her wrist, the limp figure of Harry Potter followed her out of the room.

She still did not understand! Her Lord should have been pleased with her yet he seemed more angry than anything!

She continued down the gloomy hallway still contemplating. Somehow she knew it was all the brat's fault.

"How is it that one of my Death Eaters solely and without any aid has accomplished what all of you combined could not?" he asked silkily, as he leaned against his throne-like chair, his eyes staring ahead, not even glancing at any of his Death Eaters.

He twirled his wand between his fingers, Potter's lying innocently on his lap.

They did not know if his question was rhetorical or not and they all, as a group silently agreed not to answer.

"All of you are useless…" Voldemort hissed, "Lucius!" the man jumped almost unnoticeably.

"I better see that boy here tomorrow…do you understand me?"

"Yes, of course."

"Severus…" the Potion Master titled his head in recognition.

"You will return here once it is night. I want to hear what Dumbledore is planning," the Dark Lord said with a twisted smile.

"As you order," Severus mumbled as he bowed his head in a sign of submission.

"Dismissed! I can't stand the sight of you all any longer!"

Almost as one, they all apparated, all more than relieved to leave Voldemort's presence. He had not been so furious in a long while and they knew by now how their Lord was when he was in a foul mood.

It was not a pleasant experience.

It was dark and…warm.

He became conscious of this first and then became conscious that he was terribly scared.

For a moment, he could not remember why it was so dark but then he did…he opened his eyes.

His vision was blurry for reasons unknown to him but then he noticed something on his face and when he pushed it down, the room came into focus.

They were glasses.

He blinked repeatedly until he became accustomed to the glasses and when he did, he glanced towards the side and there stood a man who was…familiar.

He was tall…almost towering in height. He had a face that although quite human reminded him of a snake. It was a long and white face with slanted scarlet eyes with pupils that were vertical and slightly curved, like a snake's. His nose was nothing special, normal but for some reason he got the impression that it had once been something else…

His lips…they were thin and…cunning. He blinked at that description. His hair reached his shoulders, black, nice tresses that held not one white hair.

He was…perhaps handsome but he was indeed striking. A face one would not forget easily.

Those lips curved almost distastefully, "Potter," the man hissed.

He blinked. Was that his name? He vaguely hoped it was his last name…

"Uh…hello…Is that my name?"

"What do you mean if that's your name, you foolish boy?"

He flinched at the harsh tone, "Please sir…I- I who are you?"

"You do not remember me?" the man seemed surprised and it was then that he noticed the stick- the wand directed towards him.

"Should I, sir?" he asked nervously as he looked at the wand in the other's hand. The man almost hesitantly walked towards him and the tip of the wand rested against his forehead. Pain engulfed him and his mind went blank. He jerked away from the wand and almost immediately, the pain left him.

"Why…" he mumbled as he leaned back against what he then realized was a bed.

"Hmmm…you really don't remember…" the man said slowly as he finally lowered his wand. His red eyes held a calculating look and slowly, a smile curved his lips. It was not necessarily a nice smile.

"You…my boy…are Harry, just Harry…"

"Harry…" he mumbled slowly. The name was familiar enough.

"Yes, Harry," he said as he sat down next to the boy.

"Who are- who are you?"

"Me? I am Lord Voldemort…" he mumbled, all the while observing the boy's reaction. The boy merely titled his head in a manner that reminded the tall wizard of a kitten.

"Voldemort…? Really?"

"Hmm…That is my…title. My real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle…" he said, still watching for any signs that the boy might remember anything, "Although I hate that name…"

"Oh…so what do I call you?"

"You? Well…you call me…Tom although I do not like it one bit."

"Really? Then why do I call you it?"

"Because.." well what could he say? "Because I let you."

"Why would you do something like that?"

He scowled. Now really…must he ask so many questions? And then an idea struck.

He had originally been thinking of merely killing the boy without telling him anything important but oh…what was the fun in that?

And it would be such a waste!

Taking the boy right under the Order's nose was like stabbing them; why not twist the knife a little?

"Why do I let you? Because…because you are my only love. The only one in this world that I love in any shape or form."

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