A crossover with the Devil May Cry series and Naruto. I wanted to make my own version unique to all the others out there.

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A Devil's Awakening

"Demons don't cry… Devils don't c-cry… I 'Sniff' w-won't 'Sniff' c-cry…"said a child, as the tears of sorrow pored from his beautiful blue eyes.

His silver hair was matted to his head from rain. His clothes were torn and bloody. He couldn't be older than five and yet he was kneeling over a body. The body of the woman who was the best thing to come into the small boy's life. And she was dead lying in a pool of her own blood.

His right arm felt like it was on fire, his small body was beat up and sore, and a large katana stuck out the ground not a few feet away. The blade was stained crimson with blood, blood that seemed to eerily slide down the blade into the ground. But he didn't care. Not about the sword, his pain racked body, or even his arm, which now glowed a supernatural blue, and seemed more demonic than that of a man's. No all he cared about was her, the one he loved… the one he lost.

"Might controls everything without power you cannot protect anything let alone yourself." The voice seemed to echo from all around him. It was the last thing he heard before passing out from exhaustion.

From that day forward my arm changed and that voice echoed "Power, Give Me More POWER!"


I'm Uzumaki Naruto and I'm on my way to pass a ninja exam. Why? So I can kill shit and not get in trouble for it. I'm kind of … well, um… unique. I don't really know what to call my powers; a curse, gift, or bloodline not like it matters what I call it.

But whatever you want to call them, know that they come in handy when killing demons, and I'm gonna do everything I can to destroy every last one of those bastards. Ya see they took someone from me someone I really cared about. What did they do to her? They killed her. But let me start over from the beginning to clear things up a bit…


Sarutobi the Sandaime, or Third Hokage, also known as the Professor because of his vast knowledge of jutsu and his ability to utilize them all in combat effectively. But even with all his justu, his power, and his skill he was still stuck at his desk going though papers. None of his abilities could help him find what he was looking for, a caretaker for a four year old boy. It should have been easy, but this boy was none other than Uzumaki Naruto the chosen container of the Kyuubi. To many people he was the creature sealed inside him. They ignored the Fourth Hokage's last wish to treat the boy as a hero. No, they did the opposite they used the boy as a scapegoat for their problems.

He was once again looking though a stack of files of individuals that could take in a young boy and raise him. He had already thrown out most of them, they must have though he was senile or stupid, he knew they still held grudges against the fox and it would be the ideal situation for an 'accident' to occur.

"This is ridiculous," he shouted, angrily slamming his fists into his desk both scattering papers and splintering the sturdy wood under him. "Wait." His hand blurred for a moment, snatching a paper out of the air that had caught his eye.

'Hmm… I wonder how I missed this one. A civilian chef who settled here a little before the attack… no family left, but not because of the fox… appropriate space…no grudges against Naruto for what is sealed inside him… and is also a friend of the family. She's perfect.'

Still looking at her file he called. "Inu!" There was the sound of rushing wind in front of him.

"Yes, Hokage-sama" The Third looked up from his paper to see an Anbu guard with silver hair and a dog mask standing before him.

"Would you please get Uzumaki Naruto for me? There is someone I'm sure he'd be happy to meet." He said still in deep thought.

"Yes, Hokage-sama." the man said. Then disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

The Third sighed before getting up. 'I will have to watch them for a few days just to be sure. If there are no mishaps I'll leave them be.' He then walked out of his office sandaled feet making no noise as they carried him towards his destination.

Devils Don't Cry…

Naruto was having a good day. The boy was walking down the street humming a merry tune. First he had gotten a free bowl of this stuff called ramen for being the very first costumer to a new stand by stumbling in by chance. It tasted great, definitely one of the best things he'd eaten. He wiped the drool making its way to his chin.

So far no one had said anything mean to him. No cold stares today they just ignored him and that was fine.

He even got to play with some other kids without the parents yelling at him and dragging there children away.

Then he got back at that jerk who had ripped him off a few days ago and didn't get caught.

'Its amazing what yelling "pervert" at a guy near the hot springs can do.' Just thinking about it made him laugh. 'That guy didn't know what hit him. And it serves him right first he overcharged my groceries a few days ago and then he has the balls to peak in the women's hot spring.' Chuckling merrily as he continued on his way, no paying attention to where he was going. 'Yep my day is going…'

"Oof! Ow that hurt." The young boy said rubbing his nose.

'What I hit? Huh looks like a Nin… Uh oh' Looking up slowly he saw a silver hair guy with a dog mask on. 'Alright Naruto be smooth, play it cool you can get out of this one you've done it before.'

Taking his calming breath and letting it go slowly. 'Alright I got this.' "I DIDN'T DO IT I SWEAR!!" He yelled out defiantly.

The Anbu looked at him for a moment his mask covered eyes seemed go pierce straight though him. Naruto was starting to sweat.

"Actually," he said in a bored tone "I came to get you, the Hokage wishes to see you,"

'Whew that was a close one.' Naruto thought wiping his forehead. 'I almost thought-'

"But if there is anything you'd like to confess…" He continued.

Naruto laughed nervously. "He he, of course not Anbu-san. I haven't done anything all day."

"Hmm… I just happen to see someone being beat mercilessly by a group of angry women in towels; you wouldn't have anything to do with that… would you?" He drawled out in his bored tone.

"Of course not Anbu-san, he must have just got caught doing something bad." He said nervously. 'Come on, please buy it'

"I suppose… anyway come with me to the Hokage" He knew but honestly it was still pretty funny besides that guy had it coming.

"Alright, lead the way Anbu-san" 'Whew close call, but the good day continues!!'

Devils Don't Cry…

"You see that is why I need you to take care of him. The orphanage is being bias towards him and I don't trust many others to actually take care of him, and the ones I do trust don't have the time to watch him. I also thought that since you where a good friend of Kushina you wouldn't have any anger toward him." The Third paused to study the woman across from him.

She had light brown hair kept in a ponytail, but a few loose strands framed her angelic face. Her eyes were a soft brown that held nothing but kindness. She wore a simple sundress with an apron over it, but that only seem to enhance her beauty. She even had a figure even most kunoichi would die for. Seeing no suspicious actions he continued.

"Of course his opinion matters as well. So if you agree we will also see if he accepts."

The woman who had been quiet the entire time while listening patiently finally spoke." I would be happy to look after him Hokage-sama I could use the company and the help. Besides I always wanted a son to look after."

The Third nodded his approval. 'Now will Naruto accept you?'

A swirl of leaves kicked up to reveal Inu along with a passenger who was currently amazed at how they managed to get here.

"Woah! Anbu-san how'd you do that. That was awesome! I mean we were just standing there you moved your hands and poof we're here." Naruto seemed to stall for a moment before resuming full force. "Can you teach me how to do that please, please, Please, PLEASE!"

Inu seem to think about it and Naruto's eyes glittered with hope. "Maybe," the Anbu started.

"YES" Naruto joy filled cry echoed though the room. Then began a victory dance.

"When you're older." He finished. Naruto who had been jumping around the room in joy came crashing to the floor head first.

"Naruto sit down please." The Third said getting the attention of the small boy who was now nursing a large bump on his head with comedic tears streaming down his face and mumbling to himself. The boy having his hopes dashed by the anbu went to throw himself in the empty chair not noticing the female occupant of the room.

The Third cleared his throat snapping Naruto out of his daze. "Naruto I called you here to ask you a very important question." The Hokage now had Naruto's full attention. "The woman next to you has heard of your problems with the orphanage and has proposed a remedy to the situation."

Naruto didn't know where this was going. And bringing up the orphanage made him remember things that were less that desirable during his short stay there.

Finally noticing the woman next to him he was stunned by how pretty she was. 'What would she want with someone like me?' Catching himself staring he turned to the Hokage and asked, "So what question do you want to ask?"

The woman decided this would be an appropriate time to speak. "Naruto I'm Kyrie and I was a good friend of your mother," Naruto's eyes widened at this. "And after hearing your problem I've decided that I can adopt you, that is, if you want." If Naruto's eyes where big before they were huge now.

Naruto was thinking in overtime. This lady who was nice and pretty wanted to adopt him. 'Is this a joke? No, it couldn't be jiji wouldn't do that to him would he? No, jiji never hurt him before why would he stat now? I want a family, but how do I know that she won't just turn out like all the other mean people.'

The others could tell the boy was struggling. Should he pass up this chance and risk losing it forever or take it and risk being hurt again. As much as they wanted to help him they couldn't, this was his choice and he had to make it.

The boy's struggle was quickly becoming even more fierce. Tears were slowly gathering in his eyes. 'I don't want to be alone anymore. I'm tired of the only one not having a family. Its not fair will she be any different than the others that the ones who call me a demon, a monster, and curse me while I'm not looking?'

After watching the boy fight and try to sort his feelings the boy spoke up. "I just have one question… just one." Kyrie looked at him, his hair was now shadowing his eyes.

"What is it?" she asked gently, careful not to scare him.

The boy finally looked up tears streaming down his face, nothing goofy or funny about them. These were real tears, tears that held so much pain, more than any child should have and he was trying to hold them back. "W-will y-you l-love m-me?"

The woman stood from her chair and went kneel in front of him. She looked into his teary eyes and gently wrapped him in a hug. "I will love you like my own." She whispered softly in his ear. Naruto return the hug full force as if scared she would disappear if let go. His mask crumbled and for the first time in a long time and he openly cried tears of fear, sadness, but most of all joy because he finally found a family.

The Sandamine and Anbu watched silently as the scene unfolded before them. Soon all the essentials were taken care of and Naruto was on his way to his new home with his new mother.

Devils Don't Cry…

What followed the next few months was perfect. Kyrie was the mother Naruto always dreamed about smart, kind, and beautiful. She was also gentle, she never got angry when he did something wrong she would just smile and corrected him. And Naruto did everything he could to be the best son possible to see that smile.

When his birthday had came around she had actually managed to give him a party at her restaurant. Everything was in place food, presents, but most of all friends. The Hokage was there along with old man Teuchi and his daughter, Ayame, from the Ichiraku Ramen Bar. Kyrie was even able to convince the parents of children that were his own age had come to play with him, it was great. He had been sure to be nice to them to make sure to prove the bad roomers about him wrong. He even learned all their names; there was Hinata, Sakura, Shino, Choji, Shikamaru, Ino, and Kiba. He didn't know how Kyrie did it but then again he didn't care. They were even happy to be there they weren't just forced to come. It was the best day of Naruto's life.

Everything was perfect. Too bad it was all about to end…

Devils Don't Cry…

Sarutobi was disturbed he had been getting more and more reports of lesser demon fights. While the lesser demons themselves weren't surprising, after all there were creatures such as the Nine Tailed Fox that roamed the land, it was still alarming at the increasing frequency of the attacks. Some villages and travelers that didn't have shinobi or any other type of defense were in great danger.

Devils Don't Cry…

Kyrie and Naruto were currently returning from an outer village northeast of Konoha that had specific ingredients needed for the restaurant. It's been a couple of months since Kyrie first adopted Naruto and if a person would see them they would not believe the child was adopted let along a few months ago. They seemed like any other mother and son.

Naruto was helping set up camp when he heard it, an eerie laughter that sounded inhuman. Then he saw them, they seem to come out of no where. Ugly, bulbous creatures some had a crude scythe for an arm while others had the blade for a leg. They seemed slightly slow and moved oddly that is until they started attacking him. They seemed to jump and attack in complicated formations his small form was hard pressed to avoid all of them. They had even managed to surround him.

Just when he thought things couldn't get any worst he heard a sound that scared him worst then any laugh these creatures could produce.

It was the sound of Kyrie's scream.

While trying to avoid these monsters he had forgot that she had went to refill their canteens with the nearby steam. She was in danger. Forgetting all worries about his own safety he charged the nearest monster with a scythe on their leg.

'It is unbalanced with its weapon so it should take longer to recover if knocked down.'

His analyst was quick and fueled by emotion. The nearest one with a blade on its leg was in front of a few others like it. He pushed his legs harder he needed all the momentum he could get.

The monsters had not moved yet either out of curiosity of what he was doing or amusement at his retaliation. It left Naruto the opening he needed. Naruto not slowing in the slightest reared back his right fist and slammed it into the creature. Whether by his momentum or his strength it was enough to knock the creature off its feet and into a few enemies behind it. All of them went tumbling to the ground as a result.

Naruto flew past them stepping on some in his path. Hearing another scream he ran faster. If he hadn't been worried about Kyrie so much and getting there he might have noticed the faint blue glow coming from his right arm, the one use to punch the monster for an opening.

Trees seemed to be a blur and they flew by him at impressive speeds. His lungs and legs were burning and cry out in protest from the strain he was putting them though.

"PO… Re… po…" 'Huh what was that' he wondered but a third scream broke that train of though. It sounded more desperate, more fearful. He needed to hurry.

He finally broke though the trees into a clearing. Seeing Kyrie surrounded by those monsters, already looking slightly scratched up, he acted on instinct alone.

"Leave her alone!" He screamed punching the one that was about to lunge at her with all his might. It flew into a group of others and exploded seemingly to the shock of the other creatures.

"Naruto watch out!" Naruto barely turned in time to see one take a swipe at him. Time seemed to slow. As he moved out of the weapon's range, he saw another lunge from out the corner of his eye the blade on its arm trying to slice him in two.

'Oh no you don't.' It seemed to come natural to him, he suddenly lashed out with his arm grabbing the monster by the leg spinning him around hitting ones around him and throwing it back at a group of them.

Only at that moment did he notice the blue glow his arm was giving off. Everything seemed to stop, even the creatures recognized his arm and they seemed to be scared of it. Then suddenly a brilliant flash of light came from his arm blinding the creatures, Kyrie, and even Naruto himself.

When they all regained their sight they stood there in awe. Naruto's arm while still human shaped looked more demonic, composed of armor that was a dark reddish hue and the area under the armor was blue replacing skin that was once at the hand and shown though the cracks in the armor.

'Power Give Me More POWER!' Naruto held his head in pain as the voice echoed though his mind.

Now the creatures all recovered from their shock now recognized him as a threat and they were going to get rid of it. They all attacked at once some jumping in air while others rushed him from the ground.

Time Froze

"You are not going to die, not when you are one of my descendents. You got the power, it's in your blood, and all you have to do is use it." Naruto looked around wildly for the voice when he saw him.

He towered over Naruto; he wore black pants, a dark blue shirt, and topped it off with a large light blue coat. His stark white hair was slicked back neatly and he had grey eyes that seemed to pierce into Naruto's own blue orbs.

"Are you or are you not one of my blood? Use your power to destroy this trash. After all you want to save her don't you?" He glanced at Kyrie for a moment before looking back at Naruto.

Naruto thought for a moment, he could use anything to help him take these things down. He had to protect Kyrie.

"I'll do whatever it takes." Naruto said finally with a look of determination in his eyes.

The man pulled out a long katana and held it out horizontally. "You see this sword young one," Naruto nodded. "This is the sword of a great devil and only another of that devil's blood can wield it. Will you accept the power to crush your enemies, even if it means becoming just like them?"

Naruto went silent would he? If that sword is that powerful he could save Kyrie, protect her. But he would become a demon, a devil. He looked at Kyrie's fear filled face, fear of him dying.

He turned back to the man who hadn't moved from his spot from watching him patiently waiting for an answer.

"I accept my blood and my power," Glancing to Kyrie again his eyes lingered on her before turning back. "I just want the power to protect her. I don't care if I become a demon."

The man studied him with powerful grey eyes. With a nod held out the sword. "By accepting the blood of your ancestors I bestow upon you Yamato. Draw your blade, accept our power, and become stronger than any other."

Naruto shakily reached over and took the blade from them man's hand. And with that the man disappeared no leaves, no smoke, just gone.

But he didn't have time to think about it, things were coming back to life. Unsheathing the man's sword, no his sword, the blade let out a dull ring in his left hand as he sprang into action. Yamato whistled though the air, moving in a blur of speed, and leaving nothing but a flash of light in its wake. By the time the demons were back to normal speed he had already cut though half of their numbers.

They were attacking with everything they had now. One came from above; he brought Yamato up to block the slash throwing the creature off balance then cut its torso off. He then grabbed at the creature that was trying to sneak up on him with his right hand but what grabbed the creature was a larger hand, fully blue and seemingly spiritual, but still the same shape. 'It doesn't matter! I'll become a demon to protect her!' With that he took the creature still in his grasp and slammed it into the ground, its body was crushed by the force.

Instinct seemed to take over completely. As he fought he changed. His hair lost its sun kissed shine and was replaced with brilliant silver similar to the man in blue. His body structure changed ever so slowly becoming built for battle. And his blue eyes seemed to now glow with untapped potential.

Upward slash, cutting an enemy in half groin up. Jumping into the air following force of the slash. Grab, pulling one up to him only to crush it back into the ground using gravity as his weapon as well. Downward slash while falling splitting one cleanly down the middle into two pieces. Horizontal slash cutting though three of them, while grabbing another to smash it into the ground. The carnage continued, they never stood a chance meeting their end from either Yamato or his demonic arm.

All throughout the battle it felt as if Naruto had done this before. Yamato felt like an extension of his very soul and his demonic arm seemed to respond perfectly to his will.

Finally he cut though the last one. He was gasping for breath and his muscles were burning, but he and Kyrie were alive. He turned around to see Kyrie's face smiling at him only to be replaced by a look of shock as a blade stuck out of her stomach.

"NOOOOO!" Pain was forgotten, adrenaline fueled energy returned full force as he moved in a blur appearing to next to the monster grabbing it with his demonic arm to smash the creature into the ground once, twice, three times then crushing it in his grip mercilessly.

Seeing the wound he calmed himself, the blade went through but missed any internal organs, he didn't know how but he knew. He tore his blood stained T-shirt and quickly wrapped the wound.

"Hold on Mom Konoha isn't far." He already had her on his back, Yamato was mysteriously sheathed and by his side, and using every bit of his will and strength he pushed toward their destination in a dead sprint. He could already feel her blood seeping though his crude bandages.

He didn't know how long it was only it started to rain and that she was fading fast. "Hold on Mom we're almost there. Hold On!"

His silver hair was matted to his head, tears and rain streaming down his face. He felt his foot catch a snag and tripped. They went crashing to ground he could see her land a few feet away. Yamato also went flying into the air falling out of it sheath and stabbing into the ground.

"Help! Somebody Help Us!" Even as he screamed out for someone he was heaving himself up. Rushing to her, the blood had soaked though her bandages completely and her breathing was ragged. "Come on Mom we're almost there." He tried to pick her up but his strength was failing him.

"Someone, Anyone Help Us!" He heard a sound and saw two chunin appear beside him, they seemed started at his arm but his heart leapt in hope.

"You gotta help her she's dying we got attacked, don't just stand there carry her, teleport her get a FUCKING MEDIC, DO SOMETHING!!" Naruto was hysterical now, Kyrie needed help and these guys were just standing there staring.

These chunin were battle harden they knew the woman wouldn't make it, she wouldn't survive the trip whether physical or chakra. Even she knew it they could see it in her eyes.

Naruto's eyes were clouded with tears, the rain poured on and around them. "DO SOMETHING PLEASE." He begged.

"Naruto" He heard her weak voice and instantly focused his attention on Kyrie, moving quickly to her side, putting her head in his lap. "Naruto I'm sorry you tried your best we both did but I can't make it." She reached up caressing his face with the back of her hand. He leaned his head into her had and holding it with his to give the cold hand warmth.

"I wanted to surprise you, I know how you wanted to be Hokage so I signed you up for the academy and paid for it. Be strong Naruto. If not for yourself for me. It hurts knowing that I'm leaving you alone again and I'm so sorry."

They were both crying now. "Don't leave me Mom, please." He whispered. "Naruto-kun did I ever tell you I love it when you call me that, it makes me feel great being your m-mother." Her grip then weaken and went limp. Her breathing slowed and stopped. And her eyes closed never to see the world again.

"Mom! MOM! MOM!" His fists were clenched so tight blood seeped from his palms. His head was bowed as he tried his best not to cry.

"Let it out Naruto is okay to cry." Sandamine said from behind Naruto.

"Demons don't cry… Devils don't cry… I 'Sniff' w-won't 'Sniff' c-cry…" And with that he broke down tears of sadness and hate came free as he held her body close and cried.

His right arm felt like it was on fire, his small body was beat up and sore, and a large katana stuck out the ground not a few feet away. The blade was stained crimson with blood, blood that seemed to eerily slide down the blade to the ground. But he didn't care. Not about the sword, his pain racked body, or even his arm, which now glowed a supernatural blue, seemingly more demonic like than that of a man's. No all he cared about was her, the one he loved… the one he lost.


"Might controls everything without power you cannot protect anything let alone yourself." The voice seemed to echo from all around him. It was the last thing he heard before passing out from exhaustion.

Devils Don't Cry…

A few days later we find Naruto along with others families, from the Hyuuga family to the Ichiraku Ramen stand family,at the funeral of Kyrie Uzumaki. Naruto didn't shed a tear, he couldn't. He had cried himself to sleep for the last few days. The only thing hiding that fact was the thick sunglasses.

He just stood there. In his black clothes and bandaged arm in a sling staring at that stone.

Here Lies Kyrie Uzumaki

Loved by all

Dear Friend,


And most of all, Mother

The Third stood next to him.

"Ojii-san when does the academy start?" He spoke suddenly.

"In a few days Naruto, why?" The Third asked puzzled.

"Because… I need more power. This won't happen again…ever… And I need someone to help me with my sword. After all 'Might controls everything without power you cannot protect anything let alone yourself.'

The Hokage sighed. "Very well Naruto I'll see what I can do."


Naruto stood before the academy entrance in baggy black pants and a large black trench coat. He didn't do shirts they always got messed up when he used his powers besides most his age thought the seal on his stomach was a tattoo. His hair was messy and worn down and his look was complete with black combat boots, Yamato by his side, and his right arm bandaged up to the shoulder. 'After all no one needs to know about my trump card so soon anyway' He looked at his bandaged arm and clenched it causing a faint blue to shine though the bandages. 'Might controls everything without power you cannot protect anything let alone yourself…' He then kicked down the door and walked in. 'I Need More Power… To Protect The Ones I Love.'

A descendent of Sparta has been revealed, a devil born, and he's ready to kick some ass.

There you have it completely unique from all others I have seen. And there are some things I would like to point out.

(1)This is not a super Naruto fic. Although he may seem stronger than most he will still develop and be challenged.

(2) Sorry to all Kyrie lovers of DMC4 I needed a catalyst. She may return.

(3) I accept all criticism after all I can't fix what's wrong if you don't tell me.

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