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There can be only One…

"What did you do to Lucia?" Naruto asked, taking in the teen standing before him. Besides the exact likeness of Yamato at his side he also wore a set of clawed gauntlets and grieves that were black with glowing white highlights.

"Like them?" Kabuto asked noticing his stare. "Yamato the blade forged of darkness said to be able to cut through anything and Beowulf the Light Beast, a demon that opposed me in one of my expeditions, I destroyed him and took his soul as my weapon." He clenched his fist making gauntlets and grieves shine. "You're not the only one who has fought the demons Dante left behind."

"I asked you a question." Naruto stated, still watching him carefully.

His attire was different from the first and second exam, instead of shinobi gear. He now wore a detailed silk coat of a dark purple color with red along the collar, wrists, and tail. Under that was a red shirt and purple pants also of pure silk.

"Don't worry. I only destroyed the clones to get your attention. I have no need to spill Lucia's blood when she could prove to be a valuable servant in the very near future. And I must say I am slightly surprised by your effortless defeat of Dagon and Bael." Kabuto slowly drew his Yamato. Naruto followed suit while remaining silent. Both blades let out a low hum as they were freed from their sheaths

"What's wrong? Don't you want to play Naruto-kun? I came here just to see what competition I'm up against and after seeing your trek through this castle…I'm not impressed." Kabuto said darkly, his red eyes flashing.

"How did you get here anyway?" Naruto's eyes met Kabuto's glare, not wavering in the least.

"The gate that Dante left was open to all with Sparda's blood in their veins." Naruto raised an eyebrow at his statement.

Kabuto suddenly blurred and sparks flew as Naruto barely blocked the strike that would have taken his head.

"Just what the hell are you?" Naruto ground out as Kabuto put more force into the lock, causing their blades to quiver.

An insane glint entered Kabuto's eyes. "Naruto, Descendant of Sparda and one of the two Successors of Vergil, is it not obvious!?" Naruto's eyes widened as Kabuto's illusion melted away to reveal his true appearance of ghostly pale skin with blue markings on his face. "I am Kabuto, Descendant of Sparda and the successor of Vergil's corrupted power!" Naruto was blasted back by a sudden burst of energy.

Naruto stabbed Yamato into the ground to stop his flight backwards. "So you're just a fake, right?" Naruto asked, pulling his sword free. "I should have known when I saw the copy of Yamato."

Kabuto scowled, the glint leaving. "Funny, though I assure you I am no fake." He said dangerously. "But my power is still incomplete and for that to be remedied you must die."

Kabuto suddenly charged, his blade flashing to leave large cuts in the earth around him. Naruto was ready for the strike this time, stopping Kabuto's blade inches from his face, but Kabuto kept up the force of his attack pushing Naruto back.

Naruto dug his feet into the ground as his sword began to glow. His blade exploded with a Judgment Cut knocking Kabuto off his feet and into the air, followed closely by the jinchuriki's ethereal Devil Bringer. Kabuto merely smirked, easily twisting out of the way to land lightly on the ground.

"I expected more." Kabuto said in a bored tone, as he watched Naruto's arm retract. He moved to brush off his coat of imaginary dust as glowing phantom swords began to circle him. Unlike Naruto's summoned swords which manifested as large two bladed shuriken, Kabuto's were similar to a broadsword in design. "If that is that all you can do, I really must be ending this."

Naruto found the blades now positioned to skewer him from all sides. Naruto's own phantom swords came to life around him, clashing and shattering Kabuto's.

"I'm just getting warmed up, asshole." Naruto said cockily, sheathing his sword and stepping into a ready stance.

"Your stubborn attitude is unfit for a Successor of Vergil." Kabuto scolded. "You are still too weak."

Naruto twisted his pinky in his ear. "What? I must have a hell of a lot a wax in my ears, I could have swore you just called me weak."

"Oh you heard right. Of course I understand if you were a little slow getting it with your limited brain capacity." Kabuto said smugly.

"Oh now I'm really hearing things, I could have sworn I heard a corpse dropping." Naruto retorted.

"Yours!" Kabuto's Yamato buried deep into Naruto heart, piercing straight through his devil bringer arm that he raised to defend himself. Naruto couldn't help the surprise on his face, but the teen went up in smoke a moment later.

Naruto looked on from the far side of the entrance, turning back to his arm to see the cut in his devil bringer close up. Never in Naruto's life had any weapon been able to even scratch his demonic arm beside his own, which had been discovered by accident. 'That blade really is Yamato's counterpart.'

"I should have known, distracting me while making a kage bunshin to replace yourself with." Kabuto said, adjusting his glasses and reigning in his emotions. "Not bad," Kabuto said sheathing his Yamato. "But not good enough!" He backhanded a fireball into the air that had been aimed at his blind spot.

Kabuto's gaze followed the fireball to see Naruto jump into the air in front of it. The blast suddenly exploded behind Naruto, briefly turning into a miniature sun bright enough to blind.

Kabuto's sight returned nearly instantly due to his demonic healing abilities and in enough time for him to see Naruto's flame covered form plummeting toward him. He launched himself back as Naruto crashed into the earth in front of him and watched as Naruto stepped out of the burning crater, smoke rising from his body.

"Yes, that's it Naruto, show me all your power!" Kabuto shouted, the insanity returning. Beowulf glowed as Kabuto viciously thrusted an arm out, releasing a beam of light in Naruto's direction. Naruto spread his arms and swept them low in front of him, unleashing a torrent of flames to meet it.

Condensed light and raging hellfire clashed and battled for dominance. They both broke off at the same time. Fire sizzled around Naruto causing shadows to dance across his body while Kabuto grinned, the glowing highlights making him look completely insane.

"This is getting fun, I wonder just how long can you keep up Naruto?" Kabuto brought both his hands together to release another beam of light energy.

Naruto blasted the ground below to launch himself into the air, and countered by shooting a fireball at the open Kabuto.

Light exploded from Kabuto's greaves, propelling him out the way. As soon as Naruto landed he was clotheslined and sent sprawling into the air. The world spun around him while Kabuto zoomed away to gather momentum for his next attack.

Landing hard on his back, Naruto threw his legs out and spun like a top, gathering all the flames on the battle ground before expanding the ring outwards in all directions.

Kabuto didn't expect this and was unprepared when the fire lashed at his legs, throwing him off balance and sending him crashing to the ground. Both stood and charged the other, their fists meeting in a massive explosion that created a swirling dome of fire and light. The energy died away to reveal them grappling, trying to force the other to their knees.

"You talk a lot of trash Kabuto, yet I haven't even worked up a sweat and I'm the one playing with fire." Naruto taunted, even though it was a lie. The exhaustion was getting to him, obvious by the labored breathing and heavy sweating.

"You are nothing compared to me," Kabuto said, forcing Naruto to a knee. "But for some strange reason," Kabuto continued, the look of insanity growing. "Your growth…your power overshadows mine. Trish, The Priestess, and even the Son of Sparda, were drawn to you. They noticed your existence first. I want to know why. SHOW ME WHY!" Kabuto's suddenly shifted into his devil form.

Before Naruto could raise any defense he was thrown into the air and pummeled mercilessly. Blow after blow rained down on him from every direction causing Ifrit to revert back into Yamato and even the legendary blade was lost as he was thrown around like a ragdoll. One final strike sent him crashing into the side of the coliseum, burying him in concrete.

Naruto's Devil Bringer was barely visible, peeking out of the mound of debris. The jinchuriki pushed the rubble off, his demonic abilities struggling to knit his broken bones back together and heal his damaged organs. The numerous bloodly gashes were ignored by his demonic instinct so that it could focus on the worst damage, on surviving.

'Ouch.' Naruto thought as he dragged himself out and staggered to his feet. A new Kabuto appeared before him, grabbing him in a chokehold and lifting him off his feet with one hand.

Beowulf was fully corrupted and took the form of dark greenish knight armor but retained its glowing highlights. Yamato was now a large black zweihander that glowed with a dark unholy light in his hand. The Demonic Knight stood at about the same height as his Ifrit devil form if not taller.

Naruto coughed up blood. "Damn Kabuto nice armor, now strike a pose." The grip tightened and Naruto managed to smile even as blood dribbled from his mouth.

Kabuto shifted back to his human form, dropping the younger teen to the ground. "You still mock me even on the brink of death?"

"I've had worst than this." Naruto spat defiantly.

"I want to crush you at your strongest. Reveal your devil form!" Kabuto shouted impatiently.

"I can't asshole, not enough control." Naruto said, trying to force his heavy limbs to move.

"You're mocking me, I felt you transform twice from Konoha, show me!" Kabuto realized something and smirked. "Or perhaps you need a little motivation to devil trigger?"

Naruto hissed in pain when Kabuto used his corrupted blade stabbed him in the chest and pinned him to the ground. Kabuto stepped on Naruto, wrenching it out harshly and stepping back to wait expectantly.

Naruto's demonic regeneration was already beginning to wane, this new wound was too much, all that could be done was the repair to his organs to slightly reduce the bleeding.

"Hey that kind of tickled." He managed to point at the gory hole in his chest, struggling to push himself up.

Kabuto turned and began walking away. "Pathetic, you're not even worth killing."

Naruto rolled onto his stomach and struggled to crawl after the older half breed, leaving a bloody trail, but it was no use his body was failing him. "Hey, don't walk away from me! I'm not done with you!" But he was only ignored. 'I can't lose to him! I won't! Kyuubi! He cried out desperately in the recesses of his mind. 'Give me more power!'

Kyuubi's beautiful crimson figure materialized out of midair, walking straight up to him with her nine tails swaying behind her. She kneeled in front of him, caressing his cheek and causing the whisker marks to darken and grow slightly. A beautiful smile lit up her face as a dark red miasma began to swirl around them.

"It can't help you!"

Naruto was torn out of his trance, a painful shriek echoing in his mind. He felt something warm trickling from his nose, wiping it, his hand came back red. He looked up shakily, trying to find out what happened and came face to face with Kabuto's demonic form, ready to kill him with its massive blade.

A gentle warmth encircled Naruto, soothing his mind and body despite his death crawling toward him.

"Are you giving up?"A voiced asked weakly. "Can't you hear them calling?"

Two blurry forms of Vergil and his spectral demon hovered behind Kabuto, who was moving in slow motion.

"Listen…remember who you are…"

Yamato quivered and tore itself out the ground, flying into Naruto's devil bringer and blocking the massive zweihander, and seemly reacting to something within Naruto's demonic arm. Kabuto threw himself back to avoid the slash from the spectral demon that appeared behind the former blond.

Naruto stood calmly, his devil bringer crawling over him to create his armor. "I am Uzumaki Naruto." Strangely an incredibly detailed tanto now complemented Yamato, its wooden handle and blue blade engraved with a rose.

Naruto crouched low, bringing Yamato behind him, while his specter hunched, its hand hovering over the sheathed Yamato in its left arm. Across the battleground Kabuto raised his own corrupted weapon into the air. Dark energy swirled around both of them as the blades began to glow and hum as if calling out to each other.

At an unspoken command both demons released their gathered power in a massive shockwave. The sideways X that was Naruto's Maximum Bet plowed across the arena to meet Kabuto's unholy flaming crescent.

A pillar of energy exploded from the coliseum, shooting into the sky as the sun peaked over the snowcapped mountains.

Naruto breathed harshly on his knee while Kabuto stood above him, holding his blade at his neck. Both of them had reverted back to their human forms.

Kabuto chuckled, sheathing his blade. "Seems I've run out of time… but you're not strong enough to kill yet. I suggest you gain more control, I will not be as merciful the next time we meet." He jumped into the air, blurring and disappearing from sight.

Naruto sighed heavily, falling on his back as his last bit of strength left him. "I lost…"

Back at the portal Kabuto landed lightly.

"So why didn't you kill him?" Kabuto had to restrain the urge to attack the voice for sneaking up on him. He turned his gaze to Dante, resheathing a half drawn Yamato and activating the henge that covered his corrupted appearance.

"I want to destroy him at his strongest, it is the only way to prove I am the rightful successor to all of Vergil's power." The teen said calmly. "Or do you want me to take your place?" Kabuto moved to strike but didn't make it an inch because of the blade at his neck.

"Don't get too cocky kid, you're no where near my level." Dante said unfazed.

Kabuto backed away, stepping into the portal with one final word. "Yet…"

'Huh?' Sasuke groaned as he awoke from his slumber. Opening his eyes, he was greeted by the sight of pink. Sakura hovered above him, only then did he realize the wet rag on his head and that his head was in her lap. As his eyes adjusted to the morning light he noticed that she was fast asleep.

'She looks so…'It was almost hard for him to believe that the kunoichi used to be a weak girl in his fan club. He noticed the dark bags under her eyes. 'Was she training all night?'

"Finally awake Pretty Boy?" The voice of his nightmares stalled any further thoughts. Anko grinned lecherously, and gave a suggestive wink. "You seem comfy on your girlfriend's lap." Sasuke moved to get up but Sakura chose this time to awaken.

Both blushed at the close proximity of their faces.

"Hold on you two, the Uchiha Clan doesn't have to be revived so quickly." Anko's insane cackling increased along with the two genin's embarrassment. The two quickly jumped apart to save themselves any more torment.

"Anko, that's enough." Anko quieted instantly at Kakashi's tone. Sasuke and Sakura turned to see the one eyed jounin leaning against a tree. The man seemed to be the perfect representation of the calm before the storm.

"Sakura," He continued. "Please inform Sasuke of the damage he sustained while wielding 'Alastor'."

"Y-yes, beside the Ten no Juin momentarily bypassing the Fuja Hoin there was second degree burns to the right arm and slight nervous damage caused by the blade. We've discovered that the markings are a sign of mutation that allows the body to resist the blade's powers." Sakura said.

"But my arm feels fine." Sasuke said flexing his arm and looking for his sword. Alastor remained near the river, unmoved.

Anko snorted. "Only because your girlfriend here stayed up all night mending the damage. It was a good test for her to use the Shosen no Jutsu. It also allowed deeper analysis of the Ten no Juin and Alastor and how they react to each other."

A mass of metal hit the ground in front of Sasuke, who had went to retrieve his sword during Anko's statement.

"What's this suppose to be?" Sasuke asked, slipping Alastor back into its sheath. The unease faded with the familiar weight on his back, when it had become so familiar he didn't know.

Kakashi closed the distance between them in an instant, a cold eye glaring down at the Uchiha. Sasuke unconsciously activated his Sharingan at the hostility his sensei displayed, meeting his eye stubbornly.

"We are going to train your speed and taijutsu, those are the weights you'll be wearing. As of now you are not to so much as touch that sword's hilt unless I allow it. Am I making myself perfectly clear?" Sakura was sure that if Kakashi's Sharingan would have been uncovered it would have been spinning furiously. Sasuke kept eye contact, his pride preventing him from backing down.

"No!" The boy shouted heatedly. "I need Alastor Sensei."

Kakashi abruptly spun on his heel and walked a few feet away. He reached up and pulled his headband off, throwing it to Anko. The woman caught it and jumped away, dragging Sakura with her. Kakashi turned to face the Uchiha as a single scroll and kunai slipped into his hands.

"What's happening, Anko-sensei?" The pink haired girl asked from their position a good distance away. They were close enough for them to see and hear but far enough so they would not be caught in any attacks.

Anko remained silent for a moment. "A lesson…what ever happens do not move from this spot unless I say so, or you'll be next." The statement did nothing to ease Sakura's nerves.

Kakashi nicked his finger on the blade, smeared on the paper, and with a puff of smoke a short tanto flew into the air. Kakashi skillfully caught the blade. "Very well. If you think you can defy my orders then you must think you can defeat me."

Sasuke moved into a stance and reached for his blade, stubborn pride going against common sense.

The man closed his eyes and continued. "I'm warning you now if you touch that blade's hilt…I WILL NOT HOLD BACK!" Sasuke watched in awe and horror as Kakashi's Sharingan eye opened wide and a pure white aura flooded off of him. The man's red eye spun wildly, the three tomoes shifting into a pinwheel shape.

"T-t-the M-magenkyo! B-but h-h-how?" Sasuke managed to stutter out in a faint whisper.

'Its like staring into the sun!' Sasuke stopped the flow of chakra to his Sharingan to prevent being blinded. The overwhelming killing intent attacked his mind mercilessly, pushing him down to his hands and knees.

Kakashi's Magenkyo seemed to pulse. "Let me show you…Tsukuyomi…"

Thousand of images and feelings.

'Flash' An Uchiha, a sense of deep gratitude.

'Flash' An Inuzuka, a longing sense of love.

'Flash' And Naruto? With a feeling of respect with the image.

But each one also had another emotion accompany them, overwhelming guilt.

More images came but were too faint and left too quickly to accurately describe them, almost as if one was deciding just what it wanted to show him and how much of it. The images increased and intensified but they were still flying by his mind's eye too fast for him to make sense of any of them.

"My father, the only family I had, died. I was alone…" Kakashi's voice echoed around him.

Sasuke finally regained his wits to find a man before him who had taken his own life. The illusion that was Tsukuyomi made the scene flawless. The matted floor under him was soaked and stained red with the man's blood.

"I hated him for giving up on life and killing himself. I labeled him a disgrace and a failure; As a result I followed the ninja code perfectly, striving to be the opposite of what he was. I became the perfect ninja and threw my emotions away. I lost my heart."

Sasuke was now standing before three others, they were looking back at him as if waiting for him to catch up.

"But then, without even realizing it, I found friends, family, and my heart."

The man Sasuke thought was Naruto at first spoke and Sasuke finally recognized him as the Fourth Hokage. His voice was strong, filled with hidden power, but also had a happy carefree tone to it. "Of course the rules and regulations are important but that is not all there is to it…You must also be able to adapt and cope with a situation.

The man's image melded into the Uchiha. "I had to show the way to an old woman carrying luggage."

Then finally the girl who was actually not an Inuzuka as he had thought before, "Its pretty much healed now but if you overdo it the wounds will reopen."

"They helped me realize how much of a fool I had been."

The girl disappear leaving the same Uchiha in her place. He looked furious. "We have to rescue Rin, she is more important than the mission!"

"I was going to sacrifice the girl that saved my life on multiple occasions to finish a mission. I was not going to put my team over my mission…not like my father. I refused to be a failure, trash. But then my views were changed.

"I believe that the White Fang is a true hero…of course those who break the rule are trash but those who don't care about their companions are worse than trash."

"I was not going to abandoned them, I went back. My father was not a failure and neither was I. That day I gained my Sharingan eye, Obito's eye, and lost Obito himself, my best friend."

As Kakashi narrated Sasuke watched the events unfold before him. He suddenly felt a pull. He could feel the rapid movement of his body and heard himself shout something.

"Obito behind you!" A sharp pain came from his left eye. He watched as Obito saved him by unlocking his Sharingan.


The scene shifted to him releasing Rin from a genjutsu.

"Right! But we need to get out of here fast." He heard himself say in Kakashi's young voice.

Rocks descended upon them due to the enemy's jutsu, the ninja Sasuke thought was killed had only been wounded.

A rock hit his blind spot, throwing him off balance and to the ground. The world moved as he was flung out of the way before the world went black for a moment.

Sasuke was watching from afar once more. Obito's body was half crushed by rubble. He tried to turn away but the scene was everywhere.

"Hey Kakashi, you know I was the only one who didn't give you a present for your promotion to Jounin. I was wondering what would be good…I got it, how about this eye of mine?"

Rin dried her tears and Kakashi watched Obito hold on to life valiantly.

"I'm going to die…"He continued in a weak tone. "But what kind of friend would I be just leaving you guys behind like this"

The scene faded but Obito's voice continued, even in the vast void he was in.

"I'll be your eye…and from now on I will see the future…Protect Rin…" For a moment Sasuke could see rubble falling toward Obito's body before the world went dark again.

Seeing death of an Uchiha brought back so many buried memories.

"Stop, I've seen enough!" He shouted. "I don't want to know anymore!"

"No… you need to see the price of the Mangenkyo."

Sasuke looked down at a mangled Rin, he absently noticed the ANBU uniforms they were both wearing.

"Sir, we're losing her!" The medic at his side said sadly.

"Stay with me, Rin!"He heard himself shout desperately.

Further off he heard someone shout. "Sir, the enemy is advancing!"

"Captain, the ambush was too much, there is only four of us remaining. We have to retreat! We won't be able to hold this area, reinforcements are still too far off! This mission was nothing but a trap!" Another said, the stress surely getting to him.

Rin caressed his cheek gently. "Kakashi I wanted to tell you…I'm pregnant." She started to cry her eyes already turning glossy. "I wanted to have a family with you. Maybe a few dogs too…"

"Orders Sir!?"

Sasuke could feel the tears trailing down his cheek, he absently wondered if they were his or Kakashi's. He took one of her cold hands in his. "I'm so happy Rin. All you have to do is hold on a little longer."

Rin raised her other hand weakly. "Obito? Kakashi, I can see Obito…"

"Sir, she is fading!"

"Rin! RIN!"

"Obito says he's not angry… you tried your best t-to p-protect m-me." She raised her hand into the air as if someone was helping her up before her arm went limp.

The medic next to him was silent. Sasuke caressed her cheek as if it would bring her back to life, ignoring the burning from his left eye.

"Sir, we need to retreat."

Sasuke's body moved on its own. He couldn't see what he was reaching for, his eyes were locked on Rin, but he felt the rough paper. A coppery taste filled his mouth and a plume of smoke followed.

"What I thought that blade was broken?" Came a hushed whisper.

Sasuke picked himself up. "Fallback. Intercept our back up. Take her body with you."

"But Sir-"

"THAT IS AN ORDER!" His gaze locked on them, freezing them with fear. He caught his reflection in his pure white blade. A new Sharingan stared back at him. The three tomoes were replaced by a pinwheel that seem to be made of three scythes.

His team backed away slowly as a bright white flame ignited around him.

"Did I stutter?" He asked dangerously.

The team fled. But the medic still stood next to him, paralyzed with fear.

"Get going. And if anything happens to her body I make you regret being born…" That was enough to free her from her paralysis.

With a single blink the scene changed.

Dead bodies laid strewn across the landscape.

"This way! We-holy shit…"

The sun rose shadowing Kakashi and the mound of bodies he stood on. He held a man by the throat. The sound of a twig snapping made the man focus on the ANBU.

The man suddenly started screaming went he was released from Kakashi's gaze but, with a loud snap, was silenced. That red eye sent shivers down Sasuke's spine.

To Anko and Sakura, the two just froze completely for a few seconds before regaining movement. Kakashi closed his Sharingan eye and without a word walked into the surrounding forest.

"He's just like me." The Uchiha realized, tears falling to the ground. "So many emotions…"

"Watch the idiot Sakura, there is something I have to discuss with Kakashi." Anko disappeared into the foliage, surely on their sensei's trail.

Sakura approached the boy carefully. Ever since the academy she had looked up to him because of his looks, skills, and his cool attitude. It was definitely his cool attitude that she looked up to most of all. He never seemed to let anything that happened or that was said faze him. To her, who was picked on because of her forehead, it was so impressive and it was why she may have developed her crush on him.


Kakashi stared at the reforged 'fang' before sighing as the drain in his chakra reserves hit him. He chose to only use the Mangenkyo if left with no other alternative but Sasuke needed to see the consequences, the price, of power and for that to happen Kakashi needed the sword the boost of chakra it gave him, he didn't know if he could pull off Tsukuyomi without it. He hadn't planned on going into so much detail but his control over the Mangenkyo was still mediocre from inexperience.

Based on the Uchiha clan scrolls, when the Mangenkyo is achieved the user is granted two 'base' techniques contained within each eye, the left eye contained Tsukuyomi and the right Amaterasu, and later a third unique for every user. There was little to no information regarding them however because the Mangenkyo was rarely ever gained because of the steep price. He had yet to discover any techniques besides the illusion, Tsukuyomi. Strangely the Mangenkyo was also suppose to deteriorate the eyesight but Kakashi had yet to experience the ill effects, likely due to the special circumstances he gained his eye.

"Kakashi!" Anko landed on the branch near the Copy-Nin. "What the FUCK were you thinking? The kid was hospitalized by that jutsu!" She practically lunged at him, grabbing him by the throat and pushing him against the tree.

Anko found their positions suddenly reversed, she was now trapped against the tree while Kakashi held his chakra blade by her neck. She felt a shiver go down her spine looking into his different eyes. She was reminded while he was not on Orochimaru's level alone, Kakashi would be more than able to match the snake wielding his 'fang' and the Mangenkyo even if the drain would lead to his death afterwards.

"I didn't use it like Itachi did, there was no intent to incapacitate or kill just to show." The man said.

"That still doesn't make it right." Anko noticed the position they were in and a sly look entered her eyes. "You work fast don't you."

For a moment Rin's image looked back at him, Kakashi couldn't keep him hand from lovingly stroking her cheek but pulled away as soon as he realized what he was doing. He stumbled back shaking his head.

"Anko would you watch them for me, I need time to think." Kakashi stared emptily into the trees before him, watching something she couldn't see.

Anko, noticing the dangerous atmosphere she had caused, fled quickly.

Kabuto schooled his face into the perfect mask as he made his way to Orochimaru, he still had to report his observation of the Suna Jinchuriki. The snake and that pathetic stuttering worm were still studying the sample of Naruto's blood, if they only knew the same blood was in his veins.

"Orochimaru-sama." How he hated kneeling before this human scum.

The snake started and only then did Kabuto realized his mistake. 'How could I have been so careless?' He was still on edge from his encounter with Naruto and Dante, his skills had drastically increased from what Orochimaru was used to sensing.

Kabuto continued his report, dimming his power while those annoying snake eyes tried to decipher him. It was too early to reveal himself, even if could kill the man quite easily while he was weakened by his futile pursuit of immortality. The snake's gaze finally left him, Kabuto was in the clear again.

"Kabuto, would you like to be the first of use it to ascend?" The man asked.

"With all do respect, Orochimaru-sama, I do not believe my blood is compatible with his." He best tread lightly, the snake was already suspicious as it was. But Orochimaru seemed to accept his excuse, in fact, he seemed almost happy the half breed denied his offer.

'So it was a test.' Kabuto's illusion flickered but the change was unnoticed in the dim light.

"Then who do you think we should test it on?" The snake hissed.

"If you wish to continue with your plans to take the Sharingan it would be best to see if any 'drawbacks' may occur when one with a cursed seal 'ascends'. So I suggest someone who has a cursed seal. Someone loyal but is also expendable… how about Tayuya?"


Alright. Now many of you may be asking what the hell is up with Kabuto? Well I based him off of a costume in DMC3 Special Edition. I felt Naruto needed a rival, Kabuto will be Naruto's 'Vergil' if you will.

This chapter was also mostly Kakashi dedicated because of what happened in the manga. And to be honest I'm still torn between liking his character and hating it, but I do know that I'm making this Kakashi what he could have been like.

Blue Rose will also be an interesting addition to Naruto's arsenal. And also if there is a specific Devil Arm that you was to see Naruto use let me know but beware I may twist the form it takes even though the powers will remain relatively the same.