Some of these take place in the future or past.

Based off of Demi-kun's 50 short stories prompt from the Ouran forum S H I N E.

By the way, these are VERY, VERY short, if you haven't noticed.

Therefor, I'm posting them in groups of 5.


Scritch, scritch, scritch-- snap.

Hikaru looked down at his pencil, which was now missing it's tip. Without a second thought, he threw it towards the garbage bin and missed. He left it there as he dug around for another one, to no avail. Ten minutes later, class had ended and tests were collected.

The next day, after the graded tests were passed back, Hikaru glared at his paper. He had gotten a D. Suddenly, a soft giggle came from his right, and he turned to glare at the giggler when he saw it was Haruhi. His glare turned into a confused gaze.

"You could have just sharpened it, you know," she stated.


As a little kid, Haruhi had loved butterflies. She would always chase after them and decorate everything she could with them. (Well, not actual live butterflies, that would be a bit weird.) But as Hikaru wrapped his arm around her shoulder and nuzzled her head, an unfamiliar feeling rose in her stomach and she decided,

I really hate butterflies.


"Hikaru, you can let go of my hand now," Haruhi deadpanned at the Hitachiin.

"Can't," he answered shortly, grinning.

"Can't?" she echoed in question form.

"Yup, can't," he repeated.

"...And you can't, why?" she asked, sweatdropping.

As he relinquished his grasp and raised his hand in the air, Haruhi felt hers being pulled up as well. "We're stuck!" he exclaimed happily, holding up a bottle of super glue.


"Holy shit, it's an untamed tiger! Haruhi, do something!" Hikaru exclaimed, backing away with caution. Haruhi boldly walked up to it, picked it up, and threw it at him. He yelped loudly.

"Hikaru, I'm pretty sure a stuffed animal is 'tame'," she rolled her eyes.


Hikaru had been snickering all morning... and Haruhi had been ignoring him. Or she just didn't notice.

"Here, princess, is your morning paper. I hope it is to your liking," he had said earlier as he handed her the newspaper, imitating Tamaki.

"Thanks," she had casually replied, missing the evil grin spreading on his face. She hadn't read it right away. Now, three hours later (it was a Sunday, therefor she had the whole day off of work,) she finally unfolded it... and found a picture of herself, standing next to Hikaru. On the front page. Next to it, the headline read, "Hitachiin Hikaru is engaged!"

What a terribly uncreative headline, was what she first thought. Then the full meaning of the sentence hit her.

"Hikaru, you're supposed to propose to me before you go around claiming I'm your fiancée!"