"Relax, Sirius. Just relax. You have done this a thousand times before. Nothing's gonna change now." He whispered to himself, making his way to McGonagall's office for his detention, the second that week. On Monday, he had written an essay about what the class in which he had been playing cards with James had been about. It was becoming a habit for Sirius to get detentions with Professor McGonagall, so he did not understand why this time he had a strange feeling that something out of the ordinary was about to happen.

Shaking his thoughts aside, he took a deep breath and knocked on the door to the Professor's office. Surprisingly, he received no answer. It was not like McGonagall to leave her students (or anyone, for that matter) waiting, in any circumstances. He knocked again, and, upon not hearing the usual 'Come in', he opened the door, only to close it instantaneously.

Still shocked, he rested his head on the wall, and closed his eyes, the image he had seen forever burnt in his mind. Now he understood the weird feeling he had had: on the top of McGonagall's desk, the Transfigurations Professor and the Headmaster sat, snogging.

Sirius grinned. Maybe he wouldn't get his detention tonight, after all.


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