"Last night I had a revelation,

Somehow I have to make you pay,

It's all about manipulation,

And what it takes to get my way,

I don't believe in soft solutions,

No one makes a fool of me,

Without receiving retribution,

No one hurts me and goes free."

Chapter 1: Affaire de Coeur

It all started with a voice mail, one that was not meant for her ears, but she listened anyways. She had been suspicious for some time now. He was rarely home and when he was he avoided her like the plague. At first she dismissed it as a consequence of his job, but she should have known better. He was cheating, but she didn't want to believe it. He was the love of her life. No one had ever been so kind, gentle, and genuine. He was the perfect gentlemen or so she thought when she married him, but now she knew. This one message told it all.

The wine glass she had been sipping shattered on the floor as the words drifted to her ears. He had been in a rush to leave this morning, a rush to leave her, but for who? Now she knew. He had abandoned his phone on the kitchen counter and she couldn't help, but snoop.

"Hey James…I can't believe you're not answering…this is a first. Anyways, I was hoping you could make it over to my place tonight. I mean…if you can sneak past the wife and all. I've been missing you. Yeah…don't give me crap for being sentimental. I just…I wish you'd leave her already, so that you can move back in with me. It's just…look I'll talk to you later…I love you…bye."

She barely registered the red wine that had sloshed all over her beautiful carpet. All she could focus on was that voice. It was a man's voice…and she knew the voice, but she had never heard him so kind, so meaningful…she would have considered the message sweet if it had not been addressed to her husband. Her husband! She finally knew who he was cheating with, but she simply couldn't believe it.

The voice belonged to none other than Gregory House.

The author of the poem above is unknown.

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