"Derek the Prestidigitator" by Tris

A/N: ITB, this is for you 'cause I know you like Trauma Center poems. Hope you like this one! Oh yes, I'm not the only one to pun on Derek's name; on DeviantArt, "the-good-times" has a hilarious picture of Victor getting a haircut. Check it out sometime! :D

Disclaimer: Atlus owns Derek Stiles, and I am not associated with PETA. Also PETA was not involved in writing this poem.

Derek has style

As he sweeps off

His hat;

In plunges his hand,

And out comes a cat!

All ebony inky

With sharp shiny teeth,

She throws back her head

And howls out her grief.

The magician is blushing,

But then he turns pale—

'Cause in marches PETA

And hauls him to jail!

Disheartened and cranky,

The audience leaves…

As kitty enlarges her

List of

Pet peeves.

Drop the Curtain

A/N: Whatcha think? I have one of Victor doing a saw-a-person-in-half trick, but I wasn't sure if it was good enough. Plus one is in progress of Cybil trying to hypnotize with a watch. Well, so long for now!