It's A Crystal, Nothing more.

I do not own Labyrinth or any of the characters. This is just a work of my imagination based on the film by Jim Henson. After watching the film I decided to carry on the story for myself. I will update as quickly as I can write so please comment =D. Basic storyline: Fifteen years after rescuing her brother from the Goblin King Sarah is 30 and living her life as normally as is possible but one night her life is changed once more by the inhabitants of The Labyrinth...what else happens? Well you'll have to read it for yourself.

Sarah lay in the quiet darkness of her room. The only sound which disturbed the still air was her deep breathing and the soft hoot of an owl sitting in a tree near her window. Turning over in her sleep she groaned, clutching her pale lilac duvet cover closer to her. A seductive voice spoke to her as she revisited old memories through her dreams "It's a crystal, nothing more but if you turn it this way and look into it, it will show you your dreams." The tall Goblin King Jareth stood before her in his gorgeously bizarre clothes bargaining for her to give up on her little brother Toby. His mismatched eyes locked on her as he manipulated the crystal which was smoothly sliding around his hands. Sarah rolled over causing her long dark curls to spread across the pillows. Her dream changed and yet again the Goblin King was promising her whatever she wanted. Watching herself and Jareth from outside her body she heard her fifteen year old self declare "You have no power over me." Waking quickly with a gasp Sarah sat up and turned on her bedside light.

Rubbing her eyes she thought of the dream, or was it a nightmare, she had just experienced. Fifteen years had passed since her meeting with the menacing Jareth and yet she kept suddenly finding herself thinking of him. He appeared in her mind without warning spinning his crystals and grinning slyly, showing his slightly pointed teeth. Her heart gave a sudden jolt. Sliding out of bed Sarah opened her window and looked out into the cold night. Faint stars glowed at her from the heavens as a soft breeze caressed her face and softly pushed her dark curls away back from her shoulders. Breathing the air deeply she closed her eyes and let her mind wander freely.

At the age of fifteen she had been completely oblivious to the Goblin Kings feelings for her, something that she now regretted deeply. She had been so cruel. Opening her eyes she thought of what would have happened if she had accepted all which he had offered her, had allowed herself to love him. She had thought like this so many times before and of course right after the dreaming there was doubt. It could of course be possible that Jareth had just been trying to trick her in a final attempt to get her to surrender Toby. If that was the case what would have become of her then? Could she have trusted the infamous Goblin King? Closing the window she quickly strode across the room her feet making hardly any sound on the soft carpet. Pulling out a drawer in her dressing table she retrieved the old, well thumbed book "The Labyrinth" and returned to the comfort of her large double bed with it clasped in her hand.

Completely immersed in the book for an hour Sarah glanced at the alarm clock sitting on the bedside table. It was two in the morning yet Sarah felt wide awake. Looking across the room she could see herself reflected in her full length mirror. A long time ago she had been able to speak into the mirror, ask for help and she would be able to talk with friends she had made in the Labyrinth but then on her sixteenth birthday it had stopped and they had become no more that distant memories. Setting the book aside Sarah crawled down to the end of her bed to see more clearly.

"I doubt Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus or any of the others would even recognise me now." She whispered to her reflection. Though she would never say so herself she had grown more and more beautiful as the years had passed. Sarah's pale, elvish face was a contrast to her hair which was long, thick and a beautiful dark chestnut brown. Her green eyes hadn't changed from their original sparkling blue/green but over the years had acquired a glimmer in them which could be interpreted as both wit and wisdom. Her body had matured of course but she was still slender and had enviable curves in certain places. Viewed as a whole she wasn't perfect but she was certainly close to it.

"Hoggle I need you." she whispered into the mirror. No reply. "Hoggle I need you! Can you hear me?" she called louder and yet no face appeared. A tear leaked from Sarah's eye as her vision blurred so she could hardly see her reflection anymore. Overcome with her emotions she sobbed openly pulling her pyjama sleeves over her hands and pressing her eyes into the soft fabric. After a while her tears ran dry and she grew annoyed with herself. "Honestly Sarah" she berated herself "After 15 years of moving on with your life you drag yourself back to square one. And now you're talking to yourself! You're crazy!" smiling sadly to herself at her own foolishness she looked once again into her mirror as it occurred to her that there was something she was yet to try.

Clearing her throat she straightened her hair and wiped her tear stained face. "Jareth" she called softly, hesitantly. Nothing happened. "Jareth?" she croaked louder whishing with all her heart that the terrible yet beautiful Goblin King would appear. The only reflection she could see was her lonely figure sitting on the over large bed crying like a child. Crawling under the duvet she reached out, clicked off her lamp, closed her eyes and let sleep take her. Yet while her mind once more drifted into unconsciousness the mirror glowed so lightly that it was barely noticeable and the air grew slightly heavier with the feeling of magic.

Wow first chapter done! Don't worry the next one is on its way very, very soon. I may even finish it tonight! Please comment, ask questions or request something to happen in the story I already have the basic outline but come up with something good and I'll put it in! Thanks for reading I promise Jareth will come into it very shortly.