Chapter 13

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Two months had passed since Sarah had left the Underworld for the second time.

She had been distraught for a week and had refused to emerge from her flat. Her time was spent trying to find a way back into the Labyrinth. She had called into the mirror countless times, wished herself, her cat, most of her belongings and her next door neighbour away to the Goblin King but nothing worked. Her neighbour continued to sing waveringly as she tended her window plants, her cat was curled on her bed and her belongings stayed put.

Eventually Sarah had given up. Roux had been telling the truth when he told her all links with the Underground had been broken. Sarah settled back into life as well as she could. Harold gave her auditions, she went to them but didn't get any of the parts. Her heart was just not in it any longer. As she stood on stage with the eyes of the judges upon her all she could think about was how ridiculous this was.

She was 30, no longer the hot young talent she had once been. The spark had gone out of her acting since her time away and she knew it. Sarah wasn't short on money, in fact she was quite well off. She could easily live off her savings and the large amount left to her by her grandfather, but what was she meant to do all day. She would wander round her flat aimlessly flicking through TV channels or searching through her bookshelves for something to do while trying to keep all Jareth related subjects out of her mind.

"God!" she growled flinging the newspaper across the room and startling her cat Ben. "Life is so tedious. I need a hobby." She tried to think of something but failed dismally. Grabbing her car keys and her coat she checked her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes were ringed with dark shadows and her face looked pale and thinner than it had before.

Apart from that she looked pretty good. She was healthy but depressed. Just as she was about to head out the door she heard a voice behind her and spun around.

"Hello Sarah" The blond hair, the breeches he was exactly as Sarah had remembered him. Dropping her belongings she threw herself into his arms feeling the tears prickle her eyes once again.


"Did you miss me?" he squeezed her tightly

"Of course!" she smiled pulling away and wiping her eyes. "Sorry I'm a bit weepy lately"

He nodded and wrapped her in his arms once again. "He couldn't come" he murmured into her hair. "He's tried so many times but he's just not allowed" Sarah nodded, he didn't have to say who he was talking about.

"Got pretty close too but was pulled back by the Elders magic, I've never seen him so angry."

"But Darien you're here! You can take me back with you!" hope sparkled in her green eyes.

"I can't"

"You can! You don't have to tell the Elders! I'll hide somewhere in the Labyrinth, in the oubliette, I don't care as long as I can see him again!"

"Sarah, you don't understand, I can't. You returning is strictly prohibited. It's a miracle I even got here at all. If you didn't want to leave why didn't you just say so at the trial!"

"I didn't realise then what it would mean, I didn't know that I..."

"That you loved him?"

She nodded. "Is there no way? No way at all?"

He shook his head. "I'm afraid the chances of you seeing him again are pretty slim."

"I won't give up!"

He looked faintly amused "How do you propose to do the impossible?"

"I...I don't know but I'll do it, you got here so there must be a few links with the Underground here that I can't see."

"Ah but what happens when I have to return, which I do in... 9 minutes"

"9 minutes? You only have nine minutes left?"

"Yes, I have a letter for you, from you know who" He took out a cream envelope "and no it's not from Voldemort"

She took the envelope from his hand. "If I give you a letter for him will he get it?"

"Definitely but you better hurry."

"Wait here then!"

She ran into her bedroom and sat down at her desk to read the letter and write one in reply.


If you have received this then Darien must have been able to dodge the Elders magic and come to visit you. As he may have already told you I am unable to do the same which I regret with all my heart. I have tried many, many times but it seems impossible. Forgive me Sarah if it feels like I have abandoned you. Had I known how painful this would be, how much you truly meant to me, I would never have let you go. I know you've been trying to call me, really Sarah do you hate your cat and neighbours so much to wish them away? I'm afraid that won't work as your summons has no meaning anymore though it was a delight to hear your voice once again.

I will continue to try and reach you but if I am unable then you must do one thing for me. Live your life Sarah and forget about me. I assure you I'm not worth it.

I love you,


Sarah stared at the letter and read it through again. I love you. She read and re read those three words before she heard Darien call from the living room.

"Sarah five minutes!"

Grabbing a pen she quickly wrote a reply. Entering the living room once again she handed it to Darien who tucked it into a pocket and grinned.

"I hope we meet again"

"So do I" she gave him a huge hug before pulling away and watching him disappear with a final wink.

Jareth paced his throne room muttering to himself and occasionally kicking a Goblin across the room.

Hoping to lighten the mood and stop the kicking two of the Goblins started their favourite song.

"You remind me of the babe"

"What babe?"

"The babe with the power"

"What power?"

"The power of..."

"Shut up!" they were interrupted by a hefty kick from Jareth. "I hereby ban that song from ever being sung again!"

"Shame" called a voice from the shadows "I think it's rather jazzy"

Jareth spun around "Darien?"

"Ta da!" he spread his arms out and stepped into the light. "I have returned!"

"Did you see her?"


"Did you give her the letter?"

"Yup" Jareth sat on his throne and sighed.

"Right then... that's that. Now she can forget about me and live her life."

"Well...she did write you a letter"

"She did?"

"Yup" Jareth waited.

"Well are you going to give it to me?"


"DARIEN FOR GODS SAKE JUST GIVE IT TO ME" Jareth roared losing his temper.

"You could have said please" he complained as he handed Jareth the envelope and watched as he disappeared to read it. "Royalty these days... they have absolutely no manners!"


What do you mean forget you? How could I ever forget you? Don't expect me just to give up because I won't, even if it takes me a lifetime I swear I'll find a way to see you again, even if you don't want me. I have to hurry, Darien's about to leave and I have only moments to write this letter.

I'll find a way.

I won't give up.

Don't you dare even think about forgetting me otherwise when I get there you'll pay.

All my love,


PS. My neighbour sings horribly and my cat gets hair everywhere.

Jareth raised an eyebrow. Still as stubborn as ever. But he loved her stubbornness, if anyone could find a way to do the impossible he was sure it would be Sarah. Darien appeared in front of him as he was reading the letter for the fourth time.


Jareth gave him a scathing look. "Yo?"

"Apparently it's what all the youngsters are saying these days, aren't I hip and cool?"

"You're a fool" Jareth smiled "but thank you for doing this"

"What does she say?"

"She's not giving up."

"You didn't think she would did you?"

"No, but I hoped she might."

Sarah was filled with determination. "I'm going back and no stupid Elders are going to stop me!" she told her sleepy cat. But where do I start?

She spied her laptop and opened up a search engine. "Well it's worth a try" she told Ben who had jumped onto the chair next to her and gave her a look.

How to return to the Goblin King and the Labyrinth. She typed smiling slightly at her foolishness.

There were a huge amount of results but not one of them explained how to beat the Elders and return to the Underground. "Dammit" she was disappointed this was the first time her trusty laptop had failed her.

What did you expect? Five steps towards bagging a Goblin King? "I need to get out more, some fresh air might do me good" Picking her coat and keys off the floor from where they had been flung when Darien arrived Sarah left her flat and started down the street towards the park.

"Good day Sarah"

"Hello Mr Brime" she smiled at the man in his garden and continued down the street before stopping dead in her tracks and running back to the old man.

"Am I going mad or do I recall hearing your name is Toronto?" she asked quietly leaning over his garden fence.

"You're completely sane dear, glad to see your arm has healed up well and you're home safely." Sarah fought to keep her expression under control. Toronto, Jareth's healer! Stay cool Sarah if he knows you're not allowed back to the Underground he won't take you.

"So Toronto are you going back to the Underground soon? You must be missing it" Good keep it casual.

"Why yes I am in fact, been here for months! Ever since you broke your arm in fact, been stocking up on the necessities of Mortal plants" he winked at her and patted a large basket next to him. "What are you doing back here anyway dear? I thought you were staying there for a while."

"Oh I am I'm just checking my cat's okay. When are you going back?"

"In about two hours I should say, I won't be coming back to the Mortal world for five years, can't say I'm not pleased, no offence but I do prefer the Underground to here, and the air is so much cleaner."

Sarah nodded and smiled made as if to walk away then turned back as if she had been struck by a sudden thought. "I'm really sorry but could you possibly do me a favour?"

"Anything my dear"

"Well I'm meant to be going back pretty soon, someone was going to collect me but I just thought it would be a lot easier and less trouble to Darien if I could go back with you"

"Darien you say?"

Sarah nodded and silently prayed that he would say yes.

Jareth was bored.

Darien was bored.

The whole castle was bored.

"Jareth why is your castle so dam boring nowadays?" asked Darien lounging on a sofa in his study trying to read a book.

"Don't ask me, maybe it's you that's boring"

Darien looked deeply offended "I'm the most exciting person in this place!"

"You're boring"

"Am not!"


"There's nothing to do that's our problem"

"Nothing? Nothing tra la la? You could always clean the throne room"

Darien was silent for a while before saying quietly "I wish Sarah was here"

"So do I Darien, So do I"

Sarah was rushing round her flat in a whirlwind of activity. She had dressed and made herself look as nice as possible before she picked up Ben and her mobile and rushed out the door.

Toronto was waiting outside.

"Why are you taking the cat?"

"I can't just leave him, I don't know when I'll be coming back!"

"Right, you ready then?"

Sarah nodded and prayed desperately that this would work. Toronto took her by the arm.

"Off we go then!"

Jareth was sitting in the garden of the castle, it was a beautiful day but he was in no mood to enjoy it. Darien had gone off for a ride on Pluto. Jareth gazed into the sparkling water of a fountain and thought of Sarah. Two months since I last saw her... Two months and yet it feels like years...

Sarah felt like crying...

...with happiness. She was here in the Goblin city, just outside the castle.

"Thank you Toronto!" she gave him a huge hug.

"My pleasure dear" he replied slightly alarmed. "You take care now" she nodded and he disappeared.

Still holding Ben in her arms she rushed into the castle and came face to face with Demetria.

"Sarah what on earth?"

"Where's Jareth?"

"Outside in the garden but what are you doing back here? And why are you holding a cat?"

"I'll explain later!" she rushed back outside again her heart pounding. All she could think about right now was Jareth. I have to find him!

She ran across the smooth lawn behind the castle and looked around desperately. Where the hell was he?

Ben struggled grumpily in her arms, very displeased with being dragged around like this.

"Hush" she whispered to the cat before setting off once more. She walked through a clump of trees and stopped dead in her tracks. The Goblin King was sitting on the edge of a fountain with his back to her, completely unaware of her presence. Sarah felt her breath catch in her throat. His blond mane shined gold in the sunlight. Sarah felt as if she had stepped into a dream.

She walked forward hesitantly and dropped Ben lightly on a bench. She didn't really want to greet the love of her life with a fat cat in her arms.

Jareth glanced around as he heard a loud meow from behind him, his eyes widened as he spotted Sarah standing there. She grinned "Long time no see."

"Sarah?" he stood quickly and closed the gap between them "How on earth did you get here?"

"I..." she tried to answer but he had swept her into his arms and captured her lips, pulling her body against his. Sarah's heart rate tripled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. It was so filled with passion, unsaid words and love that it made Sarah's knees tremble. Her skin tingled at his touch and she felt extremely light headed, so light headed that she lost her balance and they both toppled onto the grass.

Sarah found herself looking down into the eyes of the Goblin King, she had him pinned underneath her. Running a hand through her dark hair he grinned.

"So graceful" he purred pulling her against his chest.

"Shut up" she mumbled into his waistcoat before kissing him again.

The two lay on the grass for a long time wrapped in each other's arms before being interrupted by the sound of clapping. Breaking apart they stood to see Darien, Jasmine, Rebekah, Gogol, Felix and Roux standing there.

"She's not going back" growled Jareth clasping Sarah's hand with his own and squaring up to the Elders.

"Oh we have no intention of sending her back" giggled Jasmine who was holding a disgruntled Ben in her arms.

"Not after she managed to find her way" cut in Felix.

"Even though we forbid it" added Rebekah

"And she used an unknowing victim as a transportation device" smiled Gogol

"We are very impressed!" Roux gestured at the Elders as a whole "We felt her presence as soon as she arrived and made our way here"

"I just happened to meet them on the way" Darien shrugged.

"So I can stay?" asked Sarah gripping Jareth's hand.

"Sure why not, be good we have important matters to attend to" Roux said before they all disappeared leaving Ben to drop to the ground.

Darien bounded forward and hugged Sarah tightly. "Well done kiddo! You did it!" He let her go and embraced Jareth "And you... well you did nothing actually but I'm glad!" He winked and disappeared.

Jareth smiled down at Sarah and hugged her tightly once again.

"Sarah, I love you. Forgive me for being such a blind fool. From this day on I swear I won't let you out of my sight." he murmured into her hair.

"I love you too" she smiled "It just took me 15 years to realise it. You realise now that I'm here to stay, you can't get rid of me."

"I would never want to be rid of you" he purred biting her ear gently. "But there's one thing" he whispered softly.

"What?" she whispered back shivering under his touch.

"What the hell is that cat doing here?"

Ben meowed from down by their feet.

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