By OMFG-Roach

A/N: Well, as it turns out, I have now developed somewhat of a new hobby: Writing 'Phoenix Wright' fanfiction. Ever since I wrote 'Life and times', I have been flooded by ideas for a new story. I hope that this story is very popular among the 'PW' community. It will be my FIRST multi-chaptered 'PW' fanfiction.


CHAPTER ONE: 'Planning'

It was very quiet at Wright & Co. Law Offices, which would have explained the dull silence that plagued Phoenix's office. He was so bored he was already starting to nod off a bit, but since he was itching for a new case, he couldn't even shut his eyes for a single second before snapping the lids back open.

Of course, the mind-numbingly boring stillness that held him hostage was soon broken by the following wine:

"Mr. Nick, I wanna go somewhere today." Pearl apparently was under the same boring spell Wright was under, and if you have a nine-year-old that's bored, you were pretty much doomed to hear the relentless whining of how bored they were.

"Pearls…" the attorney warned, "I know you're bored, but I really don't think-"

"But I wanna go somewhere!" Pearl protested, whining just enough to annoy Phoenix even more.

As if his life was already hard enough, Wright was yet again bugged by another spirit medium:

"C'mon, Nick, let's go somewhere!" Maya was also whining, which was odd, but then again, Maya wasn't what you'd call a 'normal' 20-year-old.

Phoenix rolled his eyes and gave in. "Alright, alright, we'll go somewhere! Where do you guys wanna go?"

Both spirit mediums were silent, as if pondering their replies to the question being asked.

Phoenix's sanity (never mind his patience) was wearing thin. "Well?"

Again the girls were quiet, but at least they were still sane (unlike their attorney for a friend).

"Maybe we could go to a beach or something…" Pearl offered, face showing uncertainty and doubt.

"We could go camping," Maya suggested, shrugging her shoulders.

"Why on Earth would we go camping? It's not a holiday," Wright brought up, pointing out the obvious.

"But we're not working on any cases…" Pearl countered.

Maya agreed. "Yeah, Pearly's right, Nick. We're not busy on a case."

Phoenix sighed. He weighed his options: Either put up with the whining of how much the two mediums wanted to go camping, or cave in and grant their wish.

The latter option, it seemed, didn't have the risk of him losing the rest of his sanity. Oh how wrong he was.