"Neji-nii-san... I'm very envious of you."

Before the sitting Hyuuga Neji was someone he found to be very attractive, who had blossomed over the years into a beautiful, teenage girl. His cousin Hinata was no longer the weakling he harbored malicious hate for, but a lady with breasts that could not be compared to other girls in Konohagakure of whom his hormonal side succumbed to. To his luck, Hinata's cleavage was something he could see clearly from his position as she knelt before him with harmless intention.

"Nii-san, I want your hair. It's so shiny and... and... long." She marveled, leaning into him – unaware that Neji now has a first-class view down her fish-net top.

"H-Hinata-sama..." He began, intending to tell her of how inappropriately close she was. But this view was just too good to resist.

"Nii-san, your hair's longer than mine, isn't it?" In her usual naïve voice – if not, more innocent than usual – Hinata spoke and leaned closer, planting her hand on the bamboo-matted floor dangerously close to his groin. She raised her free hand to caress his locks, of which she was too busy admiring to take notice of her own risque position.

"Hinata-sama..." Neji voiced in a more firm tone, but not firm enough for Hinata was still at it.

"Nii-san, tell me your secret. How do you get your hair to be so... so... pretty?" She sighed, and he could smell her sweet breath fanning his face – and it was turning him on even more. He eyed her slightly-parted lips, cherubic and soft. He wanted to devour her lips and to plunge his tongue into the warm crevice of her mouth.

Her hands traveled up to his shoulders, gripping them softly and forcing him to lean towards her – Hinata wanted to see more of his luxurious hair. Her head now hovered slightly over his, and she got what she wanted – the satisfying view of her cousin's envy-worthy locks.

"Hi-Hinata-sama..." Neji's view was different to say the least. His nose was millimeters away from touching the soft mounds of Hinata's breasts. He intended to hold his breath, fearing that if he made even the littlest move, he would no doubt make contact.

A horrifying thought trickled into his mind, what if his uncle walked in? It would be the end of his life if Hyuuga Hiashi were to see them in such ribald positions.

"Nii-san! Nee-chan!"

Oh, no... Neji shut his eyes tight, gritting his teeth intensely. His younger cousin pranced into the room, seeming all hyped up about something. Neji sensed Hinata's retreating figure, and slowly he opened his eyes.

There Hanabi was, standing beside her kneeling sister, with a look on her face that could be described by no other words but 'wicked'. "Sorry, guys," She said with an apologetic look on her face, which Hinata seemed to buy – but Neji wasn't convinced in the slightest, "Am I interrupting... whatever you were... doing?" She said between momentary pauses, intensifying the worry in Neji's head.

Luckily, Hinata answered for him, "I was just admiring Nii-san's hair. Don't you think it's beautiful, Hanabi?" The sixteen year old maiden sighed.

"Hm... I guess." A frown made itself apparent upon Hanabi's face. In truth, she was disappointed that there was nothing scandalous going on between her two older relatives. "Ano... Nee-chan, watashi... watashi..." Hanabi began, tears beginning to form in her pale eyes. She sniffled a few times, then buried her face into her hands.

At this, Neji forgot about his hard-on and glared at his crying cousin with incredulity. The sight of Hanabi crying was too ...unbelievable.

Hinata responded immediately with concern clear in her eyes, and rose to care for her younger sibling. "Oh, what's the matter, Hanabi-chan? Daijoubuka?"

Little did the two know, Hanabi was feigning distress. Sure, Neji had some clue as to how sly the little girl was, but he'd never seen her cry before. And Hinata... she was just plain gullible when tears were involved.

"Oh, onee-chan!" Without warning, Hanabi lunged at Hinata with open arms with enough force to knock her sister down. She was attempting to make it seem like it was purely accidental.

With an exclaim, Hinata fell indeed, backwards into Neji.

Poor Neji.

He bit his lower lip, trying his utmost best not to release a harsh groan. The throbbing pain in his crotch intensified, at the same time unbidden pleasure exploded. He could feel the softness of Hinata's buttocks. Trapped, Neji could do nothing.

"S-sorry, Neji-nii-san!" Hinata stammered, with Hanabi crying in her arms. "Tell me what's wrong, Hanabi-chan. Why are you crying?"

Feeling Hinata shift, Neji exhaled gruffly.

Hanabi continued her convincing sobs, and spoke incoherently – until she realized, with an unnoticed glance, that her cousin was nearly drooling. Hastily, the girl stood up and dashed out of the room.

"Chotto matte kudasai!" Hinata tried to inhibit her younger sister, but soon fell distracted to a minor discomfort. Her hand traveled, slipping down past her buttocks, right onto Neji's groin. Something's pressing against..., her thought went unfinished after she recognized the source of discomfort. "Ah!" Hinata blushed furiously, and scrambled out of his lap. "Gomen, nii-san! I didn't mean to!"

Neji didn't respond for he was rendered unconscious when Hinata unwittingly stroked and squeezed him.