Girls, stupid girls. Why the hell were they always following him around? It was getting past annoying, to the extent of Uchiha Sasuke wanting to wipe out the whole, goddamned species. Yes, he considered them to be an entirely different species from himself. Homo sapiens his ass.

"Maybe if they weren't all so friggin' crazy," he muttered angrily once he'd arrived home with a ripped sleeve, torn pants, and finger-prints of rabid females all over him. He began to regret coming back to Konoha. Why didn't he just take on a new identity and live in another village, where he could have found peace? The possibilities of being marked as a missing-nin for the rest of his life wasn't sounding all that bad when he compared it to being chased by girls the rest of his life.

Too tired to even fill his own stomach with food, Sasuke trudged into his room, stripped himself of his ruined clothes, and went straight into bed. And as he lay in it, he began to evaluate each girl he ever encountered.

Sakura struck him as bipolar.

Karin, she definitely got the psycho-rapist air hanging about her.

Ino was an annoying loudmouth.

Tenten's voice sounded too whiny and shrilly for him.

Temari was too macho for his liking.

Hinata was... innocent.

No, that was too vague of a judgment. When his thoughts of her expanded, he became more and more curious as to what kind of girl Hinata was. Yes, to be honest with himself, he knew very little about girls. Hell, even Naruto knew more about girls than him.

Enough about the dobe. When was the last time he'd seen her? He tried to recall his childhood days, and successfully managed a mental image of Hinata. Short, dark hair. Pale, Byakuugan eyes. Nothing that appealing about her, especially when she wore those baggy clothes of hers.

But what appealed him the most was the fact that Hinata was completely not attracted to him, unlike the other 99.9 percent of the girls in Konoha. It was rare, indeed. And it was this rarity that made him want to know her more, and maybe even the desire of possessing her lingered in his mind.

What is she like now?

The next day began with the same events, as usual. Shower, search for not-ruined uniform, breakfast, brush teeth, chased by girls, school, et cetera, et cetera. That was until he noticed a lavender colored and scented note paper in his locker at the end of the day. Sasuke, after putting his indoor shoes into his locker, held the piece of parchment deftly between his fingers.

The note read: "Please meet me on the rooftop. I'll be expecting you. -Hinata H."

This was definitely a surprise to Sasuke, after just thinking about her last night – this was too good to be purely coincidental. Feeling a bit decent and nice today, Sasuke decided that he'd oblige her. Besides, this would be a good method of getting to know the Hyuuga girl a bit more.

As Sasuke made his way up to the roof, he thought to himself, how did she get the guts to write me a note? He pondered this with the utmost seriousness. He remembered her to be very reluctant.

Arriving at the promised place, he saw no signs of her. "Figures." He muttered. She probably chickened out the last minute. He waited for a few long seconds, crossing his taut-muscled arms over his sinewy chest impatiently. Deciding that she wouldn't be coming, he turned around to leave. The Uchiha immediately acknowledged the presence of a girl, a little ways from him.

He noticed the deep sapphire tint of her long tresses, the lavender-mist hues of her large eyes, the way the softest breeze would slightly lift her skirt and expose a bit of her well-formed thighs.

"Move," he said curtly, and brushed past her. He was nearing the door leading to the staircase when she abruptly called out.

"Ma-matte kudasai(1), Uchiha-san!"

Sasuke stopped, and slowly faced her. Until he heard her gentle voice, it didn't occur to him that this girl was the writer of the note.

"I'm sorry, I'm l-late." She said, bowing apologetically. "I had to talk w-with Kurenai-sensei."

Yep, this was definitely Hinata Hyuuga – with her stuttering and immense shyness.

"Iya(2)." He said, putting his hand into his pocket. The two began to walk, shortening the distance in between. "Did you write this?" Sasuke asked, withdrawing the note from his pocket.

Hinata, Sasuke realized from this close proximity, had a look he was unable to identify on her sweet, heart-shaped face. Her lush lips were ever-so-slightly parted and there was a glimmering shine in her eyes.

Without warning, she closed the distance between them, colliding into him. The note fell, forgotten.

Shock, sweet shock, jolted through his body at her action. Hinata pressed herself into him: her head resting on his chest, her ample breasts flattening against his abdomen, fingers digging into the fabric of his shirt, her thigh brushing against his groin – stimulating him. It was a bold move on her part.

"Since last night..." She began, eyes closed – distress apparent in her expression, "I- I wasn't able to stop thinking about ...about you, Uchiha-san."

"Hyuuga..." It was all he could say, her name. He was appalled.

"I-I think only about you, now, Uchiha-san. Whenever I try to think of Naruto-kun... it's you that appear in my mind." She whispered. "I can't breathe..."

Holy shit. Sasuke's eyes widened.

"Uchiha-san," She called his name. "Uchiha-san..." Hinata lifted her head, and looked pleadingly into his eyes. "Make love to me..."

He was left speechless; however, his gaze remained upon her.

"Please. Right now." She begged, releasing her breaths in the sweetest manner. "I- I can't stand it anymore."

"H-Hyuuga..." He was near his breaking point. Sasuke was rock-hard. He wanted her. No doubt about it.

His hesitance, however, made Hinata think otherwise. "Uchiha-san, y-you don't like me?" She drew back.

"N-no! Th-that's not it." Oh, even the great Uchiha Sasuke was reduced to stuttering at her pleas. "Actually, I've... I've been thinking about you, too."

"I'm so happy!" She sighed, and embraced him fully, molding her body into his. But it lasted only for a few seconds. Soon, Hinata pulled away again. Eyes downcast, the girl lifted his left hand and – even more to his surprise – placed his palm on her breast, and forced his hand to squeeze. As she did so, Hinata gasped suggestively. Grabbing the other hand, the beautiful girl placed it at the junction of her thighs and pleaded, "Touch me. Don't make me wait. Please!"

Sasuke, though his face showed only surprise, found delight in having Hinata in his hands. He marveled at the softness of her breasts, they were just the right size – ample, but not too massive. He relished at the slick secretion on his fingers, given off from her moist feminine parts. And he began to revel in the pleasured noises she emitted at his nurturing.

The incessant beeping finally infiltrated his mind, and Sasuke jolted awake. Shit! He cursed mentally, looking at his digital clock as he mashed the off button. It was past eight AM.

"Argh! I'm late!" He threw off the covers and jumped out of bed. Now exposed to air, Sasuke could feel a coldness he usually felt when his clothes were damp. Surveying himself, he noticed sticky splotches in his boxers. Immediately, his eyes traveled to his bed. "Shit." It was a complete mess. There was discharged liquid everywhere. Sasuke hypothesized that it must've seeped through the fabric of his boxers. And despite it, he was still throbbing in pain – his member seeming to beg for more release.

It struck him then, that since last night was Friday – that meant today was Saturday.

Luckily, he would be able to do what he was needing to do. He was bound to masturbate soon, anyway.

Oh, what the hell, he thought. Since his sheets were a mess, he might as well do it here. With that intent, he began to search the contents of his dream – for Hyuuga Hinata.

1. P-please wait!

2. It's no problem.