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"Please, give me some more, Sensei. It tastes so good."

Kakashi's hand trembled, and without much notice, the sake-filled cup slid out of his grasp and onto his torso. The mess did little to stir him out of his stupor. No, he was too transfixed on the sight presented before him... too transfixed on her smooth tongue, as it ran over her lush, pouting lips.

This ravishing female with midnight-blue tresses, alluring lavender-hued eyes, and deliciously smooth skin. The way she sat before him, her pose... it wanted to make him run his tongue all over her.

No! Self-control! He strained, gritting his teeth, pressing his lips firmly under the dark layer of cloth veiling his face. Self-control, Kakashi!

How did it come to this? He was only to tutor her, to help her with a few ninjutsu-based problems for her physics class. He knew he shouldn't have asked her to "stop by", but he'd made an exception in Hinata's case. He knew of her timid disposition and he was not at all expecting that something like this would ever happen. He knew Hinata was not that kind of girl; that was unless... Hinata was drunk, much to his surprise.

"Oh, Sensei, look what you did... the precious sake..." Hinata slurred, her intoxication compelling her to move towards him, in a cat-like fashion. Without the slightest hesitation, she climbed atop him, gently forcing the edge of his taut shirt upward. Her eyes have never left the spot where sake had spilled. And now...

"Hi-Hinata..." Kakashi gulped, attempting to slide backward, away from her. But she pressed him. He was beyond tempted. He wanted nothing more right now than to touch her, to plunge his tongue into the sweet crevice of her mouth, to bury himself inside her. The image in his mind was glorious. He wanted Hinata so badly.

He became undone exactly when he felt the soft, slick muscle teasing. Kakashi exhaled harshly as he expelled a loud groan.

Hinata had forced him to part his legs as she lay in between them, her breasts pressed against his groin, face centimeters away from his abdomen to lick away at the spilled liquid of intoxication. "Mm, oishii..."

He was breathing raggedly by this point. And Hinata's ministrations traveled lower and lower, until he felt the line of his pants being tugged at. "No, Hinata!" Kakashi let out, now noticing that she intended to get the sake that seeped through the fabric of his lower garment as well.

Too late.

Her delicate hands had freed his surging manhood. Out of embarrassment, he shut his eyes tightly when he heard her pleased gasp. Despite the number of women he'd bedded, he felt outrageously inexperienced in Hinata's compelling presence. Was it because he'd never expect such behavior from her? He didn't understand.

"Haah," Kakashi let out a harsh exhale once more when he felt her velvety lips on the tip of his shaft. He refused to look at her, or he might do something he'd regret; but Hinata was really pushing him far beyond his limits and self-control. Her tongue... The bursting feeling in his lower regions was beginning to intensify, and Kakashi knew he'd never be released unless he sheathed himself within her. "Hinata, let me have you!" His tone was urgent, needy.

The Hyuuga, clearly still hazed from the alcohol, stopped and gazed up at him. Without warning, his hands shot out to grip her body – one at her waist, the other at her arms. Kakashi frantically pushed everything off the surface of the desk, and easily lifted the slender girl. He intended to penetrate her from behind, because that was the position he was most accustomed to. He wanted leverage, more than anything, and women usually never seemed to mind.

Hinata was barely conscious of what was going on as she lay on her stomach, her head was too entrapped in the alcohol high.

The copy-nin removed her lower garment, and the sight of her smooth, rounded buttocks made his movements even hastier. Frenzied with unbearable need, Kakashi placed the tip of his shaft against her nether lips, and he thrust his hips frontward, pushing his whole length into her.

The penetration was real, and it momentarily knocked Hinata out of her high. She felt a stinging pain, and the tears welled. "Itai." It was barely a whisper.

Kakashi's fingers pressed even more firmly, wrapping around her tiny waist, as he continued with his powerful, surging movements. With his head thrown-back, he was completely unaware of the few droplets of blood that fell on the wooden floor and scattered paper. The feeling couldn't be compared to anything else. It was extraordinary. Hinata was extraordinary.

When the burning sensation of the rip was no more, Hinata felt slightly at ease. She could feel him within her, hitting her spot every with every thrust. Her tears were no longer tears of pain, but now of pleasure. She was beginning to mewl before she even realized it. "Oh, that feels so good..." The pressure heightened and heightened until it sent her over the edge, into complete bliss.

At his climax, Kakashi had thrown himself into her as far as possible, and held her closely. Tremors shook every inch of him as he ejaculated, emptying every last drop into her.

His legs began to falter now, and slowly, Kakashi lowered himself onto the floor with Hinata in his arms. It was then Kakashi noticed the scattered, crimson droplets across the floor and on her thighs. Remorse speared through him, and his eyes widened. Weakly he said her name, "H-Hinata... you're a vir- you were a virgin?" He corrected himself grudgingly, and looked into her eyes. She seemed to have slightly sobered up.

Her response was a weak yet sincere smile as she lay in his arms. Slowly, Hinata's hand traveled up to his face, tracing the defined contours of his jaw. "I want to see you, Kakashi-sensei... please."

He looked into her eyes, and decided that he'd grant her wish, with what he'd put her through tonight. For the first time in a long, long while – Kakashi would reveal his face to someone. Sighing softly, he nodded and slowly hooked his finger on the edge of the threaded-mask.

As the fabric showed more of his facial features, Hinata's eyes widened with awe.

Save for the scar marring his left eye, his features were absolutely flawless. He had perfectly chiseled lips, with a straight nose, and a strong chin.

"Why do you hide such a handsome face, Kakashi-sensei?" She whispered, trailing her index finger over his lower lip.

"Why do you hide such an amazing body, Hinata?" He countered. And she understood then. "I don't want to be like Sasuke." He laughed.

Hinata imagined the Uchiha, with all those girls chasing after him – never giving him any peace. Soon, she found herself giggling along with her sensei.

Silence hung shortly afterwards, and Hinata fell into a deep slumber.

On the morrow, she would barely realize what had happened that night.

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