Hurray for Xedra, without whom I probably would not write half as much. I can't believe how little Tidus/Yuna I've written, since I love Tidus and I love Yuna. And together they're wonderful. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

Well. I hope you like it!

WARNING: Spoilers for the Good Ending!

Yuna was not, by nature, a fearful person. She had battled fiends and mastered even the strongest of aeons. She had been kidnapped and manipulated. She had been hunted as a traitor and nearly executed.

But when she opened her eyes that morning, she was filled with a fear like she'd never felt before. There was a thin ray of sunlight slipping in through the crack in the tent's curtains, and the blankets were silky and the mattress soft. She felt warm and content – or had before she had awoken enough to think. To wonder. To fear.

It had been wonderful, the night before – he had been in her arms again, strong and solid and real. He had been smiling, and he was still just like the sun – bright and warm and golden. He was still as beautiful as ever, and his eyes, just as blue as she remembered them, still got that same expression in them when he looked at her. He smelt of salt water, and she soon found he tasted of it, too.

He'd been even more perfect than she'd imagined, those long nights lying awake, missing and wanting so strong that it was like an ache in her bones. He'd kissed her calluses and she'd known it would be okay that she'd changed. She'd known they were strong enough to work it out.

He'd kissed her all over, soft lips sliding over her skin until she'd nearly gone mad with desire, and then his callused hands gripped her hips as she'd wrapped her legs around his waist. And finally, she'd felt whole again.

Now she was awake, and though it had felt so real, there was a part of her that couldn't help but wonder, and fear, and worry –

She turned over.

The bed was empty.

Yuna heard a strange noise, like something wounded and dying, and knew it was her. She sat up, clutching the blankets to cover her nakedness (but didn't she usually wear pajamas to bed?) and stared at the empty space beside her, where the sheets were rumpled. She knew, though, that it was from her own tossing and turning. She had not shared her bed with anyone last night. Perhaps grief had finally driven her insane.

She touched the wrinkled sheets longingly, and felt a tear escape her stinging eyes, skittering down her cheek and filling her mouth with bitter salt –

Except that the cloth beneath her hand was warm.

"Hey, you," and someone had pulled aside the curtains and for a moment the tent was flooded with bright mid-morning sunlight, and then they fell shut again and Yuna knew that voice – and ever the fool, she dared to hope.

She turned on her knees so quickly that she fell back, and she threw an arm back to catch herself.

Oh, my.

He was there, smiling sunnily and carrying a tray piled high with food. The smells made her mouth water, but she ignored them in favor of simply drinking in the sight of him. He put the tray down on the floor, peering at her worriedly. "Yuna, are you – whoa! "

She leaped on him without even a bit of grace or dignity, pressing him to the floor and kissing him as if she couldn't breathe without it, gripping his arms with all her strength. He made a startled noise into her mouth but threaded his fingers through her tangled hair and kissed her back, tender and less desperate. When at last she had to pull away, he looked still more concerned.

"Are you okay?" he asked, a little out of breath.

"You're still here," she gasped, and suddenly couldn't stop smiling.

Concern melted away into joy, and he was smiling once more. "As long as you still want me."

Yuna could do nothing but laugh.