The Princes & Us

Three poor sisters, Bella, Alice & Rosalie lost their parents 10 years ago when they were 8. They are now forced to live with their rich evil uncle, Billy Black who is headmaster of a very prestigious private boarding high school in Washington. But, when three mysterious gorgeous brothers come to stay at the school what will happen?

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Chapter 1:

"Just because we are 'family', and I let you live here for free doesn't mean you can slack on your work…EVER!" Billy fumed furiously at us. "Now if you three don't get out of bed, mop and shine the floors before my first student shows up, none of you will be receiving your monthly allowance, but you may be getting something else instead…maybe like another year of high school!"

"You can't fail us Billy! You are just the owner, not our teachers!" I yelled back.

"Watch me missy! Mark my words, if you three ungrateful girls disobey my orders then I will make your senior year happen for you guys more than once!" And with that he slammed our door and stomped down the stairs towards his office.

"I hate him!" Alice yelled, "Bella I want out of here so bad!"

"Yeah, and where would we go? We have no money, no jobs, nothing." Rosalie murmured.

"Yeah Alice, we have nothing." I told her.

"You wait and see," Alice said, "We will get out of here one way or another…just wait and see…"

"Well while you're figuring out a plan, I'm going to go down and start cleaning."

"Wait for me Bella," Rosalie said, "I'm right behind you."

From the back of the room Alice mumbled "Yeah, hold up I'm coming."

Cushing Academy was a school for the rich kids, all the kids who had parents that could afford to send them here from all over the world. The only reason me and sisters were able to stay here was because of our uncle, Billy. He was our dad's only brother, and probably the worst brother anyone could ask for. He had cheated my dad out of their family's inheritance and that is why Billy owned the school, and not us.

Today was the first day of the new year. Pretty soon all the kids would be showing up to unpack in their dorms and get settled in at the campus. Our jobs was to give anyone what they wanted; food, drinks, ect. We also cleaned the entire school by ourselves. All 220,000 square feet of it. Top to bottom everyday. We always like to goof around and say how our lives are like Cinderella, except we are never going to find our princes. If we did our jobs well, and the school was always clean, we were allowed to attend classes to receive high school credits.

The first day of school was the best. There was always someone new to meet, and often times we made a new friend each year. But, that friend would eventually go back to their normal lives of being rich and leave us behind.

"Bella!! Bella!!" Alice came screaming up to me excited about something. If there was the littlest of news, Alice was the one to overreact and get overly excited.

"What's got you so happy Alice?

"Okay, well Me and Rose were walking down MacGyver Hall, which you know is where all the boys stay, squeals, and we saw the most gorgeous guy on the planet!! I swear Bella it was like he just walked straight of GQ magazine!" Her excitement level was rising more and more each second she spoke.

"Okay Alice, first off you need to stop, and breathe, then you need to realize you're never going to date him…ever, so I suggest you get out of little Alice la la land and come back down to reality."

I always had to be the most level headed out of the three.

"Geez Bella, just go and rain on my parade." and she stomped off with a look of hurt across her face.

Just then Rose came up behind me, "You know Bella, there's nothing wrong with dreaming."

I put my head down so I was looking at the floor. " I know Rose, I guess today I'm just not in the mood."

Cleaning was done for the day, and I still had a couple of hours until my first class started. Alice and Rosalie were probably off talking to all the new students who had arrived. Though, most of the time I usually went with them, this year was different. This year I was tired of putting up with Billy and it was time for a change. As much as I hated changed, I needed it. But, who was I kidding myself, nothing was going to change. Maybe I should just stop sulking and join in the fun with Alice and Rosalie.

About a half hour later I found my sisters totally drooling over these cute freshmen from California. I had to admit they were total babes, so I decided to head over and meet them. Their names were Brandon, Kevin and Zach. If they weren't so much younger than us, I would totally go for them. Can you believe they were only 14…ha! They didn't even have their learner's permit to drive. What a waste of time. But, I guess I couldn't let perfectly good eye candy go to waste. So when I reached up to them I could only stare in amazement at their beauty. Ha, Gosh I am pathetic I thought to myself, I'm standing here starring at freshmen. Geez, I need to get away from here and get a life. But of course my bubbly 'little' sister Alice was completely captivated by them, and to my surprise Rosalie wasn't so intrigued.

"You know Bella, we live here at Cushing Academy, and the only guys Alice tries to talk to are freshmen." Rosalie whispered in my ear. "Since we are seniors this year, why don't we try to go for the senior guys," She added.

"Well Rose, they may be freshmen, but they are rich freshmen."

"Gosh Bella when did you become so vain?" Rosalie snickered.

"Ha, I don't know, I think like five minutes ago when I realized I had no life."

Before Rose got up to leave she turned to me and said, "Something's different about you this year Bella, you're turning into negative Nancy over here. I know you've never been the one for change, but I think it's time."

"Rosalie, I know, I do need change. I want some fun and excitement! And I want away from here!" I was almost shouting at this point.

"Bells, we all do. But, since this is our last year, let's enjoy it here, and I promise me and Alice will show you some major fun." Her mouth was turned up into a smile.

"Okay, I'm holding you to that."


Ok so my first class of the year is US Lit. Not the best subject, but it will do. I've known my teacher, Mrs. Marie, ever since I was born so that would make the whole year a lot easier on me. She was there for me and my sisters the day our parents died.


"Hey Mrs. Marie, where's mommy and daddy?" A young and confused little Alice asked.

"Well Sweetie…Bella, Rosalie, dears please come over here."

"Yes?" Rose and I replied in unison.

"Well girls, you see you're mom and dad were in a car crash…and, uh…well…girls, your parents died…"

The room was small, it could only hold about 30 seats, and everyone was filled but two. They were both right next to me. Of course no one would sit next to the poor dull girl. I mean, I wasn't ugly, but I certainly wouldn't dazzle anyone. Though Rosalie, Alice and I were triplets, you wouldn't notice. Rosalie was definitely the most beautiful out of all of us. She had long blonde flowing hair with deep blue eyes. Alice was also one of the cutest. She was short with a small face and black hair and who also had the most stunning deep blue eyes. That left me with nothing but dull boring features. I had brown hair that hung just belong my shoulder blade, and the same brown color for my eyes. I wasn't as small as Alice, but certainly didn't have the long legs like Rosalie. It wasn't just looks I was lacking either, but also money. I didn't have anything close to the amount of money that everyone carried around here, and everyone knew that. A couple rows over Lauren and Jessica sat. They are two best friends that have gone here ever since we were freshmen, and I hate them just as much as they hate me. They are true spoiled brats.

RINNGG Phew, class was finally over. On to the next one, YIPEE…not! But, all the rest of the classes for the day I had with Rose and Alice, which made it better. We had twenty minutes between each class, which gave us just enough time to get to our next class. Yes, this school was extremely large. While we were in AP Human Geo an assembly was called. The entire Cushing Academy population scooted into the large auditorium at the front entrance of the school. At the podium stood our uncle, looking as evil and ugly as ever, just about to give a speech.

"Please don't tell me it's one of those toasts to celebrate the new year," Alice complained.

"Excuse me; can I have everyone's attention please?" His booming voice echoed throughout the room. He always seemed so much friendlier to strangers. If only they knew the real him…

"I have an announcement to make." He continued. "I have been offered a seat in the council of Learning Opportunities in Australia for the next six months, so I will be moving there for a while." ( I totally just made that up, I have no clue if there are such councils in Australia = ) "To take my place while I am gone is Mr. Pierce. He is new to this country and this school, so I would like for each and every one of you to show your support for him and our school."

My mouth fell open. "He's actually leaving." I whispered to my sisters.

"No way, this is awesome!" Alice exclaimed.

"There has to be a catch." Rosalie mumbled.

"What kind of catch could there be Rose?" Alice asked.

"Oh come on, he's not just going to leave us here alone, without someone to control us and tell us what to do…"

"You're totally right Rose," I murmured.

As soon as the assembly was over Billy had given permission for school to be out for the rest of the day. With school over it was time to start the evening clean. I hated this time of day. While all the kids were out having fun and partying like normal teenagers, we three were stuck to sweep the halls and scrub the toilets. Two and half hours later we were finished. As we headed up to our dorm room Billy and Mr. Pierce stopped us in our tracks.

"Hello girls," The creepy Billy said with a wicked grin plastered to his face. "This is Mr. Pierce."

"Hi girls, what a pleasure it is to meet you." He had a heavy British accent which was actually kind of attractive.

"Hello" we said simultaneously.

Billy went on, "While I am gone, Mr. Pierce will be watching over your behaviors. We have already discussed what is to be expected out of you three."

An expression flew across Mr. Pierce's face that was almost unreadable, but it seemed like he thought Billy was a complete fool, which was something I completely agreed with. But, who knows, he is probably just another one of Billy's cronies here to ruin our lives even more.


Billy left today, and it was amazing. Rosalie, Alice and I never have felt so free. We were standing behind the office desk in the lobby of the school when it happened. I was the only one facing the doors so I saw them first, Alice and Rosalie had their backs turned away. Through the door walked these three absolutely amazing guys. They were drop dead gorgeous. Ouch, it hurt to look at them, they were that hot. One was extremely burly with brown kind of curly hair. The other was the shortest with blonde hair that was a total knock out. And the third boy, whoa baby he was some definite eye candy. His hair was bronze and untidy. His eyes were a penetrating emerald green, and he was tall. Oh so tall and handsome and oh my gosh I was drooling. Crap, don't do this Bella…you're going to look mentally handicapped. I could just see it now.

"Excuse me but would you please stop dripping your spit all over my shoes," he said.

"Uh…Uh… " I replied.

"Oh I didn't know this school allowed special education children to attend…" He said as he drifted off like an angel.

"Hey Bella snap out of it," It was Alice tugging on my arm.

"Yeah he probably wouldn't even get that close for me to spit on his shoes," Which I had said out loud to Alice and Rosalie.

"Who's shoes? Why would you spit?" Alice's voice sounded confused. Just then she turned around and I heard a thump as her jaw hit the ground.

"I…I…I…Uh…" was all that could escape from her mouth. Rosalie looked at her and that made her turn around too.

"Holy crap, that burly one's mine!" Her voice was just a little to loud because all three boys lifted their heads towards us.

"Way to go Rose!" I shouted and grabbed her and Alice and pulled them to the ground.

"You don't think they saw us do you?" Alice's voice was shaky as she spoke. "I mean they couldn't have…you think? You have a big mouth Rosalie!"

"I have a big mouth? Pff…didn't you see Bella's over there wide open drooling buckets of spit as she starred at them?"

Alice giggled, "Ha ha, yeah Bella you were pretty googly eyed over them."

Just then three heads peered over the desk looking at us.

"Hey, uh what are you guys doing down there?" The blonde boy spoke with such a luring British accent that made Alice almost die of heart failure.

We all three popped up instantly and I answered his question. "Oh, uh well my sister Rosalie dropped the back of her ear ring and we were trying to find it."

"Oh well have any luck?"

"Hee-hee, yes we did, thanks." Alice giggled out. I shoved my elbow into her ribs hoping she got the hint not to speak while under the trance of an absolute stud muffin. She often spoke without thinking and I knew that would only lead to trouble…

Just then Mr. Pierce walked up behind us. "Hello boys, you must be the Cullens. Welcome! I'm Mr. Pierce, I am taking the place of Headmaster Black while he is away on business. I see you've already met Bella, Rosalie and Alice."

"Oh well not formally, sir." The bronze haired heart throb answered with a velvety British accent. "Nice to meet you girls, I'm Edward, this is my brother Emmett," pointing to the biggest, "and this is Jasper," pointing to the blonde.

Why the heck was everyone suddenly British around here? I thought to myself.

"Hi Edward, Emmett…Jasper," Alice's eyes seem to widen at the sound of Jasper's name.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Rosalie chimed in, fully confident of herself.

I felt a blush rushing to my cheeks as I was about to say hello, dang it, don't blush! It will just be that more embarrassing for you!! "Hey guys," was all I could muster up without getting overly embarrassed.

Just then Edward grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into his toned chest, his strong arms wrapped around my body that was suddenly going limp. His lips found mine as he began kissing me. Oh the way he kissed me, it was magical, it was…perfect. He smelled oh so good, hmm…He whispered in my ear, "I love you Bella, marry me?"

I was suddenly pulled back to reality when Rosalie gave a heavy tug on my arm and whispered in my ear, "Hey Bells, you're drooling again." Alice giggled.

Hurry wipe your mouth! Stop making a fool of yourself! Grow up and stop acting like you're in junior high again!! Quit dreaming! It's never going to happen!!

"Sorry," I muttered to my sisters. I could tell I was seriously blushing now.

When I looked towards Edward I caught him looking at me too, and in his liquid green eyes I saw a glimmer as he looked down to the floor with a crooked smile on his face.

Oh my gosh, is this guy actually real? Did you just see that smile? His eyes are like twinkling stars in the sky on a hot summer's night…oh so hot…I felt a whole flock of butterflies take off inside my stomach. BELLA! CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS!! I was seriously going crazy. It was time I left and cooled down.

"Um, excuse me I have to business to take care of."

"That's perfectly alright, I need to speak with the boys about the school and their schedules," Mr. Pierce said as he headed off towards his office. The three angels gracefully glided behind him.

"Hope to see you guys around," We heard from the burly boy with the playful grin.

"Yes! That would be great!" Rosalie and Alice both blurted out after them.


I woke up the next morning groggy. I didn't get much sleep last night, which was probably due to the fact I couldn't stop thinking about him. I've known him for what 15 minutes tops and I was already head over heals in love. He wasn't like any guy I've ever met before. Well, not just because he was inhumanly drop dead gorgeous and a total dream boat, toot toot, but there was something about his whole presence. I don't know, maybe it was just a major crush, but no, he was honestly different…I just had a feeling.

I rolled over and looked at the clock, 4:45. Gosh, I need to get up. If we weren't up by 5 a.m. sharp, we were dead meat. 5 o'clock meant morning chores; sweeping, scrubbing, cooking, the usual. Classes started at 9. I got out of bed and went to wake up Alice first, since she was the hardest.

"Hey Alice, come on get up."

"mumbling" She was dead to the world. Maybe I should get Rosalie to help me.

"Hey Rose, help me get Alice up."

"5 more minutes Bells, I'm having a good dream."

Uh, there's no use, I might as well go start chores by myself. I headed off downstairs still in my pajamas. Most of the kids here didn't start moving around until at least 8, so I thought I would be safe. But I had to admit that my pajamas were pretty cute. They were short pink shorts with black hearts, and I had a black tank top with a pink heart to match. Every once in a while when my sisters and I were allowed to go shopping we always bought something from Victoria's Secret, which is where my pajamas were from.

I was starving so I headed straight to the kitchen first. I walked in and thankfully it was empty. I couldn't make up my mind for a while, and finally just settled on some fruity cheerios. I was starring out the window that was above the sink when I heard a noise behind me.

It was Edward. As soon as I saw him I jumped from my seat and spilled my bowl of cereal all over the floor.

"Oh geez I'm sorry I scared you, I didn't think anyone was in here." His face was just as beautiful and flawless as the day before.

"No it's ok, it is kind of early…what are you doing up so early?" I was trying to control my voice to make it as steady as possible. "Oh, sorry you don't have to answer that, that was a stupid question." My cheeks were burning and I could tell they were getting redder. Don't ramble, it makes you look stupid!

"No it's ok, ha, I guess I just wanted to get up early today."

Man his voice was so velvety and quite romantic, I just melt at the sound of a British guy speaking…OK BELLA STOP!

"Oh um, that's cool I guess." Ok now that was a stupid response!

"Ha, uh yeah."

It was just then that I realized that I was in my pajamas. Oh my gosh could this get anymore embarrassing? Honestly, why couldn't I have just left my room in normal clothes?

"Hey, uh do you want help cleaning that up?"

Aww, he's a gentlemen…"Oh uhh no, thanks though I got it."

"Um, well…you know what, I think I'll come back later, I've got a couple of things to do." His voice sounded soft yet stern.

"Yeah, Okay. I'll see ya around." I tried not to let my voice show the disappointment I felt.

"See-ya." He walked off without even looking back.

It's official, he hates me. I shouldn't even care, not like I ever had a chance…

I cleaned up my spilt breakfast and went back up to get my sisters.

"Hey Bella," Alice's voice was just way to cheery.

I tried to sound happy, but it failed. "Alice, Rosalie! It was awful!" I flew myself onto my bed and buried my head in the pillows.

Rosalie came up and laid next to me. "Hey Bells, what happened?"

"Yeah Bella, what's going on?" Alice's voice had lost all excitement.

"I saw him in--" I was cut off by Alice's and Rosalie's angry yells.

"What?!" They both screamed. Alice then continued her rant…"You left this room in your pajamas?! How many times have I told you NEVER to do that!"

Then like usual Rosalie chimed in too, "Yeah, you have no make up on…your hair…oh your clothes!…"

I cut them off, "Okay! Stop!" I wanted to break down in tears. "That's not the worst part!"

When they realized how upset I was, they calmed down.

"He was mackin' on another girl wasn't he?" Alice asked

"NO!" Rosalie shouted with horror.

"Guysss, stop. That wasn't it."


"He didn't… stay, he just left, and when he left he didn't even turn around to look back. But, what's bugging me is why do I care so much…why??"

Rosalie's voice was in a soft whisper, "Wow Bells, you've never acted like this over a guy before."

"I know!" By this point the tears were pouring out.


It was now 6 o'clock. That only left us three hours left until class started and we still needed to do chores. I'm sure Mr. Pierce would report this to Billy. We got dressed and walked down to the room that held all of the cleaning supplies. I grabbed for the handle but it was locked. That's weird, it's never locked. I turned around to Alice and Rosalie, "Hmm, I guess I have to go get a key from Mr. Pierce. I'll be right back."

I walked down the hallway towards his office. There were pictures hung on the walls of this school from all the past years. There was one picture in particular that I loved. It was a picture of my mom and dad when they 16, sitting out front on the bench near the garden. My mom was sitting on my dad's lap, her arms wrapped around his neck. I wouldn't mind sitting on that bench with Edward…my thoughts were interrupted by Mr. Pierce walking out of his office.

"Excuse me sir, but we need the key to the cleaning room. I'm sorry we didn't start our chores earlier than this." I could tell my voice sounded stuttery and nervous.

"You actually think I'm going to make you girls work? You're crazy. I've hired some people to do that for you."

I was shocked. This couldn't be real. "Really? You didn't have to, my sisters and I do it just fine. Plus I'm sure my uncle wouldn't appreciate us slacking on our work."

"Slacking on your work? Hardly, the only work you need to do is get through high school. But I've got to go, so I'll see you around Miss Swan."

I was completely stunned, and his accent was to die for. "Thank you so much."

I walked back to Alice and Rosalie to report the news. I know this will make their day, especially Alice who will get all gooey excited. "Well, turns out we're off the hook for chores…forever, well at least until Billy gets back."

"No way!" They both shouted at once. Alice was jumping up and down like I knew she would.

Her voice became an octave higher as she yelled, "Let's go get ready for class! Yay, now we have time to actually get all cleaned up and pretty, and oh Bella let me do your makeup!"

"No Alice! No way!"

"Come on pleaassseee…" She put on her best pouty face and looked me straight in the eyes.

"Yeah sis, just let Alice do your makeup. That way if you run into that creep again you can show him what he's missing out on."

I thought about that for a second. "Fine."

"Yay!" Alice squealed and ran towards our room to get ready. Rosalie and I followed behind, but at a much slower pace.

To my surprise Alice's makeover wasn't too painful, I actually liked how I looked. She had put eyeliner around my eyes to make them pop, with some sparkly light green eye shadow to match my outfit, and I was amazed at how full and long my lashes were with her mascara.

I walked to my first class of the day and I was early. When I walked in I saw Mrs. Marie at her desk so I decided to join her.

"Good morning."

"Oh! Good morning to you too Bella. Oh my you're looking extra pretty today, how are you?" She was so sweet and loving.

I slightly blushed at her comment, "Ah, I've had better mornings, but I won't complain so I'd say I'm doing great, and yourself?"

She let out a motherly giggle, "Hee-hee, yes I most certainly have to agree with you."

Just then more kids started to arrive so I decided to go take my seat. I was starring at the clock above the door when I saw a cute blonde boy walk in who looked unfamiliar to me. Hmm, he must be new. He's kind of cute. Then I saw Edward right behind him. OH NO! Are you serious?! This day could not get any worse… I knew the blonde boy saw me looking, but I looked down quickly at my notebook hoping it didn't seem too obvious.

"Is the sun shining or did you just smile at me?"

I looked up to see the new boy standing next to my desk with a very boyish smile smeared across his face.

Oh know, this kid is going to make me blush, "I…uh.." Nothing else would come out.

"Ha, ha, I'm Mike Newton. And you are…beautiful yes I know, but I would love to know your name."

I smiled and replied, "Bella Swan." I hope that sounded flirty enough

"It's an honor."

This guy is definitely a sweet talker.

The final bell rang and I looked up and noticed Mike sat next to me, with Edward on the other side of him. Oh and of course Lauren and Jessica right next to Edward. Gosh could she drool anymore? I can't talk though, I probably drooled more than that when I first saw him. I thought maybe Edward might look in my direction just to be friendly, but he didn't. Mike sure looked at me though…a lot. I doubt Edward cares, but maybe I can make him jealous.

Using the most flirtatious voice I could manage, "Mike, so where did you come from?"

"New York City." His mouth was turned up in a smile, but still no where as good looking as Edward's.

Hmm, he's a city boy, that's cute.

"Oh really, I've always wanted to go to New York."

Another grin appeared on his face but this one was more playful, "Well tell me if you ever need a tour guide, I'd be happy to oblige."

I let out a slight giggle, "Will do." I hope it wasn't too obvious that I was trying to flirt with him, because it was a pretty lame attempt at flirting.

Mrs. Marie had started teaching so our conversation ended, but I did glance over in Edward's direction again. I couldn't quite read the look on his face. His eyes didn't glitter like they did earlier, and his heart stopping crooked smile was replaced by a frown, and a mean one at that.

When class was over Mike came up to me and asked for my number.

"Hey do you think Friday you would want to do something with me?"

I didn't want to say yes but since Edward was right there, why not.

"I'd love to." I walked away as sexy as I could. I was actually able to leave the class room without tripping. Alright Bella! Looks like your klutzy days are over! And then I tripped…Gr!

Ok now it's in Mikes POV

First day here and I already got a date. I forgot her name, but whatever she's hot.

As I was walking down the hallway I saw another good looking chick with her friend who I noticed were in my US Lit. class.

"Hey ladies, I'm Mike Newton."

"Hi Mike, I'm Lauren."

"And I'm Jessica."

"Lauren, I can't help but fall in love with your beauty, would you like to do something with me on Saturday?"

"That would be great Mike, here call me anytime…947-8263"

"Great, see-ya then." Man that was easy…

Jessica grabbed her friend and walked away.


Jessica grabbed my arm and whispered to me, "Lauren, I thought you liked that new kid, Edward?"

"I do silly, so if he sees me with this guy he will realize he needs to step up."

"Oohh, great idea Lauren."


I was walking away from the girls when I was grabbed by the shoulder and thrown against the wall.

"Did you just make a date with Bella and Lauren?" His voice was demanding and angry.

I tried to yell back but he was holding me by the throat, "Who the heck are you?!"

"Edward Cullen, and I don't appreciate you messing around with Bella like that. Go cheat on someone else."

"Okay, fine I'll leave Bella alone, just…just get off me man."

He let go of me and started to walk off. As he was about halfway down the hall he turned around and said in a threatening tone, "Oh, and I'd also appreciate it if this was just between you and me."

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