This is one of my first fanfics. As a warning I am not English but dutch. So sometime it may be at bit hard to understand.

'' speak''


pokemon speaking


For some people nothing is more exiting then a new school. And sometime it is so exiting that they cant sleep at night. But you have to sleep sometime.

´´Yo kid, wake up! We arrived´´

''Just five more minutes.''

''Pipipi Pikachu''

''Not you two Pikachu.''

'' Kid, this boat is going straight back in five minutes.''


Suddenly it awakens from its slumber. Dashing over the deck. With its trusty Pikachu on his shoulder, he managed to get from the boat just in time.

''Good luck on your first day, Kid''

''Thanks, and don't call me kid. Call me Ash''

There he stood, proudly looking to his new school. Ash was new one of the many new students on the Pokémon island college. He was fourteen year old, had raven black hair, auburn eyes and a permanent tan. He wears blue jeans a black and white shirt with a yellow stripe. On top of his head lays a black and red hat with a green pokeball symbol. The most noticeable thing was his best friend, a yellow mouse with red cheeks called Pikachu.

'' Pokemon island college, finally''

'' All freshman gather here!''

Ash walked towards the group of freshman to see why the where called. '' Hey Pikachu'' Ash whispered to his friend '' its professor Oak. I heard rumors about the professor taking over the principle position, but I thought that he stayed a researcher in Pallet.''

''Alright if you follow me to the stadium.''

The professor was a man in his fiftys, wears a lab coat with a red shirt. He is one f the best known experts on Pokémon. But as he saw every kid around him whisper about the professor. He didnt care. His best friend Pikachu was a present from the professor.

'' Hey, Ash ''

Ash turned around to see who called him. It was a girl with red hair with one ponytail and blue eyes. it was his old childhood friend misty.

''Hey Misty''

Misty was a water type trainer from the Cerulean Gym. She wears shorts and a yellow shirt.

'' Ash, can you stick with me today?''

''Why are you scared?''

''Well, it is a pretty big school and I dont want to get lost''

'' Alright you can tag along''

''Thanks Ash''


''Wow, look at that Pikachu''


Ash saw the stadium and it was huge. There was enough room for 5000 people dived in four blocks. In the middle of the a enormous battle field. In the middle of the battlefield stood professor Oak, a woman with long pink hair and a young blond woman who was entirely dressed in black.

'' Misty, isnt that Cynthia the champion of Sinnoh.''

'' I believe it is, There was rumor that the school wanted new staff members and that they asked for people in high places.''

All the freshman where amazed that The Cynthia was a staff member. But professor Oak stepped to the middle and started a speech.

''Okay freshman lets take our seat. People from Kanto to block A, Johto B, Hoenn C and people from Sinnoh to block D.''

Freshman where quickly trying to go to the right block, as everyone wanted to know what Cynthia was doing here. After a few minutes very freshman was sitting on the right place looking at the prof and Cynthia.

After a small speech about the rules, the dorms and every small, boring little fact you can think off. Ash decided to take a little nap before the interesting part came, The introduction of Cynthia.

'' And now I want to present some Teachers. First, for the coordinator department Soledad. She is the winner of the last Grand Festival in Kanto.'' Several girls grasped for air as they saw that a Grand Coordinator was going to be there teacher.

But almost everyone screamed when the heard that The Cynthia was going to teach the battle department. Especially those in Block D, who are from Sinnoh.''

''Now everybody calm down'' Professor Oak said trying to get to the final bit of the introduction. '' Here are the final rules that we wanted to say again. First make sure you get your parents permission when there is a school trip, and remember there will be a lot of school trips.'''

''Cool, lots of school trips'' Ash whispered to Misty.

''Yeah maybe we even go to a foreign region''

'' I sure hope so''

'' Alright calm down now. Second, Pokémon battles may only be played on battle fields. On the island there are 12 battlefields so it shouldnt be a problem. When a battle takes place not on a field, both trainers will be punished. And last and most important are the team registration. You must have three Pokémon on you, No more, no less. When wanting to change you have to registered this. Registrations must be done end of the week.

Ash was clearly upset by the lastrule'' Oh crap, I only have Pikachu. What should I do, I cant catch Pokémon on the island, Im screwed''

''Alright children we come to the last part of the introduction before you can go to your rooms. Lets get two trainers to battle each other, How about you there in Block D with the purple hair, what's your name.''

''My name is Paul''

Ash looked at the young trainer. He is kind of intimidating, with his blue jacket and black pants. I think he is a bit older than me looking at him.

Oak was searching the other blocks, spotting for a second trainer. First block C, then B and finally the block where Ash and Misty sat. Block A

''And a Ash why don't you come down.''

O no, I have to battle that guy, why do I have to know professor Oak personal''

''It cant be helped'' Ash sighed as he was walking towards the battlefield with its head hanging down feeling that he would embarrass himself in front of a lot of freshman.''

Paul gave a quick look at Ash before he sighed.

'' Is there something Paul'' The professor asked trying to sound nice.

''Yeah'' Paul shouted ''Why do I have to face such a weakling''

Ash became red with anger in just a second.

'' What, you havent see me battle and you just say that I am weak.''

'' That is what I say, I mean you even havent evolved your Pikachu yet.''

Angry Pika pika chu

''Because Pikachu dont want to evolve, he is strong enough as he is now.''

'' Why dont we see about that, Go Weavile.''


Most of the audience gasped at the fact that a freshman has a Weavile. It was quite a rare Pokémon.


Pika Pi Chu

The Sharp claw Pokémon was clearly taunting Pikachu. And Pikachu felt for it. He jumped of ash shoulder to fight the black Pokémon with his red feather crown.

''Alright it is decided'' professor Oak shouted. '' It will be a one on one battle between Pikachu and Weavile. Trainers ready, begin''

''Weavile Feint attack''

''Pikachu counter with iron tail''

Both Pokémon started rushing towards each other, Weavile using his superior speed managed to hit Pikachu before he could hit Weavile with iron tail.

''Pikachu are you alright?''

nodded Pika

'' Alright get your distance and use thunderbolt.''

''Weavile dodge''

And Weavile dodged it with ease.

'' Use blizzard''


The blizzard trapped Pikachu. Ash had to think quick, but was distracted by the crowd watching them battle. He could hear them say ''That trainer doesnt stand a change'' ''Why is such a weak trainer here'' '' The speed of how he is defeated is abnormal.''

''Speed'' Ash thought '' if Pikachu went faster then I could win. So I have to raise Pikachus speed or lower that of Weavile. But he is still trapped in that blizzard. I have to out power it ''

''Pikachu use thunderbolt full power.''


With full power Pikachu ended the blizzard with a might shock. Some in the audience gasped at the raw power of the little mouse.

''Weavile get out of there''

''Pikachu now use thunder wave''

''Weavile dodge it''

But is wad to late, the thunder wave had hit Weavile. He seemed fine.

'' See Ash, your attack was useless. Weavile lets finish this with Night slash''

''Pikachu Iron tail''

''Not again''

But this time it wasnt how Paul expected it how it would be. This time Pikachu had a full hit with his super effective iron tail.

''How, how was Pikachu faster then my Weavile.''

'' I didnt use thunderbolt but thunder wave, with means that your Weavile is paralyzed and only half as fast.''

'' No''

''Yes and I agree, lets finish this. Pikachu Volt tackle and dont hold back.

After Pikachu heard its commend it began storming at Weavile with a yellow aura of electricity.

Pikapikapikapika pikapikapikapika pikapikapikachu

It was a full hit and an KO.

''And the winner is'' Professor Oak shouted '' Ash Ketchum''


After his first victory at school as was walking at his dorm and his room. Even if he won from Paul, he still was said. ''I have to get two Pokémon at the end of the week, maybe I can ask mom if she could send me two Pokémon''


'' aww I me sorry, I didnt look where I went.''

''no its my fault, I shouldn't run.''

''Its oke'' Ash said before he saw who he bumped into. ''O my god, She is cute''

Ash bumped into a girl. The girl had long blue hair and deep blue eyes. She wears a black and under that a white sleeveless shirt. She seemed to like pink as she wears a pink miniskirt and pink boots. And on top of that magnificent blue hair she wears a white beanie cap with a pokeball symbol.

''He your Ash'' she shouted '' I saw your battle against Paul, I am so glad that someone beat him, he is such an arrogant jerk''

'' So you know Paul''

'' Yeah he is from Sinnoh just like me.

'' Here let me help you'' As Ash quickly stood up and offered his hand, something she gladly accepted.

'' Uhh you can let go of my hand now.'' She says trying to get her hand back from Ash.

''O sorry'' Ash released her hand as soon he realized ''Why didnt I realize that I was holding her hand, maybe its because I was to busy staring at those beautiful eyes and that cute smile and – wait what am I thinking , Shit it feels like Im blushing. Wait I am Blushing, I have to hide it.

'' Do you feel alright, you look kind of hot''

'' What?'' Ash yelled surprised.

'' That you look like your warm, maybe you should lye down. O, I have to go, See you later.''

As the blue haired girl was running away, probably to the girls dorm, Ash realized something.

'' Wait! I don't your name!''

Luckily, she heard and answers

'' I am Dawn Berlitz, but I really have to go now, Bye''

'' Dawn is so cute, and she is so polite. She is probably a real good trainer.''

With his mind on the girl he just met, he walked in the boys dorm thinking about his first day at school.

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