Author Devylish
Fandom Torchwood
Title Reciprocity
Words 1376
Chap. 1 of 2 or 3
Pairing Tosh/Owen maybe some Jack/Ianto
Rating (K ) PG this part will venture into NC17
Spoilers If you've seen season one you're golden.
Warning Language
Disclaimer Don't own it. Wish I did. Please don't sue me.
Author's Note Unbeta'd
Author's Note2 First venture into Torchwood Fic … use me kindly!


"Hey Tosh." Owen walked into the hub tucking his shirt into his jeans.

"Good Morning." She kept her head bent over her keyboard, refusing to follow his passage through the hub with her eyes as she normally did. 'I'm done mooning over him like a lovesick cow. No more!'

While he noted her response was a little curt, Owen brushed it aside, comfortable with the knowledge that Tosh was aware of him – per usual. It wasn't until later in the day when he stood in the autopsy bay studying the Karflo aliens' skeletal system that he truly began to notice that something was off. Something about Tosh.

He'd just amputated the Karflo's hand and was studying the powerful wrist when he heard the faint tinkle of Tosh's laughter. Her smiles were common, her laughter…, rare. Cocking his ears he focused on the conversation that was going on in the main area of the hub.

Tosh was talking to Ianto.

In and of itself, that wasn't a huge deal… but it suddenly occurred to Owen that he hadn't had more than a 'hello' from Tosh all day long; and here she was talking… and laughing with Ianto.

Owen put down the hand he held and stripped off his gloves. Edging closer to the steps he strained his ears again. What were they talking about?


"I don't know Ianto, I think that sometimes when you like someone you need to accept that those feelings aren't reciprocated."

"And sometimes those feelings are reciprocated; and the person you're dealing with is just blind, or… and… stupid. It just takes some of us a little longer than others to 'come around'."

Tosh bowed her head and then impulsively gave Ianto a hug. "Thank you. Thank you for listening." Her words were muffled against his chest as Ianto wrapped his arms around Tosh's slight form and hugged her back.

"No problem Tosh… Owen will come around yet. Don't you worry." He whispered the words comfortingly.

'Tosh and Ianto?!' Owen peered at the couple from his spot on the stairs; trying to wrap his mind around the scene playing out in front of him. 'Tosh and Ianto!'

Before he could stop himself, Owen climbed out of the lab and called out to her "Tosh…"

The blush and look of embarrassment on her face as she pulled away from Ianto and turned to face him sealed the scene for Owen. 'Tosh and Ianto….'

"Yes Owen?" Tosh held herself, wrapping her arms protectively around her waist. She wondered if he had heard her conversation with Ianto. She watched for a sign… some look of teasing or anger in his eyes to give a way the fact that he'd overheard her admitting to Ianto that she had a… a 'crush' on Owen. She looked, but she saw nothing. There was no look. No sound. He just stood there looking at her; his eyes hooded.



"You wanted me?" She pressed, a look of confusion filling her face.

"Eh? What? Oh, yeah," Owen lifted his hand to the back of his head, scratching the nape of his neck while he dug for an excuse; a reason for calling her name. A reason for suddenly wanting her to focus on him again. "Erh, yeah, any reports on the Karflo poison yet?"

Tosh's eyes widened, "I sent those down to you this morning." She glanced at Ianto who backed her up.

"I brought them down with your morning tea."

"Oh. Oh, yeah. Right. Well, I'll just be, uh, going back downstairs then." He turned and headed down the cement steps, throwing a belated "Thanks Tosh" over his shoulder.

"Did Owen just thank me?" Tosh turned to Ianto.

"He did indeed."

"Well… that's interesting."

With a smile Ianto responded, "It is indeed." Placing his hand on her shoulder he added, "See what I mean about 'coming around'?"

Tosh smiled and shook her head, one chat with Ianto, and one half a moment's notice from Owen wasn't going to change her mind.

She needed to stop looking for signs from Owen. Stop hoping.

Setting her face in her patented 'ready for business' look, Tosh turned away from the stairs Owen had descended, and headed back to her computers.


"Bugger!" Owen stared blindly at the Karflo poison report. "Way to look like a complete idiot Harper!" Dropping the document carelessly he stared at the corpse lying on the metal slab before him. With a sniff, he gathered himself and headed back up into the hub.

Once there, he moved around, picking up and putting down odds and ends. And all the time, he watched Tosh out of the corner of his eye. He did this for twenty minutes… busying himself with doing absolutely nothing except for covertly watching Toshiko Sato.

She never looked up from her computer. Her eyes remained glued to the screen… with the dark fall of her hair hiding one side of her face.

She didn't look up when he mumbled and cleared his throat needlessly.

She didn't look up when he 'accidentally' dropped the thermagilator.

She didn't look at him until he was standing directly behind her looking at her monitor.

"Is there something you need Owen?" Tosh turned, silently cursing herself for her inability to ignore him as she'd promised herself. But, with him standing so close, and constantly floating around her….

"Yes Owen, or is there something you 'want'?" This last question echoed Tosh's and was issued by Jack who stood leaning against the doorway of his office.

Both Tosh and Owen looked up at him in surprise.

Tosh lifted her hand to her heart. "I hate it when you do that Jack!"

"Do what?" He pushed away from the doorframe and headed toward the muddled Owen and oblivious Tosh.

"Silently sneak upon people." With a smile she added, "your next gift from me will be a cowbell…, promise me you'll wear it?"

Jack placed his hands on her shoulders and glanced at her computer screen – curious as to whether there was anything there to gain Owen's attention…. Nope. Standard reports running, Rift Log, monitors of Torchwood entrances. Nothing to garner Mr. Harper's undivided attention. Which meant, Owen was hounding Tosh for another reason.

Jack smiled to himself. Ahh… young love.

"Do you care WHERE I tie the bell Tosh?" He grinned saucily.

"Jack!" She smiled and blushed.

"Well, you can think about where I might tie that bell this evening when you and Owen are on stakeout."

"A stake—"

"Jack –"

Owen and Tosh started simultaneously.

Jack lifted his hand. "I'll get the details to you later," 'when I've made them up,' "but plan on it being an all-nighter."

Tosh groaned and dropped her head onto her keyboard. Stakeouts were the bane of any law enforcement group's existence, but stakeouts with Owen…. Tosh spent all of her time pretending to be watching her 'toys', when in reality she was hyperaware of his presence. And he… Owen, spent all of his time being completely UNAWARE of her existence.

She tried to wiggle out of the assignment, "Jack, I was going to work on cataloguing those Amertha files tonight – I know you've wanted to take a look at them, umm, can't Gwen go with Owen?"

Owen didn't want to go on a stakeout anymore than the next guy, but he didn't want to pawned off like the proverbial redheaded stepchild either. What the fuck!? Why didn't Tosh want to…? Normally she… well, not fell all over him – she was too classy for that – but she normally wanted to at least be where he was. Even if it was squashed into the back of a Torchwood van.

"Maybe if you stopped mucking about with Ianto all day long, you'd have time to get your catalogues done during the day." Owen spat out and stomped to the door before either Tosh or Jack could respond.

Tosh, for the second time that day, was left questioning Owen's words and actions. "Whatever did he mean by that?" She glanced up at Jack who had a perplexingly big grin on his face.

"Men," Jack said with a pat on Tosh's head, "it's nice to see we aren't the only obliviously blind little bastards in the world."

Tosh stared at Jack's retreating back.