Hey guys is juicygirl16 and I know that u r tired of these promises of updating and stuff...but this one I really will update...its a true story in fanfic form and all of it has hapopened 2 me...i just thought it would b great to put my story to fanfic stories!

Bella and Edward have known each other since they were 2

Bella and Edward have known each other since they were 2. They have hated each other for the longest time until finally they go their separate new high schools. Only to their luck they find out that they are in the same school in the same class.

But once they warm up to each other they realize their true self and get past the hate…they find the true love they have always had for each other...but what if they were in separate situations.

I mean its kind of complicated if the girl already has a boyfriend and the guy is too shy to tell her true feelings for her.

In the end…will they get past their complicated lives and find true love and happiness waiting in each others arms…or will the obstacles others have put before them be to great to overcome.

Find out in the new series: Loves Enduring Promise

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