Here is a run down of all the kids and their current ages (listed under their parents)

Alice and Jasper

AJ- 16

Allison- 12

Autumn- 6

Rosalie and Emmett

Emma- 14

Emmett Jr.- 11

Mia- 4

Jared- 2

Bella and Edward

Ayden- 15

Elizabeth- 15

Matthew- 13

Brandon- 3

Epilogue (13 years after the last chapter)


"Mom!" Elizabeth called walking into the house with Ayden and Matthew. I was amazed that AJ had not come inside the way he always did. AJ had been following Elizabeth around like a love sick puppy for the past two months, he actually came over to be with her rather than to be with the boys. And the poor girl didn't even notice. However, Edward was acutely aware of everything was happening, and he was not a happy camper.

"Yes, honey." I called from the kitchen as Brandon continued to paint on his easel. He was the quite artistic child, even though he was only three.

"Can I go out with AJ to Pizza Palace tonight?" She asked me with pleading eyes.

"It's a date." Ayden chimed in as Matthew laughed. Elizabeth just glared at him.

"It is not a date." She corrected as I held back my own comment. It wasn't that hard to decipher the fact that it was a date. AJ was absolutely smitten by my only daughter.

"Then why can't we come?" Matthew asked always the smart aleck.

"Because," Elizabeth complained not really having an answer.

"The boys have a point, Eli." I replied as she sighed.

"Fine, mom. It is a date, but don't tell daddy." She said looking horrified at the prospect of telling Edward. Edward was a great father, but was overprotective of his little princess. "Can I go? AJ just got his car."

"I don't know, I have to talk to your dad." I answered not wanting to say yes, but not saying no either.

"But mom, he'll say no." She interjected with a pout, a pout that looked remarkably similar to my own, and had about the same effect on Edward that mine did.

"So you want me to lie to your father?" I questioned with my hands on my hips as Brandon tugged on my jeans.

"Look, mommy!" He said handing me a picture he had colored.

"It's adorable, baby." I said bending down to kiss him. "Go keep coloring!' I added as he ran back to his paints.

"Not lie, just not tell him." She corrected before walking out of the kitchen. "There is a difference!"

"Hey, Bells." Alice and Rose called walking in through the kitchen door. Rose was carrying Jared while Alice was holding Mia and Autumn's hands.

"Hi Aunt Bella." I heard AJ saying walking in behind his mom, as I smiled sweetly at my godson. "Can Eli go?"

"She has to ask her father." I said noticing his frown as Alice and Rose giggled. "Everyone is in the living room if you want to play some video games."

He reluctantly left as Alice rolled her eyes. "Edward is going to freak." She stated as I nodded.

"He's not ready for his little girl to start dating." I added as Rose laughed.

"Honestly, not even Emmett was that bad when Ayden started going over to spend time with Emma." She commented. Ayden and Emma had been dating for two months now, and Edward had been accepting of that. However, when it came to Elizabeth I was sure he wasn't going to be.

"AJ is a good kid, and I'm not just saying it, because he's my son." Alice interjected as I sighed.

"I don't think Edward is going to care much." I replied turning to the small kids who were all playing with paint and crayons.

"He'll get over it." Rose insisted as I smiled knowing she was right. He had to let go eventually.

"I really hope so, because he is going to get quite the wake up call if he doesn't." I answered.


After a long stressful day at work, I just wanted to relax. I walked into the house finding it strangely quiet. The kids were obviously up to something. The radio wasn't blaring and the television in the living room was empty. They wanted something, but I was too tired to really think much about it.

"Daddy!" Brandon called running down the stairs and tripping. Thankfully I was able to catch him effortlessly, he had as much coordination as his mom.

"Where's everyone?" I asked picking him up.

"Eli is going on a date." He said as I arched my eyebrow.

"On a date?" I asked not really believing my youngest son. He sometimes made things up to stir up trouble. He was quite the mischief maker.

"Yep, she is." He replied as I put him back on the floor.

"Hi, Edward." My beautiful wife said coming over to kiss me gently. She seemed even more beautiful with each passing day.

"Brandon why don't you go play with your new toys." She said as Brandon ran off to play.

"What's this I hear about Elizabeth and a date?" I inquired praying that it was all a joke. After all, fifteen was much too young for any daughter of mine to be dating.

"Brandon told you." She said sheepishly as I realized the implications. Elizabeth did have a date, my little angel was going to go on a date.

"Hi, dad." Matthew called running down the stairs with Ayden following. "We're going to Uncle Emmett's house." He added.

"Remember not to go into Emma's room, Ayden." Bella warned as Ayden turned pink. We didn't want to give Emmett a heart attack.

"Yes, mom." He answered as Matthew laughed making kissing faces.

"I want you both back before ten." She added as they nodded before leaving.

"Who might I ask is this date with?" I questioned.

"With AJ." She replied as I sighed. Why did they grow up so fast?

"Daddy!" Elizabeth called from the top of the stairs rushing down to give me a hug. "How was your day?" She was definitely trying to butter me up.

"It was stressful." I replied. "What is it that you want?"

"Can't I just ask how your day was?" She asked trying to appear innocent.

"Elizabeth, you never ask me how my day was unless you need something." I corrected as she sighed obviously realizing her mistake.

"Alright dad, sit down." She said as I sat down with Bella on my side obviously ready to intervene if need be. I knew she was all for them going out, since Alice, Rose and Bella wanted to pair off their children into perfect pairs. They had already paired off Ayden and Emma.

"Yes." I said bracing myself for what was sure to be a well rehearsed request.

"Dad, please hear me out before you say anything." She pleaded as I nodded, unsure of what my decision was going to be. Should I allow her to go? "You know that AJ is like one of my best friends, and we are always together. Well, today he asked me if we could go to Pizza Palace, you know he just got his car and all."

"You want permission to go to Pizza Palace? I think that's fine if all of you go." I said hoping that would suffice. The idea of Elizabeth out on a date made my stomach churned.

"Mom!" Elizabeth pleaded as Bella sighed.

"Edward, Elizabeth wants to go on a date. Just her and AJ." Bella sighed as I pinched the bridge of my nose to stop the headache that I knew was coming.

"Elizabeth, you're fifteen." I protested as she sighed.

"And so is Ayden." She corrected.

"But he's older." I reasoned.

"By four minutes." She said trying her best not to scream. She had really learned to control her temper. "We'll be back early, and you already know AJ."

"She has a point there." Bella added as I scowled.

"Elizabeth, can you please go upstairs while I talk to your mom." I stated as she left reluctantly.

"Bella, she's fifteen." I started as Bella stopped me.

"I know, Edward. But I also think it is a double standard if we don't. After all, we allow Ayden to go out with Emma." She added leaning towards me. "It's just one date, Edward."

"But one date can lead to so much more." I protested knowing full well how a male fifteen-year old mind worked.

"We have to trust her, and if we don't allow it she'll go behind our backs." She suggested as I sighed. Bella was right, she always was.

"Fine, but she's going to have rules." I conceded.

"Ofcourse." She agreed leaning in to kiss me. "Alice and Jasper are going to watch Brandon tonight." She said implying that the entire house was going to be empty.

"It is." I said huskily as she nodded.

"I'll go tell, Elizabeth." I said as Bella laughed.

"Be nice." She warned as I went out in search of my daughter.


I watched as Edward greeted AJ at the door, the poor boy looking like he was going to throw up. Everything was happening so fast, and I couldn't believe my babies were so grown up. Time had literally flown, but my love for Edward and my family had only grown. I couldn't imagine my life without them.

I hugged my daughter goodbye before Edward who held on tighter than he normally would have. He had taken the news a lot better than I could ever imagine.

As the door closed behind them I gently rubbed his back. "You really made her happy." I said as he nodded with a sad smile.

"I feel like I'm loosing her, Love." He commented sadly as my heart broke at his expression.

"You're not loosing her, Edward. We just have to let go." I assured him with a hug as held me tightly.

"I love you, Bells." He whispered into my neck as I melted at his touch. He still had the power to make me swoon with the simplest things, and I knew that would never change.

"I love you too." I said very softly as his lips touched mine. The only thing I could ever hope for my kids is that they would find a love as deep as ours, and be as happy as Edward and I. As long as they had, I knew they would be set for forever and always.


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