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The Dark Lord's Consort

Chapter 2

Oblivious to the Blond

"I will need to run some scans on the boy." Severus acted as submissively as possible. Hoping that he wouldn't get crucio-ed.

"Of-course." The Dark Lord said as his mood suddenly shifted to something akin to glee. 'I have finally gotten the brat away from Dumbledore. Now to see if I can undo all the brainwashing.' He thought not really paying any attention to what Severus was saying.

"He is on the third floor, first hallway, fifth bedroom on the right. Go now." Voldemort said. "Lucius go with him. Severus might need your medi-wizard training."

"Yes, milord." Lucius and Snape said simultaneously before leaving the throne-room quickly.

As they strolled through the halls Lucius walked behind Severus discreetly watching the potion master's arse, wishing that Death Eater robes were tighter and more form fitting.

Snape was oblivious to the blond, however, as he was more concentrated on the silently complaining about his task. 'How am I suppose to fix whatever is wrong with the Potter brat? I don't even know what is wrong with him. I guess I deserve it though. Brew a potion that can restore someone's appearance to their 20-year-old selves and they think your miracle-worker.'

Severus and Lucius reached the bedroom without encountering anyone. No big surprise really considering that no one wanted to risk the Dark Lord's wrath by wandering his manor.

Without knocking Snape threw open the door with a bang and strode into the room with his head held arrogantly high and his black robes snapping ominously behind him. However his evil glare took on a disappointed note and his scowl deepened when his brain processed the sight before him. His grand entrance had just been wasted on a sleeping spoiled brat.

'At least this way I won't have to deal with his pathetic pleas for me to save him.' Snape thought uncharacteristically optimistic. 'The stupid boy shouldn't have gotten himself caught in the first place. There is no way in any of the nine hells that I am going to risk my life to save James and Lily Potter's bastard son. No matter what Dumbledore tries to pull.'

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