Chapter 1: Summer

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'Oh mom, it's the summer time already! You know what that means? I'll graduating this coming school year. I haven't forgotten my promise, mom. I'll hold that diploma and make you proud.' thought Tohru.

Another school year has ended for Tohru and the Sohmas. It's summer time. As usual on a lazy summer day, Kyo is on the rooftop pondering in his thoughts, Yuki is at his secret base planting more leeks (just to bug Kyo), and Tohru, making the meals, laundry, dishes, the list goes on and on. Oh yes! As for Shigure, well, he's teasing Mii again as usual.

"Shigure?! Shig-ure!?" yells Mii. Oh poor Mii, having to be teased like that. Meanwhile, Shigure snuck out of the house to do the grocery shopping for Tohru and to get away from Mii.

Back at Shigure's house, Tohru decided to go check on everyone. Up on the roogtop, Tohru went up to meet Kyo. "Hi, Kyo-kun!"

"AH! What the h--? Are you trying to scare me or something?" yelled a startled Kyo.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I-uh-I was just checking on you guys and I-uh-well-I…" stuttered an apologetic Tohru.

"Aw, forget it." said Kyo.

"Kyo, are you okay? You seem, well, I don't know, more tense and stressed these days, and it's summer, you should be relaxing, you know?" asked Tohru.

"Oh, well, nothing is really bugging me, nothing you have to be so worried about. Why'd you ask?" said Kyo.

"Well, it's summer and I just thought well, you'd be practicing your martial arts is all." said Tohru.

"Oh okay, now that you mention it…I'm off to go practice in the back, so if you need me or anything…" said Kyo as he left.

'Damnit! Why'd I yell at her again?Argh! There's never one day when I don't yell at her. Gawsh! I'm such a…an idiot.' Thought Kyo to himself.

"Shigure!?" called out Mii once more. Then she noticed a note on Shigure's office door and read it.

'I am out at the moment, I'll be back in five hours or so. Kidding, I mean one or two hours. Anyway, don't try to find me, Mii. Okay?


Shigure :D'

"Wa-ah! Shi-gu-ure…why? Why me?" cried Mii.

Meanwhile, Tohru went to the secret base to go see Yuki. "Hello, Yuki." Smile Tohru.

"Oh, hello there, Miss Honda. I didn't see you there." Smiled Yuki.

"I hope I'm not bothering you or anything" The Tohru noticed Yuki was about to plant something. "Oh what are you planting today, Yuki?" asked Tohru.

"I'm planting leeks today, care to help, Miss Honda?" asked Yuki.

"Sure! Why not?" Tohru smiled as she started to dig a hole for the seeds. "Yuki, you're not planting leeks just to bug Kyo. Are you?" asked Tohru.

Yuki laughed a bit. "I'll take that as a yes, then." said Tohru as she planted the seeds.

Afterwards, Yuki and Tohru walked back to the house, so Tohru could get lunch ready. Since Mii had nothing else to do, but wait for Shigure, she insisted on helping Tohru make lunch.

Shigure arrived back at the house just in time for lunch, but, he came back with…Haru and Momiji.

"SHIGURE!" yelled Mii, as she saw him enter the door.

Whew! I think lunch is about to get pretty hectic with a screaming Mii, an adorable little rabbit, Haru and the rest of the gang.

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