Chapter 7: Sealed with a Kiss

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The next day at breakfast, Ayame had to leave to return to his shop and help Mine. Though it may be summer, he still has work to do. Ayame left after breakfast. Up in his room, Yuki reflected on his conversation with his brother the other day and tried to find a deeper meaning to the last Kyo said to him. In his mind he knew what to do, he only hoped he had to courage to do it. Shigure had to go to a well-known bookstore for book-signing. "Well, goodbye, Tohru and Yuki. I'm off to meet my dear fans! Don't do anything naughty!" teased Shigure as he left.

"You dirty old man!" scowled Yuki.

"Kyo, it is time to go." Said Kazuma.

"Yes, Father." Nodded Kyo and they set off on their journey.

Shigure came home just a bit after lunch and raved about all the fans waiting for him and he mentioned that some of his fans were high school girls. Yuki rolled his eyes at this. "Is that all you ever think about? High school girls?" Shigure ignored him and droned on and on and on.

At about 4pm, they heard the door open. Yuki went to the door to see Kazuma. "Hi, Master. It's been awhile hasn't it?"

"Yes it has, Yuki." He smiled. Tohru came to the foyer to see who it was.

"Yuki, I'd to see how well you've been doing. Interested in some more training?" asked Kazuma.

"Okay." Answered Yuki. The two went out to the backyard to train.

As soon as they left, Kyo walked in. The moment Tohru saw him, memories of that day flooded back and tears welled up in her eyes. "Kyo…" She was about to run off again, but, Kyo grabbed her arm. 'This is it.' Thought Kyo.

"Kyo, you've hurt me enough, what more do you want?" cried Tohru. Her tears fell and couldn't stop.

"I…look, I'm not very good at this. Argh…look, I'm sorry, okay? I know I hurt you and I'm sorry. What I said wasn't…wasn't true.." Kyo looked down and let go of her arm.

"Kyo…you're…sorry?" said Tohru.

"...yes, I truly am. Forgive me? Forgive for being so stupid to even say that?" begged Kyo.

"Yes…yes, Kyo I forgive you." Tohru looked up at Kyo. Kyo looked her tear-stained eyes.

"Kyo, you really never meant what you said?" asked Tohru.

"What do you think?" smiled Kyo.

Before Tohru could even reply, he sealed it with a kiss. He kissed lovingly with all his love. It was his way of saying he loved her. She returned the kiss and she hugged him and he hugged back. There was no poof! "Kyo! The curse! Is it…"

A sudden flash was seen and they heard a little click! It was Shigure taking pictures of them kissing, hugging, and staring into each other's eyes. "YOU DAMN PERVERTED DOG!" yelled Kyo angrily, he was about to pound Shigure.

"Wait Kyo! You know, I forgot to tell you. There IS another way for the curse to be broken…if the cat falls in love, says he's sorry and seals it…with a kiss. Which by the way, next time, do you think you could add a bit more tongue into it?" explained Shigure.

Tohru was overwhelmed by the news and she paid no attention to Shigure dirty thoughts.

At dinner, Kyo and Tohru sat next to each other happily. 'I haven't seen Ms. Honda smile like this in weeks! I…I'm relieved to see things worked out.' Thought Yuki.

"Um, Miss Honda, Cat, may I please say something?" asked Yuki looking down.

"Oh yes, Yuki." Answered Tohru.

"What is it, ya damn rat?" replied Kyo angrily. Kyo's still mad at Yuki.

"I'm sorry." Said Yuki. Kyo was surprised to hear this.

"For what?" asked Tohru.

"Well, Kyo only said what he said because I was bothering him. I knew he never meant it. I could see he loves you very much, Miss Honda. In fact, now I see how much you both love each other." Smiled Yuki. He was really relieved he said sorry.

"It's alright Yuki." Said Tohru.

"Fine." Said Kyo.

Kazuma and Shigure smiled to see things had worked out. Since the curse was broken, members of the zodiac were now able to freely hug anyone and Akito didn't have to die. Shigure went over to Tohru and hugged her. "Ah, our little flower has saved us form our evil family curse. I feel so free. Thank you!" thanked Shigure.

"Why must you say everything in a perverted way? Are you born like that or something?" said Yuki sternly.

"Stop acting like that around my girlfriend damnit!" yelled a fumed Kyo.

"I'm glad to see that everything is back to normal!" smiled Tohru.

After dinner, Shigure wanted to announce to everyone that the curse was free. Yuki went to go and train with Kazuma in the yard. Kazuma would be sharing Kyo's room for the night.

Up on the rooftop lay Kyo and Tohru. They looked so happy with each other, both relieved they know that they love each other.

"Kyo, I love…you so much right now. Don't ever leave my side." Said Tohru. She nestled her head into his chest.

"I never will leave." Said Kyo stroking her hair. They looked at the sunset and kissed each other. They had one month before school to spend together. After all they've been through, it's been sealed with a kiss…

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