Chains and Bells

A Naruto Fanfic

By Kaline Reine

WANRINGS: For this story include (but are not limited to) severe rape lemon, general evilness, horrible pairings that are considered "crack" pairings by some, and the pairings may change around some, we'll see. This story has some of the weirdest possible pairings, but I think they're cute together! So too bad... Oh, and Sakura turns evil! That is the only warning you will get about her, she is a BAD BAD GIRL in this particular fanfic, XD Lol Bwahahahaha!! Now, I also should include one warning for language too, there is cursing ALOT. This first chapter, I will admit, is not TOO bad, and it is what I would personally consider well-written. So enough with the warnings, please enjoy this fic, thank you! XD

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Chapter 1: Cat and Mouse

The two Ninjas of the Sound Village glided gracefully between the trees, as they headed for the Hidden Leaf Village. The sinister looking one, sporting long black hair and evil snake-like eyes, kept a wicked smirk painted on his pale face the entire time. He was cunning, ruthless even, and he would do whatever was necessary to destroy all those who dared to oppose him! The other, a gray-haired, but still youthful-looking, Ninja maintained a blank expression, while hiding behind his glasses.

"We are almost there," Orochimaru told his associate. "So close I can almost taste it..." His long, snake-like tongue flickered out to lick over his lips elegantly. It always made Kabuto green with envy the way he was able to do that!

"Yes," Was all he could say, as he offhandedly gave the signal to the other Sound Ninjas traveling with them.


The attack descended swiftly, and unexpectedly on all of Konoha. They were surrounded on all sides by Sound Ninjas, it seemed. One minute, it was a perfectly tranquil lovely day in the sleepy little village. And the next, there was chaos. Everyone was fighting for their lives, but most were losing them in the process!

Tsunade bravely fought her way toward their leader, the man she had grown up with, and yet come to hate so much! ('Orochimaru...') Amber eyes narrowed at him, but soon he disappeared from her sight. (Damn him! Damn him straight to hell!')


Ino knew the attack was coming, she could somehow sense that something was not right. She had been making her way home from her afternoon job at her parents' flower shop, when she noticed there was something wrong. People were shouting in the distance; she knew it was an attack.

('Of course! Sound Ninjas!')

Knowing she had to think fast, the blonde Kunoichi made her way towards her former best friend's home. She had no choice, Sakura was the closest person she knew nearby. She had to warn her, even if they were now rivals!

"Sakura?" She opened the door to her house, and slipped inside, but didn't move until she locked it firmly behind her. "Are you home, billboard-brow? Hello?!"

"Shut up, Ino-pig!" A hand quickly grasped her, and pulled her into a small cramped closet before she knew what happened. "Be quiet, or they'll hear us!" She screeched in a kind of hushed whisper.

"I'm just glad you're okay... You're alone too? I was walking home from my parents' flower shop, and-"

She was stifled by the sound of people shouting and fighting outside. Both girls stiffened at the frightening sounds coming from just outside Sakura's house.

"What about..." The pink-haired girl began, but they finished simultaneously.

"Sasuke-kun!!" They both shouted together, despite their obvious horror of being caught.

It was Sakura who burst through her closet door, looking around shyly. "We have to go find him!"

"Yeah, but how're we gonna do that?"

"Just follow me, I know a shortcut," Sakura smield, despite the predicament they were in, and the dying cries of their fellow Leaf Village Shinobi struggling outside. "Well, come on!"

She led her "friend" into a small tunnel that went underground. Ino had never seen it before but she chose not to comment. They were a blur of magenta and purple, as they raced through the tunnels over towards the Uchiha district of town.


Before they knew it, both girls were in the Uchiha district, and they stood dumbfounded at what awaited them. Most of it has been left untouched, unlike the rest of the city. The Sound Shinobi must have known that all of the Uchiha Clan had long since been killed by Itachi... Of course they knew! Orochimaru, the leader of the Sound, was in on it. It seemed he had a hand in everything evil.

"Guess we're almost there," Sakura commented nervously.

"You're not scared are you, forehead-girl?"

"No way! I just want to find Sasuke, and make sure he's okay!"

They silently walked to where they both knew his house was. Sakura tried the door first, but as always, it was locked. Ino decided to try a window, and to their surprise, it worked! They were in! But it didn't look like anyone was there...


Sasuke was getting ready for battle. He had known the Sound Village was planning an attack for a while now. But he had chosen not to say anything to the simpletons of his own Village, because he knew that would only make them put the blame on him.

First, they wouldn't believe him at all. Then, once the inevitable happened, Sasuke would be accused of having something to do with it. Especially after what had already gone on between him and the Sound Ninja's leader...

He had just gotten all of his freshly-sharpened Kunai and Shurikens ready and packed for what was sure to be an awesome fight, when two shadowy figures approached him in the dark gloom that was his uninhabited living room. With a startled gasp, Sasuke cried out in the darkness!

"Sharingan!" He instinctively activated his bloodline-trait, preparing for a fight. He knew it was Orochimaru here to take him back to Sound. Who else could be that quiet? But what he saw disturbed him even more... "You two?!"

The cheery faces of Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno stared back at him gleefully. "Yes, we came to see if you're alright, emo-boy!" Ino started in.

But Sakura only showed concern for her love. "Sasuke-kun..." Her voice was barely above a whisper.

"Well, I'm fine," The Uchiha's voice turned harsh and cold; abrasive like it always was. "You two shouldn't have risked your lives to come here. I can fight these baka Sound Ninjas anytime I want. I've been there, I know their secrets, remember?"

"Yes Sasuke but..." Sakura wrapped her arms aroudn him, throwing herself against his warm, muscular body. "You've finally come back to me. I don't want to lose you again!"

"Quit your pathetic whining. I'm going to help the Leaf Village fight!"

"But you can't!" Ino protested as well, and was joined by Sakura. Tears were forming in both of their eyes.

"No, don't go! I won't let you!"

Without another word, there was a puff of smoke, and Sasuke was gone... That was the last time either of them would see him for a long, long time. But of course, they didn't know that yet.

He turned, just before slipping undetected from the open window. "And girls... Stay here. Stay safe. Lock yourselves in my room, and do not come out, for any reason! This is going to be a dangerous battle. Please stay here, for me?"

The girls silently walked to Sasuke's bedroom, as he had told them. An eerie silence fell between them, as they solemnly locked the door together.

"Funny..." Ino mused out loud, to Sakura, but also no one in particular. "I always thought that if I ever got to see Sasuke's room, it would be for something alot more fun than this!" She chuckled a little.

"That's not funny at all," Sakura glared at her, but then couldn't help but let out a little laugh of her own. "But yeah, me too."

"So how long do you think it will take for the fighting to be over?"

"I don't know."


Hours later, the Sound Village had been ordered to retreat. But not before Orochimaru finished some of his unfinished business with a certain Uchiha boy he had been searching for.

"I'll teach him to run away from me..." The only one who heard his angry musings was Kabuto; the only one in his own Village, or any other, that he actually trusted. "Blasted Uchiha bastard..."

"Calm down, he lives right over there," The silver servant neutrally pointed to a large Mansion-like house, as both men sailed through the air across empty Uchiha rooftops. "And all of the rest of his clan, with the exception of Itachi-san, are dead. I see no reason for us to be secretive about it here, do you?"

Orochimaru only smiled coldly, and made his way in the direction that Kabuto had pointed. It was almost time now... He was so anxious to get Sasuke back to his side once again, that he simply pushed the front door down, with a flick of his wrist.


"Ino, did you hear something?"

"Yeah, it sounds like someone just came in," It was Ino this time, who pulled her pink haired friend into the closet of their mutual obsession's room. "Quick, hide!"

They could feel their hearts thudding away inside their chests, as they heard muffled footsteps coming closer. Much closer than they would have liked! When a set of them stopped at the door, Ino realized in a panic that she had forgotten to lock it. Or rather, she hadn't had a proper chance!

"Hmm..." They heard a soft, yet definetely male voice say. "Kabuto, would you do the honors?"

('Kabuto?!') Sakura thought, remembering him from the Chunnin Exams. What a traitor!

To Orochimaru's shock, and obvious displeasure, two Kunoichi girls came tumbling out of the closet when his assistant yanked it open. But no Uchiha...

"Tell me," He hissed, yanking the blonde one up by her long shiny ponytail. "Where is Sasuke Uchiha?!"

"I d-don't know..." She trembled in fright, and tried to look away.

He shook her until her bright blue eyes opened up, then he glared at her fearsomely. "You will tell me NOW!" Big yellow demonic eyes twitched with anger, and that scared both of the girls.

"We don't know where he is!" The one with the pink hair on the floor spoke up. "He left, saying he was going to go join the fight against the Sound Village, and that's all we know! Please, let her go!"

"Oh?" A snake-like eyebrow arched up in recognition of the one who had spoken, and he instantly jerked Ino forward. "And what are you going to do if I don't, hmm?"

"N-nothing..." Damn, she hated being this weak, and having to show her weakness in front of people. Sulkily, Sakura gave in. There was nothing she could do to help her friend. "I guess..."

Kabuto could practically feel the fear that was being emitted from the two girls. He could see that if this kept on, something bad was going to happen. And what if Sasuke was still here, lurking and lying in wait for them?

"Lord Orochimaru-sama," He began, while giving the horrified blonde a sympathetic look over his master's shoulder when his back was turned. "Will all due respect, I think we should leave. Sasuke could be back soon, and we don't want him to surprise us!"

"I will say when we leave!" He screamed angrily at his henchman.

Meanwhile, Ino found her voice when he looked away. "W-what do you want with S-Sasuke-kun?!" She knew Kabuto was sympathetic toward her. It had been brief, but she had seen it.

Orochimaru almost liked the idea of returning to his lair, with these two lovely young girls in tow. It would be so delightful to have not one, but two new bodies to warm his bed... And if they were friends already, then so much the better. In truth, he really was only half listening to anything being said at all. He did his best to keep his focus.

('I could just rape them both right here...') The disgusting thoughts creeped their way into his mind, and there was nothing he could do about them at the moment. They were there, he was there, they were there, and it would be a damn good way to get Sasuke Uchiha here! ('But no... They could be of better use to me as hostages for now.')

"Kabuto..." When the medical Nin looked up, Orochiamru took the oppurtunity to shove the blonde girl at him, waiting until the last moment yank on her ponytail harshly as he did so. The girl squealed, but they both ignored it. "Think fast!"

"Yow!" Ino cried as she was tossed at the grey haired boy.

"What are we doing?"

"We are leaving, of course."

He pushed his glasses back on his nose; an odd habit of his when he was thinking. "What about these two?"

"Why, Kabuto, I am surprised at you. Have you forgotten how valuable hostages can be when one is starting a war. And I happen to know that Sasuke had a thing for this one," Sakura cried out when it was turn to be yanked sharply to her feet by use of her hair. "She just might become useful in winning him back over to our side." He laughed as he thought of his genius.

Without a word, Kabuto and his master both leapt backward out an open window, each with a Leaf Village Kunoichi in their evil clutches...


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