Chains and Bells

A Naruto Fanfic

By Kaline Reine


WARNINGS: For this story include (but are not limited to) severe rape lemon, general evilness, horrible pairings that are considered "crack" pairings by some, and the pairings may change around some, we'll see. This story has some of the weirdest possible pairings, but I think they're cute together! So too bad... Now, I also should include one warning for language too, there is cursing. And this is just generally a very strange fanfiction. But if you've made it this far, then i guess you like it, so that doesn't matter! Yay! So enough with the warnings, please enjoy this fic, thank you! XD

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Chapter 40: At the End of All

When Mynah opened her eyes, she was inside a room. She didn't remember ever being here before, but... How had she gotten here? She thanked her lucky stars she didn't have amnesia again.

It was a small room, without much furniture. The bed was soft and comfortable, and the blanket she was covered with had little symbols all over it... Where had she seen these before? She ran her hands over the grey-blue cloth, trying to remember. To her horror, she was still naked. Who had brought her here and why?

('That's right... This is the symbol of the Rain Village. But why...?')

She felt so lost, so she curled up against the wall, on the other side of the bed. Mynah hid there, hoping that whoever her captor was, wouldn't find her. It was about an hour later, when the door that led to the shabby room opened, and someone walked in. From where she was, she couldn't see who it was, but she was already trembing with fear.

"Mynah-chan?" A vaguely familiar voice asked her. "Are you here, or...? Where did you go?"

Footsteps approached the far side of the bed, where she was pinned between that and the wall. A man with a muscular build, and strange purple eyes spotted her there. She didn't know him. The girl frowned, shaking even more and crying her eyes out.

"P-please don't hurt me!" She'd never felt so fragile and scared before in her life, or at least in what she could remember of it.

Before she knew it, gentle hands were caressing her face, and moving her hair aside. His was the same deep forest green as her own. Although the man kept it much shorter, it was still mezmerizing. "Don't be afraid. Don't you remember me? It's me, your otouto."

"I don't know who you are," She replied truthfuly, thinking that was the best course. "I know I got amnesia after I was caught by Orochimaru-sama... That's all I remember. My time in the Sound Village... Is there a way to-"

"He must have put you through hell," The stranger who claimed to be her brother took her hand, and led her to a large walk-in closet which adjoined the room. "You should get dressed, Oneechan. Your old clothes are in there. They may be a bit big for you now. You look like you've nearly been starved to death..."


A few minutes later, she emerged. Although Mynah had stayed a little longer than necessary in the closet, to give herself some time to calm down. This was too much for her to take in at once. She wanted to ask him so many things about herself, and her past, but she knew it would also be too much for her to handle right now. She would have to wait until a little later.

"You were right about the clothes," She smiled, for the first time since she'd awakened here. "Can I ask you something?"

"Anything you want," He practically purred the words. What a shame they were siblings, he had quite an attractive personality.

"What's your name?"

It almost hurt him that she didn't remember him. But he knew it wasn't her fault. "My name is Aoi. Welcome home." He hugged her.


The next day, he had seen Ino again. But Kimimaro knew that he could never let her find out he had no place to stay. He did not want to force the girl to choose between him and her village, her home, her friends, her life.

They embraced each other lovingly, and he pulled her into a desperate, longing kiss. Neither of them cared that it was forbidden; that her village would shun her if they knew.

"I broke up with Chouji yesterday," She told him. "He took it kind of hard, but in the end he was expecting it. He knew I never loved him."

"You were with someone?"

"Well yes, but only for show. Mainly so people wouldn't ask questions.. I'm sorry, Kimimaro-kun."

"Ino?!" A voice that did not belong invaded their moment. The pair of them stood frozen, a look of shock written across both of their faces.

"Chouji-san! What are you doing here? I told you not to follow me!" Ino's expression changed from shock to anger in an instant. "Don't you dare say anything to anyone about this!"

"Why not?" He turned to leave, but paused because it was obvious that he didn't want to. "No wonder you didn't want to be with me. Ino, who is he? I don't recognize him from Konoha."

Ino wanted to chase after him, but Kimimaro held onto her tightly. He stayed silent. "This is Kimimaro. You should know him, he-"

"I remember now," The chubby boy wondered what he should do. He loved Ino, and he couldn't hurt her, even if she had done that to him. It wasn't her fault who she had fallen in love with. But, still... He couldn't betray the village. He knew this man was a criminal. He served under Orochimaru. The other two could see the dilemma in his eyes.

"It's not what you think," The white haired boy admitted. "I left Orochimaru. Ino-chan... I no longer have anywhere to go."

"Come with us," Chouji offered, trying to be the nice guy again, as usual.

Ino blinked. This could not be happening. Was he lying?! "Kimimaro-kun, you had better not be lying!" Then she turned to Chouji. "Do you really think they would let him stay in Konoha?"

He thought for a moment, then shrugged. "There's only one way to find out."


Ino was ecstatic when she heard the news from the Hokage. Tsunade wasn't such a bad leader, after all. Kimimaro hadn't had to redeem himself in any way, because he was lured into Orochimaru's brainwashing when he was very young. This had already been confirmed by what Sasuke had told her, when he had come back from Sound. Speaking of Sasuke, no one knew where he was now...

Kimimaro had been allowed a chance to tell his story, and they had all believed it. Because it was the truth. The arrangements for his employment had been made. He would be working at Ichiraku's ramen shop, until his trial period was up, at which time he would initiated as a Leaf Village Shinobi. He would stay with Ino, in her apartment. Everybody won, in the end.

Little did they know that a few years later, they would be married with a child on the way. It turns out that Kimimaro was not to be the last of his clan, after all.


It was almost time for him to take on a new body, shedding his skin once more. Orochimaru was thankful that Kirstke had offered herself to him, so readily. He had already warned her of what would happen when he used this jutsu.

But that had still not prepared her for the pain that she would experience. She was scared. As if in slow motion, he made each hand sign, as he loomed in front of her. From the corner's of her eyes, she could see Heki, who was now around the age of two, watching them. She had hoped to be a true mother to him. But though she hated to admit it, she had grown overly fond of the Sannin during their time together. And she wanted to do the right thing. For once in her life, she would make a sacrifice for someone.

But someone saw the look of fear that she wore, when she was faced with the scariest thing in the world. No one could see it but her, and trust me when I say that it was truly horrifying.

"Tousan, no!" Heki screamed, throwing his small body in between the two at that precise moment. "Don't hurt Kaasan!"

And it was done. Orochimaru's old body fell to the floor in a boneless heap, and he was born anew. Kirstke stood, her face a mixture of shock and anguish.

"What have you done?!" She put her hand on her son's face, lifting his head so that their eyes met. "Heki?"

"No, Kirstke," A much deeper voice pierced the air, to her horror. "It's me..." His anger was obvious, even on the face of a two-year-old.

"Orochimaru-sama! No, it can't be... There has to be some way to undo this!"

"There isn't," He hissed, hating himself. "I have to wait to wait three years before transferring to another body. I'm... so sorry. How was I supposed to know the brat would throw himself between us?"


It was a cold day, in the dead-quiet of winter, when Sakura started feeling strange. Itachi insisted that she was ill. They were still living in the small cottage, and so far no one had even come close to discovering their secret hiding place.

She had been sick every morning for a while, and they had no idea what was wrong with her. The girl had tried to use medical jutsu to heal herself, but nothing happened because apparently she was not injured.

No matter what would happen later, they would never forget that morning. Sakura felt the strangest sensation, starting in her stomach. It was like butterflies were tickling her insides and fluttering within her. It made her wince at first, before she got used to the feeling. But eventually, she had recognized the tell-tale signs.

"Itachi-kun... Can I uh... Talk to you for a second?"

"Any time," He winked at her. His love was too adorable with that blush across her face like that. Upon closer inspection, he saw the worry that hid behind it. "What is it? You look frightened. Are you alright?"

"Y-yes, I think so."

She was scared, and now the brave Kunoichi found herself hesitating. She had no idea how he would react to this news. He had killed his entire family in only a blink. And he was not the most social person. He probably didn't like kids... And Sakura knew Itachi loved her, but this was different. She knew that many guys left once such things occurred. What if he didn't welcome the news? What if he was furious? She had no idea.

"Tell me," He pleaded. "Sakura-chan, you are scaring me now. What is it that troubles you?"

She couldn't take it. He had to know. "Itachi, I'm pregnant."

He froze, his eyes wide. "What?"

"I said... I'm pregnant?" Sakura sighed, sadness evident in her eyes. She should have known this would happen.


Itachi smiled at her. He took her hands in his own, and pulled her close, so that she leaned against his chest for support. He could feel her trembling next to him, and hated that she was so scared. She couldn't help it, she burst into tears.

"Shhh, it's alright," The weasel comforted her. "Sakura-chan, that's wonderful! I love you, koibito."

"I l-love you too, Ita-kun. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..." She just kept repeating it over and over.

"Sorry for what? It was bound to happen some time. While we cannot officially be married, because that would blow our cover, allowing our enemies to find us... I've always thought of you as my wife."

"So you're okay with this?" Sparkling eyes looked up at him, full of fear.

"I'm more than alright with it. We should be celebrating!" He pushed her gently down onto the bed, being careful not to hurt her now that he knew. "And I think I know just how we should celebrate..."


Meanwhile, in a far away place, another member of the Uchiha clan was making plans involving a certain brother of his... Sasuke put together a small team all his own. He was hell bent on finding Itachi and Sakura, wherever they were. But he never will!



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