"Wow. Just…wow. You guys were… dammit! I hate to admit it but you guys owned tonight," Randy grinned. Shawn and Cena had just come from behind the curtain carrying their shiny new belts that they'd won from RatedRKO.

"Yeah and you two said we didn't have any chemistry," Shawn scoffed. "I told you we'd be alright."

"Chemistry like that doesn't just grow overnight…or does it?" Adam asked, his eyebrow raised teasingly.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Cena asked.

"Well…ya know…sometimes people bond through the act of passion and so…" Cena ran at Adam cutting him off in mid sentence. The sweaty blonde took off running down the hall with Cena high on his tail. Shawn and Randy just shook their heads laughing.

"When will he learn to keep his damn mouth shut," Randy grumbled.

"Yeah well Cena needs to learn not to take him so seriously. Adam can't help himself. Anyway I'm gonna go get a quick shower and change. I do believe a celebration is in order."

"Oh yeah. Can we join you? I promise to keep Adam on a tight leash."

"Yeah you guys can come. We're going to the bar a few blocks from here."

"I just know I'm invited too right?" Dave rounded the corner and stopped next to Shawn grinning from ear to ear.

"That all depends," Shawn said flatly. "We're not sure if we like being around people who withhold important info from their friends."

"Oh come on Shawn. You knew I couldn't…I mean, I didn't want to…"

"Stop your groveling big man. It doesn't suit you," Shawn teased. "Yeah you can come but watch what you say lest my new boyfriend beats you up." Dave raised an eyebrow before shaking his head.

"Whatever. Go get a shower pretty boy and we'll meet you at the bar in an hour."


Mark had been at the hospital for almost three days now and the kid still had not awakened. Mark tried his best not to worry but it was hard not to worry about someone who had somehow slipped into your heart a little. He didn't love the kid like a lover would but he couldn't help but feel connected to him. As he rested his head on the side of Morrison's hospital bed, he couldn't help but recall the day in the sauna. The kid sat on the floor in front of him and allowed Mark to comb through the strand of his hair. Then there was the two times their lips made contact. It wasn't serious or nothing but…the kid was a good kisser and he was beautiful as hell too. Mark never really paid the kid any attention because seriously, what kid in their right mind would be interested in a guy like him?

Dave said the kid had a crush but Mark still wasn't convinced. Even after Morrison had kissed him back hungrily in the locker room, he just wasn't sure what to make of it. Oh but if he were to wake up, I'd try to be nicer to him and maybe just maybe… Mark felt fingers combing through his hair and his heart just stopped. He slowly lifted his head and met a pair of gorgeous eyes, staring back at him. The kid flashed him a warm smile and Mark felt like his heart was going to just jump out of his chest.


"How long have I been here?" he asked. His voice was very weak and it made Mark wince a little.

"Uh…well…three days," he managed.

"Wow. Have you been here all this time?" he asked.

"Yeah. I uh…I stayed." John's face lit up and he looked as if he were going to cry.

"Mark, you didn't…I mean…"

"Don't talk kid. You're still weak."

"Yeah but it's my fault you were stuck here for three days. I shouldn't have drunk so much but I couldn't help it. I was nervous and then I was with you and I wanted to look cool for you and…"

"Look cool for me?" John turned his head away from Mark, his face seemingly starting to gain some color again.

"Hey. Look at me." Mark touched John's hand making light circles on it. The boy looked over at him, his teary eyes boring into Mark's. "I'm letting you know right here and right now that you never have to try to look cool for me. Always, ALWAYS be yourself. Besides, you don't need anymore cool points because you're already cool."

"You're just saying that."

"No I'm not. I mean it. Anyone who's got the balls to stand up to Adam or to fight for someone they care about is cool in my book."

"But I lost Shawn."

"So what? At least you fought for him. I had a thing for him years ago but I lost him because I didn't even try."

"Yeah well I'm actually pretty glad that I lost because I don't think I was in love with him like that."

"Really now?" he chuckled.

"Yeah. I…I only fought for him because you told me to."


"Yeah I…I liked him a lot and I'm sure if the feelings were mutual we could have been great but I was crushing on someone else at the time too and well…I think I like him better. Even though he'd probably never give me the time of day, I just want him to know that I like him a lot. I'd do anything for him." Mark stared at the kid completely at a lost for words. He was fairly certain the kid meant him but what to say? No one has ever been this straight with me. I want to ignore him but for some reason I can't…


"You don't have to say anything Mark. Whether you like me or not, I'm going to keep fighting for you. Maybe if I annoy you enough, I'll get a date," he joked. Mark couldn't stop the grin from forming across his face. This kid is something else. Mark clasped his hand giving it a gentle squeeze.

"I'm sure that person whom you care about very much appreciates it. No one has ever showed an interest quite like you. I'm also pretty sure that he'll let you annoy him until he decides it's okay to take you out. But first he needs you to rest and get better."

"Deal!" The door opened suddenly and in walked the doctor. He was holding a clip borad and seemed surprised that John was awake.

"Wow." He glanced over at Mark and winked. "I told you he was a fighter." Mark couldn't suppress his amused grin.

"Yeah. He is. So uh…what's next for him doc?"

"We're going to put him on insulin pills. He'll need to take them twice a day for the next week or so and then we'll reduce to once a day. I'm going to give him a strict dietary guideline. As long as he follows it, there's no reason I should ever see him again for this reason."

"Alright. Cool. I'll make sure he sticks to it. Anything else?"

"Yeah. He doesn't need to room alone tonight. Someone needs to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't have a relapse. If he makes it through another night without any problems then he's all clear." Mark glanced over at John who seemed to be embarrassed. Mark shook his head grinning.

"No worries doc. I'll take care of him."

"Alright well I'll be back in a few with release papers and everything else you will need. In the meantime, he can get dressed." When the doctor left the room, Mark let out a huge breath.

"You know kid, you scared the shit out of me. For someone so annoying you sure can get yourself into trouble."

"I know and I'm sorry. I can stay with Mike if you…"

"Naa…I'll keep you around for a little while. I could use the company. Vince is going to flip but he'll get over it."

"Thanks Mark. I…I'll repay you someday."

"It's good now go get dressed so we can get up out of here. I've been in here too long already and it's starting to make me sick." Mark watched the kid roll out of bed and scurry to the restroom. This kid…is really something else… Mark smiled to himself when John was out of sight. I think I want to take care of him. Yeah. I do and I won't let him down either. I promise…


An hour later, Shawn, Cena, Dave, Randy, and Cena were all sitting at a table near the back of a bar. They were all laughing and joking about the night's festivities.

"Dammit Adam. Shut your fucking hole man. No one makes jokes about you and Randy's sexual escapades. Why should it matter what Shawn and I do?" Cena snapped.

"I guess it's funny because Shawn never lets anyone touch him and you of all people have that privilege now," Adam shrugged.

"What's wrong with Cena?" Shawn asked. He leaned over and pecked Cena on the cheek causing the younger man to blush uncontrollably.

"Oooo…looks like somebody still has a school boy crush," Adam teased. "Just look at his face. It's all red," he laughed. Dave and Randy had to choke back laughs to keep Cena from glaring angrily at them.

"Yeah whatever man," he grumbled.

"Well I happen to like Cena which means no one better insult him around me," Shawn replied.

"You're actually sticking up for your man?" Dave asked. Shawn glared at him but Dave threw his hands up in defense. "Whoa! Hey! Don't look at me like that. I was just saying. A couple of days ago you never would have defended Cena."

"Yeah well. I can change my mind about people." Cena threw his arm around Shawn and winked at Randy.

"Well I approve," Randy grinned. He raised his glass looking at the happy couple. "To a new start for the both of you. I hope your love stays true forever and Shawn, I know he's a kid and all but he loves you very much. To new beginnings!"

"To new beginnings," they all replied. They clanked their glasses and just laughed. It was a good night. Everything was just great. Shawn could not recall a time when he was happier but it didn't matter. Nothing mattered anymore because he was happy and that's all that really mattered.

"So Shawn. Tell me something."

"Oh wow Adam. What? What do you want to know?"

"Would you get mad if I asked the Hit Man to join us for drinks?"

"What are you talking about?" Shawn asked. They all turned their heads to see Bret sitting at the bar by himself. He seemed happy enough sipping on his beer but at the same time, it was odd seeing him alone. Shawn turned back around and shrugged.

"Why you asking me?" he asked. Sure. I'll pretend like I don't care but I honestly would rather not be forced to endure time with Bret. But if I say no, they'll think something's up and I don't need to make things complicated. I love Cena so much. That much I know but Bret, how do I feel about Bret?

"Because he's your old…" The look Adam got from Shawn almost made his skin crawled so he quickly changed his mind about that statement. "Rival. He's an old rival," he added quickly. "I uh…I didn't know if it would be an issue. I don't want to ruin your celebration."

"Really now?" Cena asked. "Then why do I get the feeling you're just trying to start something?"

"I'm not…"

"When are you not trying to start something?" Dave asked. "Let it go Adam. No. I'm answering for him. No. We do not want to call Bret over. We're trying to have a celebration and he'll ruin it."

"How?" Adam snapped, "How if he and Shawn are cool now? It's just as bad leaving the guy over there by himself when he KNOWS we probably saw him come in. We need to at least try and be friends with him."

"Adam…" Randy started, but Shawn cut him off.

"I don't care," he answered. All the guys including Cena glanced at him curiously.

"Are you sure baby?" Cena asked. Shawn looked up at him and smiled.

I love you Cena. I love you and only you.

But is this really ok? I know how you must still feel about him but…

Don't worry. As long as you're here I'm sure I'll be fine

"Are you two going to just stare at each other all night?" Adam asked irritably.

"They were having a silent conversation with each other. Something YOU should learn about," Randy grumbled.

"I don't…"

"Just shut the fuck up and go get Bret," Dave snapped. He pushed Adam out of the booth shaking his head as the feisty blond shot him the finger. "I swear…" he mumbled. A few seconds later, Adam returned with Bret.

"Uh…hey guys. I hope you don't mind the intrusion but Adam insisted," he winced.

"Naa man. It's all good," Dave answered. He offered Bret a seat next to him but Adam pushed him away.

"Nope. You can have my seat," Adam grinned.

"Alright." Bret moved past Dave and into the booth next to Randy where he ended up being seated right across from Shawn. Shawn did not meet his eyes. He picked up his martini and began sipping on it again like everything was ok and it was…for the most part anyway. Adam, not being one for staying quite, decided to engage everyone in conversation.

"So Bret, I just want you to know I've been a big fan for years."

"Well thank you."

"Oh you have no idea. So uh…I've been watching your matches for years. My father would record wrestling every night and we'd watch the tapes over and over. Mostly the parts with you in it."

"Adam, you really need to watch what you say man. You any idea how stalkerish and obsessive that sounded?" Cena teased.

"I don't care. Bret's the best there is. The best there was and the best there ever will be. You should watch him. Maybe you'd learn how to actually wrestle," Adam replied. Cena's face turned brick red and he really watched to fly across the table but a squeeze of his thigh kept him in his place.

"So anyway Bret," Adam continued. "I was wondering if you had a favorite match or opponent. I've seen just about all your matches but I swear I can't pick just one match. For instance, I loved your match against Austin. It was brutal and intense but…but one couldn't help but notice how much more chemistry you had with some of the others."

"Like who?" he asked.

"Oh well…let's see. There was your own British Bulldog, um…Curt. Curt Henning. Oh and how could I forget Shawny boy over here. You two were amazing!" Shawn pretended not to hear Adam and just continued sipping on his drink, watching the TV that was on the wall. It was kind of hard since Bret was right across from him but he refused to give anyone ammunition to start with him.

"Yeah. Uh…I had a great time working with all those guys but to answer your question, I guess the match I had with Austin was my favorite."

"Austin? Really? I…I'm shocked."


"Well I just…I figured your Iron Man match would have been…but I suppose I understand why not…"

"No, it's nothing personal Adam," Bret replied cutting him off. He adverted his eyes towards Shawn who was still staring up at the TV. He's avoiding my eyes. "That match is in a whole category of it's own. That match was very special to me and it's the only one that means something to me."

Shawn eyes tore from the screen and locked with Bret's. His intense gaze seemed to look right through Shawn making him feel extremely uncomfortable. The tension at the table began to build but no one was entirely sure why. Cena seemed to be just fine as his arm was still wrapped around Shawn's. He was only listening to Adam and Bret to make sure Adam behaved. Dave and Randy were pretty sure that Adam was trying to start something but they weren't in a position to stop him without making it obvious so they continued to keep quiet…sort of. Dave on the other hand wanted to see where Bret was going with this so he couldn't help but inquire now.

"Oh?" Dave inquired. "Why is that?"

"A lot of things happened during that match but do I really need to explain it?" he joked. "That match gave my career a big boost…among other things," he added casually, his eyes still focused on Shawn's. Shawn could hardly keep a straight face now and was starting to sweat a little. All of Bret's talking was starting to remind him of Wrestlemania 12 and the events that took place afterwards...

They both headed to the showers after the match but things got hot and heavy when Bret decided to tell Shawn that he wanted him.

"Shawn…please…I've been fighting this attraction for months but I don't know if I can take it anymore. I want you. I want you so bad Shawn. You have no idea how hard it was to hurt you in that ring."

"No…You can't be serious. You…I thought you hated me?" Shawn managed. His back was against the wall with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. Bret loomed over him staring deep into his eyes with nothing but raw hunger.

"That's the problem Shawn. As much as I want to hate you I can't. I hate you for making me love you."

"I…I don't…" Bret dipped his head low claiming Shawn's lips for a kiss. The young blonde was caught off guard and for a minute there, refused to respond. It wasn't until Bret slid his arm behind his back jerking Shawn forward that he managed to respond. He kissed Bret back awakening a raw hunger in the man that he'd never even dreamed he'd meet. Bret's lips left his lips to tease the flesh of his neck, drawing soft needful moans from him…

"Shawn? Shawn are you alright?" Shawn jumped at the sound of Dave's voice almost knocking his martini over. He had zoned out and he knew his face was red with embarrassment.

"Uh…yeah. I was just…" Oh man. Why was thinking about THAT? Of all the things…

"In deep thought about our 'personal' celebration that's going to take place later tonight right?" Cena teased. Shawn looked up at his boyfriend and grinned.

"What makes you think so?" he joked. Actually I was thinking about the first time I was seduced but you're the one I want and need.

"Oh well…you know…I just figured…"

"Let's say we get out of here and get the celebration started early?"

"You don't have to tell me twice," Cena grinned.

"Oh damn. You two could have kept that to yourselves," Adam mumbled.

"Don't be jealous. I'm sure you and Randy are going to have your own celebration later too so leave the happy couple alone," Dave grinned. "Besides, Cena's lucky. Very lucky. I never thought I'd see the day that Shawn would ever settle for a boyfriend. I thought he hated all men."

"Leave my boo alone." Cena leaned over and kissed Shawn on the cheek. "I'm going to the restroom then I'll pay for our drinks. I'll text you when I'm starting up the car."


"Well, guess that's our cue. Come on Adam. Let's go. I'm tired and my head's throbbing," Randy yawned.

"Which one?" Dave snickered.

"Oh man…fuck you. Well…actually I would…"

"Don't you dare finish that statement. I'm leaving too." Dave stood up and reached out his hand. "Bret. Nice talking with ya. I'll see ya around." Bret shook his hand with a nod.

"Yeah man. Later." Shawn watched as all his friends hurried off leaving him behind with his ex. I need to get out of here…

"So you and the kid huh?" Bret smirked.

"Yep. And I love him."

"I never said that you didn't though judging by your behavior this evening, I'm not so sure that love is strong enough to keep you two together."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"I'm just making a statement," he shrugged. "I was paying attention to you all evening but you already knew that. I could tell by the way you went out of your way to avoid my eyes." Shawn just glared at Bret from the other side of the table.

"So what I wouldn't stare at you all evening? Why should I have looked? We're not together Bret and we never will be."


"Maybe? Are you serious?"

"Well if things don't work out between you and the kid, I might have to take his place."

"You're foolish if you think I'll let you come between us Bret. Remember, you were the one who left me," he growled. "But that's all in the past now. I've moved on and I am quite happy."

"I believe in my heart that you're happy. You look better than ever but let's be real Shawn. When I kissed you earlier you felt the same thing that I felt. The love…the connection between us is still there and if you're not careful you're only going to hurt yourself."

"That's the most selfish and self-centered thing I've ever heard! For you to even think that I still love you…"

"I didn't say that. I just meant that…I know you still care about me and you've got to know that I still love…"

"Oh no." I don't care nor do I wish to know. Time for me to get the hell out of here… Shawn slid out of the booth and stood to his feet. Bret did the same standing toe to toe with his ex lover. "I know nothing."


"Good-bye Bret." Shawn whisked past Bret only for him to grab his arm pulling him close. He gave Shawn no chance to react as he quickly covered his mouth for a kiss. Bret tore his lips away a second later then leaned close, pressing his lips against Shawn's ear.

"I know you still remember. I know you remember the feel of my lips against yours…the way my lips teased your neck. I know you still remember that night. There's just no way you'd forget the night you won my belt…and my heart. I still love you Shawn and I'm prepared to fight for you for as long as it takes." Bret stepped back and with a curt nod he exited the bar leaving Shawn with an array of mixed feelings.

Shawn's phone vibrated shortly after so he hurried to the car. Cena was waiting outside with a huge grin on his face. Shawn quickly ran up to him throwing his arms around him startling the younger man.

"Now this is something I could get used to," Cena chuckled. Shawn cupped Cena's face pulling him in for a kiss that left both their heads reeling.

"Mmm…If you kiss me like that everyday, then you'll never get rid of me," Cena joked.

"I'll keep that in mind champ. So…about that celebration…"

"Get in the car and let's go! My body is painfully screaming for a party."


Bret was sitting in his car watching the happy couple as they conversed. Yes. Shawn seemed to be happier than ever and it was all thanks to that kid Cena. As much as he wanted to hate John Cena, he couldn't hate the person that managed to get inside Shawn's heart. After Bret left Shawn years ago, Shawn had been so distraught that he was sure Shawn would never love again and he had been right for the most part. Bret had always known that others like Mark and Hunter had feelings for Shawn but he wasn't willing to take the risk of having his heart broken again. Shawn was the type of person that hated making mistakes. He was a perfectionist in every aspect of his life including his personal one which made it really hard to get close to him.

Bret watched as the couple got in the car and drove off. Shawn had looked so beautiful sitting across from him. His hair was hanging freely, a rare treat for anyone to see. Shawn never would wear his hair down, even when they were a couple so to see that was a treat in itself. Knowing Shawn like he knew him meant that he'd changed a lot and it was probably because of that kid. If he could get Shawn to do simple things that even I couldn't do then it means I have a fight on my hands…

"I love you Shawn," he whispered. I made a mistake leaving you that day but I'm back and I'm going to fight for you. I'm going to win your heart again if it's the last thing I do.


Cena wasted no time on Shawn when they barely made it back to the room. He quickly rid Shawn of his clothing and threw him on the bed. He climbed on top of him and immediately began trailing a tongue from his neck to his nipples where he nipped, licked, and suckled each one like a hungry baby. Shawn could not suppress the moans and he was getting turned on with each passing second.

"Mn…John…please…" he whimpered. Cena looked up at the older man and smiled. "Shawn, has anyone ever told you that you're cute when you blush?" Shawn's face turned a deep shade of red but there was nothing he could say. He was too turned on to argue and his body was on fire for John. Cena ran both his hands all over Shawn's body as if trying to learn every dent and curve on it. He finally reached his waist where he teased the area around Shawn's erection.

"Oh God John stop teasing," he whined. Cena quickly clasped Shawn's erection in his hand and smirked when he saw the glazed look on his lover's face. He wasted little time placing his mouth over Shawn's erection bringing instant pleasure to his beloved. Shawn clenched his fists and bit his lower lip in a feeble attempt to suppress his moans but it was no use. Cena gave Shawn's balls a gentle squeeze as he sucked him harder, every now and then letting up to let his tongue lick around the tip of his erection. Shawn couldn't help it. The pleasure was insurmountable and soon he was moaning Cena's name, twisting and turning on the bed out of sheer pleasure.

"God, John…I'm…" He took Shawn back into his warm cavern and immediately began to taste him. He was now releasing in his mouth, his body now shivering from pleasure. Shawn just laid there panting half expecting that he'd be able to return the favor but to his surprise Cena wasn't done yet. He was licking the cum off of his lips and playing with the sticky substance around Shawn's erection. He soon felt one of Cena's fingers probing inside of him. He cried out loudly for his body still wasn't used to the feeling but pretty soon it wasn't that bad.

"John…" He felt another finger enter and then another, probing and exploring the inside of him. "God, don't stop," he moaned. Cena looked up and saw that Shawn was completely turned on. Cena removed his fingers eyeing his baby seductively.

"I love you so much Shawn." Cena positioned himself between Shawn's legs thrusting inside of him. He could feel Shawn's muscles tightening beautifully around him and he moaned with pleasure.

"Oh Shawn…" He thrust faster and harder, biting into Shawn's neck while getting lost in the sweet sounds of Shawn's moans. A few thrusts later and they were both crying out from their releases fully satisfied by one another. Cena just lay on top of Shawn spent from their love making. The older man could only chuckle, raking his hands through his lovers wet hair.

"You tire easily," Shawn joked. "Are you sure I'm the old one here?"

"You're definitely as old as you feel and I feel like I'm 50 right now."

"Oh stop. I'm nearing 50 now. Is that anyway to make me feel better?" Cena suddenly looked up, a serious expression on his face.

"You'll be 50 and I'll still be right here loving you. You're my baby and I'd never give you up. Somebody will have to literally kick my ass and leave me for dead to get me away from you. I love you too much."

"And I love you too." Cena's jaw just dropped and Shawn couldn't help but to grin.

"I…I must be hearing things," he stammered. "I just know you did not…" Shawn reached up and pulled Cena's lips on top of his kissing him. He pulled away shortly smiling at his blue eyed lover.

"I love you John Felix Anthony Cena and at the rate you're going, I always will." Cena looked as if he was going to cry which made Shawn very happy. He wrapped his arms tighter around Cena's waist and sighed. "What am I going to do with my new tag team partner? We're champs and yet he's crying like a baby. Sheesh. We're going to have a short reign."

"Shut up," he managed. "I'm…these are happy tears. I never thought I'd hear you say those words and now that you've said them…"

"My heart will be silent no more. You're my champ now…in more ways than one,' he grinned. Cena kissed his cheek and sighed.

"Oh God I love you. Good night beautiful."

"I love you too and good night." Shawn lay there listening to the soft breathing of his lover. Yes. He was sure that he loved Cena with all his heart. Even though Bret had managed to knock him off balance for a while, Cena was there to pick up the pieces. I care about Bret and I always will but I love Cena. He means the world to me and after everything that's happened tonight, I KNOW I love Cena. He's my champ…and my world. Hopefully forever. That was Shawn's last thought before he finally drifted off to the most beautiful sleep he'd ever had. Silent Hearts would be silent no more.

The End

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