" Hello, little brother." said Itachi impassively, staring towards Sasuke. They were standing on top of a nondescript building, but for some reason it all seemed impressive, like the final scene of a action movie.

" Itachi!" screamed Sasuke, rushing forward. He lunged towards his brother, who blocked, but that had been what Sasuke wanted. Using a trick he had stolen from the eyebrow freaks he snapped Itachi's arm. As he brother recoiled in pain, Sasuke charged a Chidori and shoved it though Itachi's chest. The older Uchiha fell limp, instantly and finally dead.

Triumphant, Sasuke tossed his brothers corpse from the building as the credits began to roll…..


Grunting, Sasuke slapped his alarm clock to turn it off. He sat up, feeling positively cheery. He'd had his favorite dream that night, the one where he killed Itachi. Over and over again.

" This will be a good day!" he yelled triumphantly, leaping out of bed. He was in such a good mood he didn't realize that he was acting very out of character. He dressed and ran from his apartment, racing towards the bridge where his team met.

He got there first, joined shortly later by Naruto and Sakura.

" Hi, Sasuke-kun! Did you sleep well?" asked Sakura as she walked up.

" Yeah, I did!" laughed Sasuke. Naruto and Sakura's jaws dropped. " It was awesome! One second, Itachi was acting all badass, then bam, he's dead!"

" ….okay then." said Naruto, walking to the other side of the bridge and leaning against the railing. " Your in a good mood today."

" Yeah." said the smiling Uchiha. " Hey, you want to go get some ramen? I didn't have any breakfast."

" Sakura, be careful!" shouted Naruto, drawing a kunai. He had known something was wrong. " This is a fake Sasuke!"

" Who are you!" said Sakura angrily, flanking Sasuke from a short distance.

" Sasuke Uchiha, number one genius of the Leaf Village!" cheered Sasuke, not bothered by them. " Hey, you know what? I'll pay for the ramen today!"

" Fake Sasuke is the best!" said Naruto. He had intantly appeared at Sasuke's side and gave him a hearty slap on the back.

" Naruto!" hissed Sakura.

" You can come too if you want." Sasuke suggested to the pink haired girl.

" Fake Sasuke is the best!"

Five minutes later, they were at the ramen stand, chatting and eating merrily.

" So your really Sasuke?" asked Naruto though some noodles.

" Yep." replied Sasuke, taking a bite himself.

" And you really don't mind me being near you?" asked Sakura, who for the first time ever, was allowed to sit next to him.

" Nope."

" This is awesome." said Naruto.

" I hope you dream about killing Itachi every night from now on." said Sakura, who was shivering with excitement. She was plotting a way to scoot closer to Sasuke so maybe…just maybe they could accidently bump together. She'd would like that a lot.

" Hey, more ramen for my rival here!" said Sasuke loudly as Naruto finished his bowl. He got a thankful look from the ramen girl and Naruto as the new bowl was presented and ravaged. " Hey, Naruto, after this do you want to go practice ninjutsu? We have a while before sensei get's here."

" Yeah!" said Naruto heartily. " It's too bad sensei's such a lazy ass."

" You know what would be awesome?" said Sasuke, smiling evilly. " If we ditched him all day!"

" Where would we go?" asked Sakura, liking the idea of a day with Sasuke.

" We could hide in my apartment." suggested Sasuke. " I've got a bunch of ninja training scrolls, some practice mats, a big screen tv, and a fridge full of soda."

" Fake Sasuke is the best!" cheered his teammates.

" Dude." said the nearly speechless Naruto.

" I always knew your apartment would be cool like you, Sasuke-kun!" said an adoring Sakura. Sasuke's apartment was large, well furnished, well decorated, and probably the best place to waste an afternoon in existence.

" Thanks!" replied Sasuke, hopping onto the sofa. " Make yourselves at home!"

" All right!" cheered Naruto, racing to the kitchen and throwing it open. His eyes grew wide. " You…you found…how…they stopped making this…years ago…"

" What?" asked Sakura, who was photographing Sasuke's dirty laundry hamper. She was going to have a bunch of reconnaissance photo's none of the other fan girls would ever get.

" Ramen flavored soda!" said Naruto, taking out and cradling the can lovingly.

" Oh, yeah. Those are kinda old." said Sasuke, blinking in surprise. " I just never threw them away. Hey, what channel does everyone want to watch?" he asked, motioning to the tv.

" What do you get?" asked Kakashi, walking in casually.

" Sensei!" said Sakura, panicing. " I-it--we…."

" Not a problem, Sakura. It was about time for us to take a day off anyways." said Kakashi, taking a seat.

" Actually, sensei, you've wanted to let me copy some of those jutsu you've copied, and today's as good as any." said Sasuke, pointing to the door that led to the dojo.

" Sasuke, I've tried to get you to do this for months." said Kakashi, sighing. " Why today?"

" Because Fake Sasuke is the greatest!" said Naruto, leaping onto the sofa and downing half of the ramen flavored soda.

" Fake Sasuke?" asked Kakashi, confused. Naruto and Sakura explained quickly.

" Oh, and when were done training, I get a few high price adult channels you probably would be interested in, sensei." said Sasuke, walking to the dojo.

" Fake Sasuke is the best!" cheered Kakashi.

" Man, Sasuke was so awesome yesterday." said Naruto. Sakura nodded in agreement. He'd been everything they had ever wanted, shared his wealth and splendor, actually trained with them (Sakura had actually been punched by him! Many times! She could die with glee!).

" There he is!" said Kakashi, pointing. Since his star pupil was being more attentive, he had decided to show up early. " Hey Sasuke!" he greeted as the boy got close.

" Hn." said Sasuke, back into his usual sulk.

" What's wrong?" asked Naruto.

" He didn't dream about killing Itachi." sighed Sakura as Sasuke took his position a short distance from them. " He's back to normal."

" Screw that." said Kakashi, uncovering his Sharingan. " Fake Sasuke is the best."

" But what can we do?" asked Naruto.

" You two hold him, I'll genjutsu him so he's always fake Sasuke." said Kakashi, eyes gone quite mad. Naruto and Sakura's faces lit up in evil smiles as they advanced on the shocked Uchiha.

" Fake Sasuke is the best." they said in unison.