New readers this is the continuation of my story Cheesecake. Read that one first..don't have to but it is funny, kinky, eye candy!

Well normally I wouldn't submit to a demand for a sequel for a PWP but I have MAJOR writers block for ALL my other stories. Sigh Hope in Despair is driving me crazy. Plus I'm trying to pass Math this year so I can graduate. So I'm only writing short stories or stuff that I've all ready written on paper but am transferring to the comp. Like my Jyoumato series.....PWP's are easy...they have no plot there for can not strike you down with writers block! My writers block all ways revolves around getting the characters to do something without making them OOC. Onni-san for those who've read it has decided to become a monster of writers block!!!! Hope in Despair always gets one little hang up that takes me FOREVER to figure out. Okay now I'm just babbling. Onwards to the story and my contest stuff!

And now for an announcement. I am having a writing contest because I want to! It's gotta be a threesome!!!!!! Or at least a love triangle. Anybody can be in there, yaoi, yuri or het I don't care....much. It can be PWP but I'd prefer something with plot. Any rating except for G! Because this story has to have angst!!!! There the only rules as follows

Threesome/love triangle

That's all people! All I want! There will be three winners. Third gets a picture of their fave couple as hentai or as innocent as they wish. (I am a good artist so don't worry), Second gets a short story written by me of whoever they want. And first Gets a story as long as they want and three pictures of their faves!!!!!

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Onwards with my second PWP that has a smidge of plot. Aka Yamato trying to set up Daisuke and Ken-chan!! While still having fun himself. ^_~


Daisuke sighed half awake, half asleep. He felt very warm and sheltered, basicly he didn't feel like moving. He was vaguely aware of a warm mass curled up against his back and arms wrapped around him. Another similar mass was in front of him and he'd wrapped his arms about them.

He lay there in a hazy dream like state not really caring where he was until the person infront of him yawned shifted and got up. Daisuke shivered in the sudden draft and grumbled in protest at having his warm little cocoon disrupted.

"Sorry Daisuke..." A soft voice said as a hand ruffled his hair gently.

Daisuke decided that he'd except the apology as long as he could stay asleep. That and the arms around Daisuke and pulled him in tighter something warm and soft nuzzling at the base of his neck.

He felt asleep again and the next time his eyes opened he was completely awake. The arms where still wrapped around him tightly but now he knew who it was.


His mind swirled around as he remembered the events of the previous night. That had Not been something he'd expected to do when the two older boys had invited them over. Apparently it had been something they'd planned! But he couldn't really complain, he had let them after awhile. It had

Yawning Daisuke stretched enticing a moan of protest from the blonde behind him.

"Go back as'eep Dai-chan." Yamato mumbled hugging the smaller boy as if he was a giant teddy bear.

But now that he was awake Daisuke could fall back asleep. He was hungry and needed to take a shower. He never cleaned up from the night before and he was distinctly sticky on his front. That and he desperately needed to use the toilet.

He tried to wriggle out of Yamato's grip but that only made him hold on tighter. He tried prying off his arms but that didn't work either.

"Yamato let go..."He asked starting to get desperate.


"Come on..I need to use the bathroom." he said whining just a little.

It worked as with a grumble Yamato let go curling up and bring the blankets in around him. Daisuke went to get up then remembered he was completely naked. He paused as his face turned a shade of pink. A chuckle from behind him made him turn around and look back at the older boy. All he could see was a head of blonde hair and one blue eye squinting at him. A hand emerged and pointed towards the corner of the room.

"There's a robe on the chair." He said drawing his arm back into the covers the blue eye squeezing shut as Yamato tried to go back to sleep.

Daisuke jumped out of bed quickly grabbing the robe and wrapping it around himself, blushing the whole way. He left the room and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. He could hear the T.V. on in the living room and the sound of a soccer game and knew where Taichi had gone.

He used the facilities and turned on the water for his shower. His mind mean while digested the happenings of the day before. It had been all together a weird experience and he wasn't quite sure how to act. It was fairly obvious even to him that the older boys had a relationship. One he'd been dragged into for it seemed no other reason then they thought he was cute.

He jumped into the water rinsing off the evidence of the nights activities and blushed remembering that he didn't exactly protest much. Sure he'd been shocked but he never pushed them away. In fact when asked whether he wanted them to continue he'd nodded.

So absorbed in his own thoughts he did not notice when someone entered the bathroom, slipping into the shower behind him. He did notice how ever when two hands placed themselves on his waist, the person pressing themselves against his back. He yelped in surprise spinning around to come face to face with a slightly grinning Yamato.

"Sorry if I startled you Dai-chan." he said pulling Daisuke close and kissing him lightly on the lips.

Daisuke didn't responde as Yamato was running his hands along his back gently sending little shivers through the younger boy. The cinnamon haired digidestined had decided much earlier last night that Yamato was very good at kissing and simple foreplay. Despite himself he was starting to wonder if he was just as good at something else.

He allowed Yamato to touch him and raised slightly trembling hands, he couldn't stop that trembling, and rested them on Yamato's arms. The blonde smiled against his lips and ran his hand lightly along Daisuke's ass then pulled him forward against him. Daisuke gasped as he felt the older boys arousal pressed against his lower stomach. He couldn't help it as he too became hard and he press forward against Yamato as well. He pretty much decided to go along with anything and forget all doubts by now. This was too much fun to refuse.

~~~~~~~~~~~~POV change

Yamato chuckled at Daisuke's enthusiasm and reached behind him to where a stool as in the shower. It was Normally used for his Dad who had a bad leg and liked to be able to sit down in the shower. Of course Yamato had another plan for it today.

He sat down and brought Daisuke down with him, the younger boy sitting on his lap. He looked unsure but willing to go along with anything Yamato wanted. The blonde smiled and placing one arm around Daisuke's waist pulled him forward for a kiss. This subsequently pressed their groins to together and Daisuke moaned deep in his throat.

Those little sounds of pleasure had almost driven him over the edge last night. He probably would have pounced on the younger boy long before if Taichi hadn't made him promise to let him handle Daisuke's first time. Of course now he could explore the boy in full detail. Truly Daisuke was too kawaii for his own good. He just couldn't keep his hands off his smooth tanned skin.

He sorta reminded Yamato of Taichi except for a few things. Daisuke was a bit more muscular then Taichi had been at this age and while they both had boundless energy Daisuke was more innocent with a touch of wide eyed optimism that was just too...kawaii.

Like the hesitant way he was trying to touch Yamato back. His hands resting lightly on Yamato's shoulder and upper arms. Almost like he could decide where to put them. He responded well to the kisses allowing Yamato to explore his mouth, sometimes touching his tongue to Yamato's.

He reached behind Daisuke and gently as not to startle him too much inserted one finger into him. Daisuke gasped and shuddered in Yamato's arms. He broke off the kiss and buried his head in Yamato's shoulder. Slowly Yamato stretched him out adding two more fingers. He worked him gently searching around a bit before finding the spot. Daisuke whimmped into his shoulder and Yamato held him close with his free arm around his waist.

Daisuke's hands were now needing at Yamato's shoulders in time with the movement of his fingers, much to Yamato's amusement. The boy would lose any reservations the minute he felt more then just tiny sensations.

*Ken's in for a ride when he finally gets a hold of this one..*

Yamato chuckled mentally as he removed his fingers, Daisuke whimpering in protest. He grabbed a hold of Daisuke's waist with both his hands and slowly lowered him down onto him. Daisuke gasped shuddering as Yamato ever so slowly entered him.

It quite a bit of control on Yamato's part not to move quicker, trying to keep in mind that this was only Daisuke's second time. As soon as Daisuke was sitting flat on his lap, he paused letting the smaller boy get used to the sensation.

He bit back a moan as Daisuke trying to get more comfortable wrapped his arms around Yamato's neck and hung on, inadventatly increasing the pressure around Yamato. Tired of waiting Yamato pulled Daisuke back and let him come down in a gentle trust. Daisuke moaned in pleasure as Yamato did this again and again starting up a steady rythym. He went slowly though intent on driving daisuke up the wall. He enjoyed hear the little moans, sighs and occasionally squeaks coming from his younger lover.

"Please......"Daisuke panted at one point as Yamato once again lowered him slowly onto himself.

"Hmmm?" He asked grinning evilly.

"Please....more...harder..." Daisuke moaned and Yamato could see his ears turn red in a blush.

Yamato chuckled and removing one hand from Daisuke's waist, lifted his chin up for a kiss just as he increased the rate of his thrusts. Daisuke sighed into his mouth and clung tighter to his neck. Soon Yamato had Daisuke moaning and panting in time to their love making, not that he was doing any better of course.

Daisuke shuddered against him and spilled on their chests, Yamato following closely behind him. He held on to Daisuke as he slowly spiralled down and kissed him gently, removing himself from his body.

"Well," he said quietly as Daisuke leaned back to look at him.

"Now we have to get you cleaned up again."

Daisuke blinked at him then smiled. Yamato wondered what the younger boy was up to then soon found out as Daisuke reached down and stroked him. Yamato almost choked, not expecting this from his younger companion. He quickly grew hard again as Daisuke continued to tease him.

"I think we can do that later." Daisuke said quietly sounding just slightly unsure of himself.

Yamato smiled back and pulling Daisuke close again kissed the side of his neck gently.



Don't worry there's gonna be more! I still have to get ken over there And I'm planning a scene with Just Taichi and Yamato going at it. With Daisuke watching of course. Hee I'm having fun writing this!!!!^_~