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Taichi grabbed Yamato's hand and pulled him out of the room as Daisuke and Ken collapsed onto the bed. As amusing as the situation was he didn't feel like just sitting around as Daisuke and Ken began seeing each other in a different light. Or at least Daisuke began seeing Ken in a different light. Yamato followed willingly a smug smile on his face. He'd been planning to get Ken and Daisuke together for a while. Taichi smiled shutting the door behind them and pulling Yamato towards the living room couch.

"I take it your happy with the results?" Taichi asked sitting on the couch and pulling Yamato down into his lap.

"Very." He answered smugly wrapping his arms around Taichi's neck.

He leaned forward and kissed Taichi while Taichi wrapped his arms around his koi's waist.

"But that's done and over with so lets have some fun of our own..."


Daisuke almost immediately fell asleep not that Ken minded. He was used to Yamato's and Taichi's little games and was quite able to stay awake through a lot more. Instead he just sat and watched the burgundy haired boy sleep.

*He's so kawaii...*

And sexy and handsome and just about everything Ken wanted..okay Everything Ken wanted in a partner. When he been touching Daisuke, watching him squirm and moan in pleasure to what he, Yamato and Taichi had been doing.

Ken pushed those thoughts to the back of his head. He didn't want to start getting all excited again. Daisuke looked pretty tired and he was sure Yamato and Taichi had left for their own private party in the living room.

With a sigh he moved just a bit closer to the sleeping boy. They were naked and lying on top of the sheets so he didn't see anything wrong with moving closer.

*Get a life Ken it's not we haven't been even Closer. I'm sure Daisuke wont mind a cuddle.*

So he moved even closer trying not to wake Daisuke up. Didn't work... Daisuke opened his eyes and blinked in confusion at Ken. It took a while but realization finally dawned and he blushed a bright red.

*Maybe it wasn't a good idea to cuddle.....*

"Uh...hi Ken." Daisuke said sounding very embarissed and uncomfortable.

"You've said that all ready... Um... Daisuke your not freaked out or anything are you because I'm really sorry if you are and I'm... " Ken began but stopped when Daisuke shook his head.

"I'm not freaked out, just it's weird. Waking up naked next to your best friend and all. Though it was definitely weirder waking up next to Yamato and Taichi." Daisuke said screwing up his face as he thought about it.

Ken laughed knowing it must have been weird. He'd had the same feeling his first time with both of the older boys himself. He was about to say something but shivered instead. Daisuke frowned.


"Kinda... we are kinda... Well you know... " He blushed.

It was so much harder talking about such things compared to just lying there next to Daisuke.

"Well lets get Under the sheets then." Daisuke grinned his embarrassment forgotten.

He jumped up and pulled the sheets down and jumped in. This gave Ken a fairly good view of his body and he jumped underneath the sheets before Daisuke saw his automatic response. He laid his head down on the pillow and looked at Daisuke who was shifting around trying to get comfortable. Then he paused looked at Ken for a moment then suddenly flopped back down and snuggled down right next to Ken.


"It's easier to talk this way and besides... " he said putting his arms around Ken and pulling him close.

"It's more fun too." He said with a grin.

Ken let himself be pulled in closer and tucked his head underneath Daisuke's chin. Daisuke hugged him close and trailed a hand down his spine. Ken shivered as he did his back muscles twitching.

"Don't..." He growled.

"Don't what?" Daisuke asked innocently.

He rested his hand at the base of his spine and rubbed his thumb in the small of his back. Ken knew Daisuke was bent on bugging him now and decided not to fight it. Hell he had been wanting this for a while now. He snacked an arm around Daisuke's waist and reminded himself to breath.

Daisuke meanwhile buried his face in his hair and rubbed his other hand down along Ken's chest. He sighed and closed his eyes. Daisuke began exploring a bit and Ken bit his lip as his hands wandered over his skin.

"Geez you really are ultra sensitive aren't you?" Daisuke said sounding very amused at how Ken was acting.

"It's not funny... "Ken answered feeling just a bit mad.

He was so used to Yamato and Taichi teasing him it was putting him off a bit that Daisuke was being the same way. He pushed back away from Daisuke confusing him.

"What's wrong?" Daisuke asked sounding hurt.

"Daisuke... I just... I didn't come here just for a good time. I-I came to be with You."

Well there he said it. Now either Daisuke would not understand, understand but not feel the same way or... Whatever. He looked at the sheets as Daisuke thought for a bit. He could have kept things strictly physical and still had Daisuke but he wanted more. He really, truly wanted what Taichi and Yamato had. They flirted with other people, even slept with other people but stayed completely loyal to each other in their own way.

"I.... I never thought about you that way before. I don't know what to say but... I guess if you want more then just this... I'm willing to give it to you or at least try." Daisuke said slowly reaching out and taking one of his hands.

Ken looked up surprised and smiled. This was turning out much better then he'd thought. He'd have to thank Yamato for setting them up... later. He let Daisuke pull him back against him and raised his head a bit to kiss Daisuke gently on the lips. Daisuke wrapped an arm around his shoulders and waist and kissed back slowly opening Ken's mouth.

He shivered a bit and Daisuke chuckled but this time Ken didn't mind so much. Daisuke pulled him up against his arousal and Ken gasped as a wave of pleasure washed through him at the contact. He moaned into Daisuke's mouth as Daisuke rolled him onto his back and laid half on top of him.

He wrapped an leg around Daisuke's waist and rubbed against him then thought better of it as another wave almost brought him over the edge. He went to move away a bit but Daisuke didn't let him. He held on to Ken tight with one arm and reached down with the other giving him a couple of quick strokes.

"Oh Gods..." he panted clutching at Daisuke's shoulders as he shuddered violently.

As soon as the heady waves of pleasure subsided Daisuke continued stroking him bringing him back up to full arousal once again a wicked grin on his face. Ken just whimpered and closed his eyes. A warm mouth grazed his shoulder blade and along his shoulder. Daisuke then nibbled at Ken's pale skin down across his chest and stomach. His hands gently stroking his arms, sides and back.

"Daisuke..." He gasped as Daisuke enveloped him in his mouth.

His all ready sensitized flesh burned and he tossed his head to the side at the intense feelings coursing through his body. Quickly his body couldn't take anymore and he shuddered violently burying his hands in Daisuke's short spiky hair.

Daisuke moved back as Ken panted beneath him. He stroked Ken's thighs and kissed the tender flesh on the inside while reaching up to stroke Ken's exhausted member.

"Daisuke?" Ken moaned wondering if he was ever going to stop torturing him like this.

"Shhh.." Daisuke hushed giving him a grin before slowly, ever so slowly running his tongue along the side to the tip.

Ken groaned clutching at the sheets with his hands. Again the pressure built up to an unbearable limit as Daisuke worked very expertly with his mouth. With a half strangled moan his body shuddered once again with release this time even more intense then the last.

Daisuke sat up and laid down beside Ken who was gasping for air, eyes tightly closed. He ran a hand through Ken's sweat soaked indigo hair as the other pulled him close. Ken rested against him trying to get his body under control. He would have except Daisuke was still stroking his back with slow sensual movements. He opened one amethyst eye to glare at Daisuke who was still grinning evilly. He closed it as Daisuke lowered his lips to his and once again moved on top of him.

With one knee Daisuke pushed Ken's legs apart as he explored Ken's mouth with his tongue, running it along his teeth and the roof of his mouth. Ken wrapped an arm around Daisuke's neck as the other buried itself in his hair. Slowly Daisuke pushed one finger into Ken making the indigo haired boy gasp and cling to Daisuke even more. Daisuke took Yamato's example and quickly pushed in another and another as Ken moaned beneath him at each stroke.

Daisuke removed his fingers and leaning back gently brushed back Ken's hair. He kissed Ken's forehead as Ken just tried to regain control over his body. Every single one of his nerves were on fire and the slightest touch was sending little shocks of pleasure through his body. He opened his eyes and looked through fevered eyes at Daisuke.

"Ready?" Daisuke asked brushing his lips against Ken's.

In response Ken just spread his legs wider and closed his eyes. The effort of keeping his eyes open was growing harder each time Daisuke pushed him over the edge so he just didn't. Daisuke kissed him again and began slowly pushing into him. Ken moaned and forced himself to relax and let Daisuke in. Soon he was into the hilt and Ken wrapped his legs around Daisuke's waist bringing them even closer together. This time Daisuke groaned deep in his throat before moving.

Ken gasped as Daisuke thrust into him at just the right angle and he shuddered against him in release. At first he felt horribly guilty because Daisuke wasn't anywhere near finished but he merely reached between them and stroked Ken until he was aroused yet again. He moaned as he realised Daisuke fully intended to do this until He was done.

Daisuke continued his slow stroking of Ken's insides each movement sending him closer to completion. Ken whimpered as another wave of intense pleasure washed through him and Daisuke showed no mercy stroking him until his weary body responded.

He was coming within minutes of his last and could no longer keep any control over his limbs. His legs slid off Daisuke's waist and lay tense on the sheets. His hands could barely hold onto Daisuke's shoulders as his body was wracked with pleasure. As his muscles once again clamped around Daisuke the burgundy haired boy have a harsh cry and thrust several more times quickly then collapsed on top of Ken.



"God." Ken panted unable to control the shaking of his limbs as Daisuke rolled off him.

"That good?" Daisuke asked with a cheeky grin.

Ken just turned his head weakly and glared tiredly at Daisuke. The other boy frowned for a second and sat up a bit pulling Ken into his arms and on his lap. He brushed back Ken's sweat soaked hair as the lanky boy leaned exhausted against his chest.

"Hey Ken...... You are all right... right?" Daisuke asked softly cuddling Ken to him.





Daisuke looked at Ken's face and realised he'd fallen asleep instantly. Smiling he leaned back against Yamato's pillows cradling Ken in his arms.

"Guess I wore you out Kenny baby." He grinned gently stroking Ken's hair.

He fell asleep and woke up only when Ken's voice penetrated through his sleep filled daze. Ken was still snuggled up against his chest one arm now wrapped around his waist.

"Hey Daisuke I see your awake now. It's getting pretty late so either you two go home or move over." Yamato said from the door way.

"I'm too tired to move...." Daisuke complained.

"You're tired?" Ken said looking at him in amusement.

Taichi walked in the room with a yawn and went straight to the bed. He shoved Daisuke and Ken over and climbed in himself. Yamato shrugged and followed but frowned as he realised the bed really couldn't fit four people.

"Well there's only one way to solve this." He said and climbed on to of the bed.

He squeezed himself in next to Daisuke and Ken and was half on top of Taichi. The tanned brunette wrapped an arm around Yamato's waist as Yamato pulled Daisuke and Ken closer to him so they wouldn't fall off the bed. Ken ended up lying half on Yamato and Daisuke.

"Yeah... this works..." Taichi laughed burying his face in Yamato's hair.

"Sooo guys did ya have fun?" Yamato asked grinning.

"Ummmm.." Daisuke blushed.

Ken didn't answer because he'd fallen asleep again. Yamato laughed, ruffled Daisuke hair and shifted a bit.

"Forget it Daisuke. Never thought somebody would tire Ken out so fast though. What did you do?"

"Ummmm... Nine times?" Daisuke said blushing even redder.

Taichi made a choking sound as Yamato blinked at him in surprise.

"Damn...no wonder he's still asleep."

"Think he'll wake up?"

"I don't know." Taichi said reaching around Yamato and giving Ken a poke.

"Ack! I think he's dead!"

"Daisuke how could you do that to him?"

"Dang... Now what are We supposed to do for fun?"


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~

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