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The Doctor sat in the console seat, watching the ceiling revolve. He hadn't lost so much blood in... Had he ever lost so much blood? Probably, but he couldn't remember. Most of his memories were a bit fuzzy at that moment.

Martha was clever, he mused. She wasn't Rose, and it was probably a bad idea to take her anywhere after the genetic transfer— humans tended to over-think things, silly creatures. He'd no idea why he loved them so much— but she was clever, and she had saved his lives, which seemed to be worth a bit more than a thank-you card.

Kyle jumped up to sit beside him. The Doctor played with his ears and the cat purred, pressing his little furry form against the Time Lord's ribcage.

"What do you think?" he inquired of the creature who had been his only companion since Rose had...

Best not to think about it. Not yet. Not so soon after he had failed her.

Kyle blinked placidly and flicked his tail at the console.

The Doctor found himself smiling as the TARDIS began to hum in time with the animal's purrs. "All right, then, let's go and get her."


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