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"Perry, darling, where are you?"

Della walked into Perry's study where she found him engrossed in work. Perry did not look up from his papers as Della walked in, and did not notice her until she loudly cleared her throat.

Perry glanced up and said, "Yes, young lady, can I help you?"

Della gave that small laugh that Perry loved so much. She placed her hands on her hips as she replied, "Yes, you can. Paul, Diane, and the kids will be here any minute, and you need to help me clean up the house a little instead of going cross-eyed reading those court reports."

Perry removed his glasses and raised his eyebrows in a questioning way as he asked, "The kids are coming with them? I didn't know that. I thought it was just Paul and Diane?"

"Well, it was at first," Della answered sheepishly, "but Paul said that he and Diane needed a break for a little while, so I told them to leave the kids with us while they have a romantic weekend."

Perry furrowed his brow as he got up and walked over to stand in front of Della, "What about our romantic weekend?"

"We didn't have one," Della countered, contorting her face so that it showed a mixture of disbelief and laughter.

"Maybe I wanted one," Perry pouted, burying his face in her neck and kissing it.

"Oh, Perry," Della giggled as Perry kissed her ear which always tickled. "What's the matter? I thought you loved to spend time with Eli and Brooke?"

Eli and Brooke were Paul Jr. and his wife Diane's children. Eli was seven and Brooke was four. Perry and Della had adopted both children as their grandchildren at the request of Paul and Diane. Paul figured that all of them were like family anyway, and Perry and Della would probably be seeing them all the time, and to go ahead and call them their grandkids. Della had agreed immediately, but Perry had needed some convincing. However, when both Eli and Brooke had been born, Perry had fallen in love with both of their cute little faces. He loved both kids unconditionally and whenever they came over to visit, Della felt like she was raising three kids instead of two. Perry had a special, one-of-a-kind relationship with each child. With Eli, Perry could rough him up, take him fishing, and build little projects with him. With Brooke, on the other hand, he rassled a little with her (always letting her win of course), cuddle and kiss her, and he could take her to work with him.

Della was the typical grandmother because she cooked and baked their favorites every time they came, kissed boo-boos and tears away, and could easily settle them down and have them obey her every command. She was there to break up fights, arguments, and settle matters once and for all. She also made sure that they had everything they needed, were fed and watered, and were protected at all times. In Perry and the children's eyes she was the perfect Grandma.

Of course they all had nicknames for each other too. Perry was not called Grandpa by either one of the children; he was called Pop from Eli and Pappy from Brooke. Della was called Grams by Eli and was called Mimi by Brooke. Neither Perry nor Della knew why the kids called them different names, but in the end it did not really matter. Della called the children by their real names, but Perry had special nicknames for each of them. For example, he called Eli Whirlwind because he was always running everywhere and was so impatient, and he called Brooke Bunny because she was little and cute but was alert and smart.

"As always you're right," Perry said straightening up and looking at Della, "I do love to spend time with them."

"I'm glad to hear it, Darling," Della smiled cupping his face with her hands, "because they are going to be here any minute."

Della and Perry kissed. After a minute they broke apart, smiled at each other, then went their separate ways child-proofing the house. Della put all of the breakable objects around the house up high on something or hid them in a cabinet so Eli could not break them like he usually had a habit of doing, while Perry made sure there was nothing lying around or anything period that Brooke could choke on because that little girl liked to put things in her mouth. When they had both checked the basement, main floor, and upstairs and were satisfied that everything was up and away, they both sank onto the couch completely exhausted and the kids were not even there yet.

A minute later they heard a car horn blast outside the house which signaled that Paul and Diane were there. Perry and Della looked at each other once, smiled, and got up from the couch to welcome their guests. Perry and Della had not even reached the door when the front door swung open and in ran two kids, barreling in to see their favorite grandparents.

"Grams! Pop!," Eli shouted as he ran to his grandparents and hugged them each in turn. Brooke politely waited her turn then when Eli was out of the way she yelled, "Mimi! Pappy!" She then tried to hug each of them like her brother had, but since she was shorter than Eli, Perry and Della picked her up and hugged her.

"Has anybody seen where my kids have gone," said Paul's voice from the doorway.

"We've got them, Paul," Perry laughed still holding Brooke. "They wanted to see their good looking Grandmother!"

"Oh, Perry," Della said in surprise holding on to Eli by his shoulders, "stop that! They really wanted to see their handsome Grandfather."

"If this is going to be a 'sexy' weekend then maybe we should take our children," Paul whispered to Diane who smiled at Della who in turn rolled her eyes at Paul.

"Pappy," Brooke asked, her big brown eyes staring into his big steel blue ones, "what does 'sexy' weekend mean?"

The surprise on Perry's face was evident as Paul and Diane laughed. "It's a prideful and shameful thing you should never ever do, understand?"

"Okay, Pappy," Brooke smiled then looked at her parents.

"She's become quite curious lately," Diane explained to both Perry and Della. "She's been asking all kinds of questions. We don't know why."

"She's just curious like her father and grandfather," Della sighed, winking playfully at Diane who giggled seeing the scoffing looks on Paul's and Perry's faces.

"Well, I brought in all their stuff," Paul said looking at the bags at his feet. "They've got everything they need. We'll be coming back late Sunday night, is that okay?"

"Oh, that's fine, Paul," Della said smiling. "We just love to spend time with our little angels!"

"Ah, Grams," Eli said in dismay.

All the adults laughed.

"He's not quite the 'little angel' he used to be," Diane told Della, looking down at her son with one eyebrow raised. "However, she still is."

Brooke looked at Perry smiling in a triumphant way and Perry beamed back at her. Just then the living room clock struck noon which made Paul say, "Well, we had better be going."

Perry put Brooke down so she could hug and kiss her parents goodbye. Eli hugged and kissed them goodbye after Brooke. When all the "goodbyes", "be goods", and "we love yous" had been said, Paul led Diane out to the car and, with a wave goodbye, drove away towards their romantic weekend.

"Well, Della," Perry said wrapping his arm around her, "it looks like it's just you and me."

Della smiled at Perry then looked down at the kids who wore angry expressions, "Well, what about them, Darling?"

"Oh, yeah," Perry said playfully looking down at Brooke and Eli, "we have these two rascals, don't we?"

"We're not wascals, Pappy," Brooke said, and then quickly correcting herself said plainly, "Rascals."

Perry chuckled bending over to pick Brooke up, "Of course you're not," Perry said apologetically then whispered, "I meant your brother."

Brooke giggled as Eli protested, "I'm not either, Pop!"

Perry and Della both chuckled. Della took Eli by the hand since Perry already had Brooke and led them into the family room. Once the two children were on the couch, including Perry, Della remained standing and asked the kids, "Are either of you hungry or thirsty?"

"I'm hungry, Grams," Eli said rubbing his stomach.

"I'm thirsty," Brooke said quietly.

"I'm both," Perry chimed in, "will you fix us something, Darling?"

Della smiled a warm, motherly smile as she said, "Why certainly my dears."

Della walked into the kitchen with Perry, Brooke, and Eli behind her. The three children sat at the bar waiting for Della to serve them. She stood on the opposite side of the bar and asked, "What would you all like to eat?"

"How about Mac & Cheese, Grams," Eli shouted, "'cause you make the best!"

"Yeah," Perry agreed nodding, "that sounds good. Eli knows how to pick a man's meal!"

Perry glanced over at Eli and winked. Eli's chest puffed out as he proclaimed, "One day I'm going to be as big as Pop!"

"Well, Eli," Perry sighed, putting a hand to his own stomach, "you don't want to get this big. Pop needs to lose a few pounds."

"Well, I think Pop looks great," Della smiled, reaching across the bar and putting a hand on top of Perry's. "What about you, Brooke? Do you want Mac & Cheese?"

Brooke silently shook her head, but instead hopped down off her chair and ran into the family room. Perry and Della looked at each other confused. A minute later, Brooke came back into the kitchen with her sippy cup. She went around the bar to where Della was standing, held it up for Della to take, and said, "I'm not hungry Mimi, I'm just thirsty."

Della took the cup and before she could say anything to Brooke, she had already circled back around the bar and with Perry's help, sat on his lap.

"Why aren't you hungry, sweetie," Della asked a little concerned. "Are you feeling alright?"

Brooke nodded and leaned back against Perry. Perry put a hand on her forehead and told Della, "She doesn't feel warm." Then he looked down at Brooke and asked, "Are you just not hungry?"

She nodded and said innocently, "I don't want to eat anything that will make me look like Pappy."

Perry and Della both burst out laughing at the little girl. Wiping the tears from her eyes Della explained, "Honey, you won't look like Pappy if you eat Mac & Cheese, you'll look like me. Now are you hungry?"

Brooke smiled sheepishly and nodded. Perry kissed the top of her head as Della said, "Well after we eat, we need to think about something fun to do today and tomorrow."