Picking Up the Pieces by Gina

Picking Up the Pieces by Gina

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Summary: My take on how season 6 should go for some of the characters.

Notes: T/B are not fully together and their shippers may or may not like me depending on if I bring them back together. Talice is my favorite couple so they will be a big part of the story. Your feedback will help me hook the couples up.

Chapter 1

Kit is standing in the Planet in the middle of the day. Everything has gone right for her since Helena came back to town and did a few things. She Bought double D's club out from under her, stole Cindy away from her and regained ownership of the Planet for her. Tina and Bette were on their way back together and in that area. She only wished that the same could be said for her other friends. Jenny had gone off the deep end, yet again, after what Shane and Nikki did to her. Max was a little off-center because Tom chose to leave with Jodi, who Kit was glad to see gone after what she did to Bette. Granted, Bette cheated on her but public humiliation was no way to get revenge. Then there was Alice, Kit wished she knew what happened to her and missed Tasha greatly.

"Hey Kit," a familiar voice said that caused Kit to smile broadly.

"Girl where the hell have you been?" Kit raced around the counter and hugged Tasha, who stood there in a police uniform.

"It was best for me to go." Tasha said and returned the hug with a stoic look on her face. "I knew that she was trying to push me away for some fucked up reason and I tried to hang but a person can only take so many hints."

"Oh I hear ya girl." Kit said and handed Tasha a cool drink as Helena walked in. "She claims that the two of you are too different?"

"Tasha oh my goodness!" Helena exclaimed and hugged the woman.

"Hey," was Tasha's response as she moved away from Helena. "Yeah I guess that's the reason." She then said to Kit.

"I was so hoping that Alice would come to her senses but then you stopped calling." Helena said sadly as Jenny came trouncing in.

"My goodness, you decided to come back to our side of town." Jenny said and smiled. "Have you and Alice made up?"

"Naw," Tasha said and finished her drink. She had clearly come to say hello to Kit and not expected all of this attention. From Helena's statement, Tasha gathered that Alice did not tell anyone that she still sent her a text message now and then with no response. She knew that she shouldn't contact her at all, but something pushed her onward to at least let Alice know that she still thought of her.

"Good then, can I buy you lunch?" Jenny asked with hopes of redeeming her dating life in some fashion. She had always found the former Captain attractive and thought that Alice was stupid to push her away as she did.

"Na I don't think so but thanks." Tasha replied and stood back up.

"Tasha," Kit spoke quickly. "Gimme yo number and we can chill sometime. I thought we got to be good friends and I missed that laugh."

"Ight," Tasha said, scribbled down the number and headed for the door.

"C'mon Tasha, we all thought you were a great person. Have some dinner with me." Jenny prodded further and got a glaring look from Helena in return.

"Stifle it Jen honey, she and I got on much better then you and I did." Helena said, smiled and then offered dinner to the officer.

"Y'all pipe down, maybe she has someone and doesn't want to get into trouble." Kit added, she, after all, knew how to find out such things.

"Na," Tasha responded and opened the door to go.

"Girl, you better get yo black ass back in here very soon!" Kit called and smiled as Tasha left.

"She's hard to get anything out of," Helena commented. "I still can't believe what happened."

"I can," Jenny added and sat down with her meal. "Alice and relationships don't exactly mesh."

"Who are you to speak on relationships?" Tina added to the conversation as she sat down. "Has anyone seen Alice?"

"Yeah I saw her at the other bar a couple of nights ago drunk off her ass." Jenny added and scooted her chair over to give Tina room. "Tasha was in here is why we're all discussing her."

"Tasha, oh how is she?" Tina asked with a smile.

"Alice was drunk and you didn't bother to aid her in some fashion?" Helena asked with a concerned look on her face.

"She's never bothered to aid me," Jenny said and handed Tina a tablet. "This is the rough copy of the first five chapters of the new book."

"Oh brother," Kit exclaimed with sarcasm written all over her face.

"Heaven help us all," Helena added and stood up. "I've got to go meet Cindy for an afternoon desert." She grinned and left the club.

Later that night, most of the group of friends was at the club, some not talking but there nevertheless. "Tina, what is goin' on here?" Kit asked as she saw her with no Bette again.

"Jodi had Bette on a string. She's moved away but Bette still calls her and made plans to go visit. I can't deal with it." Tina said sarcastically. "Now Helena is," Tina didn't have to finish because Bette walked in with Helena.

"She still doin' this when y'all fight? Where's Cindy? Why the hell would she call Jodi after what Jodi did to her? Somethin' not right here girl." Kit spoke with concern and frustration in her voice.

"Who the fuck knows," Tina said in a harsh manner but gave Kit an apologetic look.

"Maybe you should go over and talk to Tasha. I mean, as a friend of course. She's good with this negotiation stuff." Kit motioned towards Tasha who was sitting alone at a corner table watching the chaos.

Tasha glanced up at Kit as someone walked up to the table. "May I sit?" Phyllis asked, clearly feeling out of place.

Sure," Tasha said as her old friend, Papi walked in and smiled at Kit.

"I just wanted to say that I am sorry how things turned out for you and Alice. I thought the two of you were the real deal." Phyllis said sympathetically.

"Yeah me too," Tasha said and looked at the door.

"What exactly happened?" Phyllis questioned and shrugged at Jenny Schecter, who was smiling at the former Captain.

"Ask Alice," Tasha said and started to stand. She wasn't into neither drama nor gossip and that was clearly what Phyllis was trying to do.

"That's just it Tasha," Phyllis said with a concerned look on her face. "Alice has pushed us all away, even Bette and Tina."

"It looks like those two need more help then I do." Tasha said and pointed at Bette, as Cindy came in. "Nice chattin' with ya," she added and got up from the table.

"Hey Tasha," Jenny got up from where Shane was trying another apology. "Can I buy you a drink?"

"Na, I'm not getting' in your drama." She continued walking as Max walked up to Jenny with a drink. "Hey Kit, I'm gon shove off now. Nice seein' ya again."

"What you mean, c'mon and have some fun. I'm stickin' my neck out here again and want you to watch the fun." Papi said and smiled at Kit. "I'm thinkin' that maybe it was too soon to try the first time."

"Whatever Papi," Tasha said and laughed heartily. "What's up over there Tina?" She asked and sat down by the producer.

"I'm hoping that Helena is trying to talk some sense into her for me but…" Tina trailed off knowing that the two of them had a brief history.

"Y'all are crazy man," Tasha added and accepted the drink that Tina bought her.

"I'm beginning to think that you are right," Tina admitted with a heavy sigh. "This isn't exactly how I pictured the lesbian community to be. One would think that someone could have a good relationship out of the group of us.

"I hear that," Tasha echoed and finished her drink.

"Tasha, poker at Helena's tomorrow night, 8:30." Papi interjected into their conversation and then turned back to Kit.

"You think she will ever grow up?" Tina asked in an amused tone of voice.

"If she can convince Kit that she's on the girls team she might." Tasha added with a small chuckle as she followed Shane's gaze to the window. "Alice's here, I'm gon take off now."

"Hey, can I get your number? Maybe we can do lunch, there isn't many people that I can have an adult conversation with." Tina asked with a friendly smile.

"Sure uptown," Tasha replied with a name that she had given her when Tina tried to drive her motorcycle back when times were much better for the officer.

"You pick the place and I will come. I'll show you I'm not so uptown." Tina joked back as Tasha headed for the back with a tense smile on her face.

"Hey you just missed Tasha." Jenny shouted as Alice looked out the window and saw the bike speeding off.

"It looks like I missed a lot." Alice said and looked at Bette.

"Dramarama," Max said and sighed heavily.

"So is Clea your girlfriend now?" Shane asked as some girl sat down beside her.

"No," Alice replied quietly and got a drink.