I owe the prince of tennis. Big time.

"What are you doing?"

Ryuzaki Sakuno looked up from where she had been staring at. The prince of tennis himself, 13 years old and already a national sportsman, was standing in front of her with his usual customary racket in a casual grip. It was a relatively normal question, nothing at all to shout about. Except that, Echizen Ryoma had not spoken a word to her for about 6 months and 3 days. She debated on whether to ignore him but in the end civility prevailed.

"I'm doing a crossword puzzle," She calmly responded.

"Can I join you?"

Sakuno wondered if he could read the expression of shock she had on her face. Perhaps Ryoma-kun had been in the sun longer than usual today, which would explain this sudden unusual behaviour. Or had she heard wrongly? Apparently not, as he strolled to where she sat underneath the tree and plopped himself neatly beside her, tennis racket and all. Settling himself into a comfortable position, he gave a contented sigh, pulled the bill of his cap lower and proceeded to...sleep.

"Ryoma-kun...?" This had gone beyond unusual now. Suddenly, they were comfortable enough to be sleeping beside each other? She wondered if he was hinting at her to make herself scarce, or if he just did not think she was important enough to be given attention to. Probably the latter, she thought miserably, if the months that they had not spoken to each other were any indication. An unhappy moue escaped from her lips as she gathered her bags and things, ready to move from her stolen spot.

"Where are you going?" Spoke the boy next to her.

"Anou...I thought..." Sakuno said, unsure of how to answer.

The prince muttered a "Cheh" underneath his breath. He pulled her back with insulting ease into a cross legged position and placed his head comfortingly on her lap. Sakuno immediately gave a scandalized gasp and tried to push him off but he stubbornly remained where he was and gave a triumphant smirk when she desisted with her actions. She was sorely tempted to smack that smirk off, except that she had no such power when it came to him. She glared down at him instead, despite the blush staining her cheeks.

" Ryuzaki is very pretty." Her mouth dropped open at that statement. She looked around wildly; perhaps he was speaking of another Ryuzaki.

"Ne," He suddenly interrupted.

"Bend down. I want to tell you come something."

Like a mindless doll, she followed his bidding. And was rewarded by the softest kiss imaginable on one slightly flushed cheek.

When she had straightened to look at him properly, Ryoma had already covered his eyes with his white cap, though she could tell that he was embarrassed due to his reddened features. She gave a soft giggle, which slowly grew into laughter.

The prince really was 'mada mada dane' at some things.

Was supposed to work on 'Coming Round'. A mysterious power compelled me to write this intstead. (Its called Laziness, a whole mountain of it. God I need chocolate)

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