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When we got home it was like we had been gone for years instead of a few days. We had to tell everyone our story almost as soon as we pulled into the driveway. I do admit that you kind of had to be there to actually get what was going on but I think they got the idea of what actually happened. In this family it was really hard to keep things a secret. I think the reason why I couldn't see alot of my visions and they were my memories that were comming back and they caused my visions to be wacky and therefore Edward had a hard time reading my mine.

"So are you saying our kind really do have souls?" It was Carlisle, he had made a theory that we did have souls and I guess now he was right.

"Well we have to, how else could have James overshadowed Jasper." Carlisle looked like he was thinking; probably of what else he could prove right. "Also I think I'm starting to get my memories back."

"Is that possible?" It was Esme, she sounded both worried and overjoyed. I'm not sure why she was worried? Probably because I was like one of her very own children and that's what parents do, worry about their kids.

"Well I'm not entirely sure, it is possible. Like with amnesia, they forget everything but in most cases it will eventually come back." Carlisle I guess had now found a new theory to explore.

"Well the man who changed me gave me these boxes to have, he said that held everything from when I was human and it might help with me remembering everything."

In about two seconds all of the boxes were unloaded from the car and they were neatly stacked into towers against the wall. I picked one of them and opened it up. The contents were ancient but they seemed really familiar. There was a stuffed rabbit that had on a dress with a floral pattern. There were also a few porcelain dolls, some had little hats and a few had beautiful thick ringlets that framed their face.

There were a few small dresses that I presume were mine and there was also a book. It was dusty and old. I opened it and it was a copy of Dracula, I think I remember reading this while I was in the asylum. There was even a fabric book mark in the place that I stopped. But there was a note that was stuck in there too.


I don't know what possessed your mother to put you in that asylum but I'm sorry. I tried to get you out of there but I'm sorry it didn't work. I love you so much and I still don't know why a sweet loving young lady as yourself had to be put in here. They were just headaches that caused those strange visions, sending you there was a horrible thing and I'm sorry. I will always love you.

your loving father

My own mother did that? I skimmed through a few of my old diaries and it was true. She favored Cynthia more than me. But I didn't care. As far as I knew the true mother, I can only remember and not even compare my real mother to, is Esme. Esme is sweet and loving with all of us. So I just thought of her as my real mother, just simply thought that if my real mom didn't want me that it was okay I loved my adopted one.

We spent countless hours opening boxes and just looking through everything. Esme would keep saying how she remembered she had something similar when she was a little girl. And Edward would comment at the photos that were in there. In one it had me, I think, but I had wonderful long hair. And then there was someone that was a few inches taller than I was, her hair was long but it was also a little bit lighter than mine. Neatly written at the bottom was, Mary Alice and Cynthia. We were in white frilly dresses with ribbons in our hair.

"Alice was that you when you were a child?"

"Yeah I think so Rose. It has my name on it but I didn't realize that I was that short compared to my little sister."

Rosalie and Bella were looking through some of the old faded photos that were in the box. Emmett was moving more boxes off of the stack that was against the wall and setting the down on the floor. Every box was different, some held old photos, some old clothes that I probably had when I was younger and then some had old toys. There was one box that was left against the wall. Emmett was about to move it but I told him to leave it.

I carefully ripped off the old tape and looked inside. They were things that I had when I was in the asylum. It ha old clothes and photos of me from when I was in there, it looked like they were sneaking around taking pictures of me. That was kind of creepy but there was also something else, there was a letter, the paper had changed color and now resembled a sort of beige color and the ink was not as bright black as you would expect.

Dear Alice,

I am deeply sorry that you had to become this, but it was the only way to protect you from him. I caught him numerous times taking pictures of you, I am sorry about that and I think you deserve them. But your talent, your visions I think may be very useful for you once you become a vampire. I really do hope that you find your mate.


So it was to save me. There was another old diary; the first page was dated in 1919. So I guess this held everything about my life in the asylum. It held part of my past. But I looked back at my family. I couldn't open it. I was already getting part of my memory back, piece by piece. I set the book back into the box and decided that if I was meant to remember that than I would eventually. Now I had my family and we could make memories together.

Later on that night Jasper and I decided that we should go hunting, which we did but we didn't really go hunting for that long. We just caught a few deer and that left plenty of time for us to relax. Jasper took my hand and we began to run.

We were outside on a hill or a cliff. Wait it was a cliff. The ocean was splashing back at our faces. There was a sunset out and the colors were amazing: yellows, purples, and reds. They all melted together.

I was wearing hot pink shirt that thin pieces of string holding it up and I was wearing these light colored blue jeans that had holes in them.

Our skin was the same shade, pale.

The sun rays were bouncing off of our skin and they burst in to a million little prisms of light. It was like we were made of diamonds or something. But how is that possible. The boy seemed like he was having a good time. It looked so much more different then the last vision I had of him.

There was a smile on both of our faces.

"Jasper this is defiantly a good day." I was playing with a piece of grass that was flowing in the breeze.

"Actually Alice this is not a good day….This is a great day." He pulled me into his lap and we sat there watching the ocean currents and the waves. He was right it was amazing, our little adventure was amazing and we learned a lot about each of us

We had a great family who welcomed us back with open arms and if Jasper and I wouldn't have found them all those years ago them none of this would have happened. I still remember that day too.

"Jasper I think their house is over here." We ran through the forest and there was a secluded house that had trees all around it. There was a flower bed that had beautiful flowers of every kind and color. There was a man with blond hair and a woman with caramel like hair, they saw us coming and Jasper sensed that they were nervous about us.

"We don't mean you any harm, we promise." Jasper's voice had a calming effect and everyone felt it.

"I'm Carlisle Cullen and this is my wife Esme."

"This is my wife Alice and I am Jasper Whitlock, sir."

"Please call me Carlisle."

"Carlisle I had a vision about us being part of your family. We both don't like the lifestyle that we already have so would it be okay if we join your family?"

"Yes, we have plenty of room. But you know there are three others in our family."

"Yes I know. Emmett is the muscular one. Rosalie is the blond woman that is Emmett's wife and Edward is the other boy here. I've already had visions about them too.

"Well then welcome to our family." Carlisle led us inside to the house and into his family.

"Jasper I love you." I gave him a quick kiss on the lips. After a few minutes we broke away. I was looking in his topaz eyes. He smiled showing off his sparkling teeth.

"I love you too Alice." We were kissing again