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Un amor que viene y va – David Bisbal

With her. Without her. On and off.

It was tiring.

With her everything was right in the world. At least in his. The sun shone. The birds sung. The flowers bloomed.

Without her darkness and despair ensued.

When she smiled he smiled. When she was happy he was happier.

When she cried it broke his heart. When she was sad he seemed incapable of finding a reason to smile.

When she was there he could do anything.

When she was gone nothing made sense. There was nothing really worth fighting for.

When she was in his arms he knew he could spend the rest of his life like that.

When she left without really saying good bye it nearly broke him.

But she said she would be back and that was his little guiding light in the storm.

She will be back and he would wait.

Because she was worth it and he really didn't have any other option.

AN: un amor que viene y va (esp.) – love that comes and goes