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Petunia Dursley of Privet Drive nr 4, was very proud of being normal. She had a very Normal husband, Vernon, who had a very normal job. And together they had a very Normal and healthy little boy named Dudley. But, like every other normal family in the world, they had a scandalous secret. Only their secret was currently occupying the cupboard under the stairs in her very normal home.

She was busying herself in the kitchen, making her special boy his favorite cake. It was an ordinary hot day, so her Duddling was out in the garden, playing with his friends. He was six years old now. And needed a lot of food to grow up.

She heard something break in the cupboard, and instantly her eyes narrowed. That secret would some day be to big for them to keep locked up and ignored, and it was more trouble than it was really worth.

Personally, she had wanted to get rid of it the moment she found it on the doorstep all those years ago. Had it not been for the threat in the letter, and the nosy neighbors, she would of let the dogs eat it.

She abandoned the cake for a few minuets and stomped over to the door under the stairs. She opened the locks the door had on it and threw the door open. On the floor, sat a six year old, skinny little boy with black hair and startling green eyes. He also had a lightning shaped scar on his forehead. Growing from between his shoulder blades were to black, leather like dragon wings sticking out on each side of him.

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?! What have you broken now?!" She demanded, unfazed by the wings that was sticking out of the boy. She was used to them, because they had always been there. Only they were much smaller before. The young boy looked down at his hands, and traced a black tattoo that was in his palm with his index finger.

"I'm sorry Aunt Petunia, but my Wings are getting to big, I don't fit in the cupboard anymore." He mumbled, not daring to meet Petunias eyes.

"Oh, so your too good for the room your Uncle and I got you, is that it?! We gave you a room, you ungrateful little brat, out of the goodness from our harts. You filthy little worm. You stay in your room, and I don't want to hear another word from you. I'll tell your uncle about this, he'll straighten you out!" She whispered to him, because Dudley and his friends were listening on the door. She didn't want Duddling's friends go babbling to there parents about the revolting thing living under the stairs. After all, it was their family secret.

She snapped the door shut in his frightened face, not letting him explain. His request for a bigger room was all she needed to tell Vernon. As soon as the door closed Dudley and his friends ran over to the cake, staring at Petunia innocently.

"Mum, I want cake!" Her little Duddywuddy demanded. She smiled at her healthy boy, he was growing up so fast. His friends were staring at the door in wonder.

"Of course Dudders! Mummy just has to put on some more chocolate, okay? It will be ready in ten minuets." Dudley contemplated this for about three seconds, and answered;

"Five minuets Mum! I want cake!" He screamed the last part, so Petunia hurriedly started adding some more chocolate.

For the rest of the day, Petunia cleaned the house. She did not hear any more sounds coming from the room, but she didn't think about that. Oh no, that boy had done something he had learned long ago wasn't allowed in their house, he asked a question. And when she thought about it, it was actually two rules he had broken. Surly asking if he could have a room was another one of Vernon's laws. She would have to ask him.

She didn't have to wait long, because her husband came marching in the door only ten minuets later. He was in a foul mood, Petunia noticed, and hurried with the last bits of his dinner. She hurriedly walked out to the garden and told the boys to go home, because they were having dinner. When the three of them were seated, Petunia started telling her husband about that ruddy boy.

"Vernon, darling, I was making Dudders cake in the kitchen when I heard something break, in the cupboard. I went to see what it was and that blasted boy and the nerves of actually talking back to me! The rudeness!" She said shrilly. An evil glint appeared in both Vernon and Dudley's eyes. Vernon, because he had had a horrid day at work, and felt like taking his frustration out on the bloody boy. Dudley, however, just wanted to watch his cousin get beaten up. Petunia, oblivious to there glinting eyes, continued on like always.

"And then, I asked him what he had broken, and he says to me 'I want a new room! This one is to small to fit…you know what' And that was his excuse to break that vase Marge sent us last Christmas. She will be ever so distressed when she fins out." Petunia took a sip of her water and looked at her husband. He was clenching and unclenching his fists, glancing every few minuets over to the cupboard.

"Wait until after dinner, dear." Vernon nodded silently and got back to his dinner, eating a little faster now. He was full of anticipation.


What they didn't know, was that Harry had broken that vase on purpose, he had gotten Aunt Petunias attention because he wanted her attention, and he had made sure to 'talk back' so his Uncle would come and give him a good beating. He had heard the whole conversation about how he had talked back to his Aunt. His sensitive hearing had picked it up, but it wasn't like he needed it to hear them speak. His Aunt was so loud he was sure all the neighbors had heard her too.

Right now he was stuffing his face with food that had gone bad a long time ago, but he couldn't care about that. No, he had saved parts of his weekly meal for over a year. He had been plotting a way to get out of the hell hole he had the pleasure of calling home. And to do that, he needed energy. So he was eating as much as he could so he would be full on his way to freedom.

He couldn't help but feel a little sad though, because he knew he was different, a freak. He had huge wings on his back, normal people did not have wings, nor could they breath fire, or manipulate the flames like Harry could. And he knew that wherever he went, people would always hate him for being different.

Being hated was one thing Harry was use to, so that didn't bother him to much, not yet anyway. He thought that it was better to be hated, than it was to be beaten. And Harry was beaten, a lot. By his own uncle. He didn't know why, other then the fact that he had wings, but really, what were they achieving by beating him up? The wings wouldn't go away by that, Harry knew, nothing could get the wings of his back. Uncle Vernon had tried that when he was three. He had tried to saw his wings of. Harry got punished for ruining the saw.

He heard his uncle coming from the dining room and into the hall. Harry stopped eating and prepared himself to fight. His uncle might be stupid, fat and slow, but he could do damage once he got his hold on you.

Vernon Dursley was used to a comfortable life, and was not used to getting injured or having any sort of discomfort. Harry was planning to use that fact to his full advantage.

He secured the backpack with all the stuff he had stolen from the house at night. He pulled his sleeves up his arms, and he prepared himself to breath a huge fire. He had already told the spiders in the cupboard bye. That was one of his abilities, he could talk to animals. Harry rather liked that, because humans had always neglected him, he felt that he had some sort of connection with the animals. Not that he had met many. Harry had lived most of his life in the cupboard, only coming out at night when no-one would know. People in the neighborhood didn't even know that Harry existed.

He heard the last click of the locks come off and the door opened with a bang. To Harry's surprise, no-one was standing in front of him. He heard his uncle walk back into the living room. That was not good. That had only happened once before, and that was one of the worst beatings he had ever gotten. The beatings usually went on in the hallway so that he could easily be thrown back into his 'room'.

"Boy! You get that ungrateful arse of yours into this living room right this instance!" Uncle Vernon yelled at him from the living room. He could hear his uncle taking of his belt, and knew that if he staid, he would regret it immensely.

Since most of Harry's back was covered with his two huge wings, Vernon usually attached his stomach and face.

Harry carefully folded his wings on his back before walking slowly into the living room. The Dursley's were standing on the other side of the living room, gazing at him with evil faces and Disgust. The disgust coming from Petunia that is, she never liked the filthy boy.

"I heard what you did today boy!" Vernon barked, his red cheeks instantly started to get purple. Harry knew that his whole face would soon be that color.

Harry nodded his head, not really listening. He didn't know if he could fly, he had never even stretched his wings to there full length yet, the cupboard had never allowed it. He was planning on running away, flapping his wings might help, Harry didn't know, but he was desperate to get away.

"Daddy look, he has my backpack! He stole my backpack!" Dudley screamed suddenly, pointing excitedly at Harry. Vernon had started to march up to him, and he could feel the flame in his throat long before it came to his mouth. Just as the belt started swinging down, the buckle aimed towards Harry's head, he blew the flame straight into his uncle face, who dropped the belt and started screaming his head of.

Petunia and Dudley came forwards to inspect his face, and trying to put out the fire that was burning his hair, bushy mustache and skin. No-one noticed little Harry Potter slipping out the back door, into the garden, under the bushes and out of sight. It would not be the last time the Dursley's saw Harry Potter, but it would be a very long time until their next encounter.

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