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Prompt 109 Poetry

"You know," Sam said blandly, "people write poetry about this area." We had left the lecherous lord and his fief behind two days ago, to general relief.

"Oh, they do, do they?" Alys said grumpily. "What about? The rain?"

Sam caught my eye. It was often hard to tell when Sam was amused, but there was a mischievous glitter in his eyes now and I grinned at him. "No, the dramatic landscape."

Alys growled. "Sam, stop winding me up!"

I smiled. Sam was the only one who teased her; he was Group Second, so he practically had a license to.

Prompt 110 Switch Sides

I later wished that Sam hadn't stopped teasing Alys, though, because the conversation took a turn for the embarrassing not long afterwards.

"Oh, come on, Domitan of Masbolle is such a player," Lise said scornfully. "Not my type at all."

"They say he fancies Lady Kel," Fox contributed. There was a brief scuffle over this, which ended with an appeal to me.

"Marnie, you know Lady Kel, what do you think?-"

"Only in passing!" I squeaked, and hastily recovered myself. "And anyway, Domitan-" I flushed and backtracked, remembering that I wasn't supposed to know what I was about to say.


Lise regarded me with some interest. "I wouldn't have thought he was your type either."

"He's not," I defended myself. "He likes- someone else."

"Who?" Lise demanded.

I blushed. "I shouldn't say."

"Tell!" Fox ordered, in search of blackmail material.

"Marnie Woodsman," Alys said sternly, "as your superior officer I order you to-"

"Fine!" I said. I was tired of keeping it to myself anyway; and besides, it'd been a full year since I'd found out and nothing had happened. A little rumour might push them into actually doing something- Aminah would kill me, but never mind. "He likes Aminah!"