Innocence From Ashes

Innocence From Ashes

Chapter 23

Naruto stood upon the balcony of the finest hotel of Konoha, and watched the revelers late into the night. Long was the celebration of his ascendancy to Hokage, and filled with merriment. As before, he was once again struck by the fickleness of the villagers. Less than thirty six hours before, he'd been ready to kill every one of them, save for his precious few. Yet, here they were, toasting him, laughing, and gaming as if he was a returning hero.

Sasuke, sitting on the balcony railing, his feet dangling dangerously high over the cobblestones below, had his fingers laced through Naruto's as he watched the partygoers below impassively.

Naruto smiled up at his mate softly, thinking how incredibly much things had chanced since the old days. Back when he was young and naive. Well, he was still young, but no longer naïve. At least he thought so. And in many ways, he wasn't. But in so many more, he was still innocence personified. It was something intrinsic within him, his purity and innocence. Naturally, it was not at all good Hokage qualities. But they'd never been good shinobi qualities either, and before his enslavement so long ago, he'd done quite well in that field indeed.

And now his natural purity was reinforced by the inherent innocence of a demonic nature. He did not look at good and evil the same way as he did before. And as a result, he did not look at life or death the same either.

The old Naruto would have been horrified, almost deranged in his grief after his demonic bout the day before that thirteen Konohans dead. He did not mourn them. Most he remembered well from his painful childhood and adolescence. No, he was wise and inhumane enough now to know they had always been better off dead. In fact, there were more than a few others on that list as well. They either hadn't been close enough to indulge in yesterday's bloodlust, or for whatever reason, had refrained. It didn't matter. One way or another, he would find a way to winnow them out.

Besides, there were worse things than dying after all. Naruto had experienced almost all of them himself, first hand. But he wouldn't dwell on that. What he would dwell on was what his own death had taught him. Death wasn't the be all and end all of mortal existence. When he called Kyuubi back from his blood fury in Sound, he'd been dead for some time. Yet, he was still there. Some part of him had leaked into the fox's spirit. Perhaps because of the slow merging that had been going on between them since the demon spirit had been sealed in him. Who knows? Naruto didn't. But it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, both to himself and to Sasuke, and to a lesser extent, all those that had witnessed their deaths over a week ago, that there was something beyond the cessation of heartbeat and brainwave. What lay beyond that, Naruto neither knew or cared. He either would experience it for himself at some far future date; either as the mortal he used to be, or as the demon he now was, or he would live forever. It was a pretty moot point right now.

What mattered to him right now was that he was alive, and well, and his hand was securely in Sasuke's and that they would be together forever. Alive or dead.

"Don't think so hard, Dobe," Sasuke spoke up finally, sliding off the railing. "The only thing that matters is that we're together, forever. You're mine, forever." The

ebony wolf was almost unbearably smug and satisfied with this state of affairs. And he gave a slow, lascivious lick to the tender, sensitive flesh of the blonde's neck. "I want you, Hokage-sama. Deep. Hard. Now."

At first Naruto gave a pleased whimper, then a shocked gasp when Sasuke pulled the blonde into his arms fiercely and stunned him with the heat and hunger of his kiss. Caught in each other's arms, drinking greedily of each other, they staggered back into the hotel room and Naruto half fell onto an elaborately worked table and Sasuke with him, which creaked alarmingly under their weight. Neither of them noticed. Sasuke's hand was on his whiskered cheek, holding him still for a deeper kiss, one knee nudging the blonde's legs apart so he could be cradled between them. Naruto arched up against him, the pressure of his hot hard groin pressed deliciously against an equally rigid heat. He broke the deep kiss to nip Naruto's lips lightly, his hand worming under the vivid shirt to touch and fondle a hardening nipple, to tease it and make it furl even more tightly. The blonde moaned his name so softly, so deliciously. God, he had to take his dobe now, or he would combust.

Naruto whimpered, arching hard again, his tanned hands working to pull Sasuke's flimsy shirt off so he could feel the wolf's bared chest against his own. A soft growl, the sound of ripping cloth, and Naruto's pants fell prey to his guardian's passion. Then Sasuke was sliding himself against tender split of his rear rhythmically, only his own thin pants keeping them from joining. With each thrust against Naruto's body, Sasuke's impassioned body crushed the blonde's enflamed cock between them deliciously, making them both gasp and moan. Then Sasuke had his mouth again, harder and greedier than before. Slithering his hand between them, he stumbled with the fastening of his pants. He was so hot, so engorged, so aroused; he was having a hard time releasing himself. At last he was free, and pressing himself to an enticing wet heat. He felt a moment of stunned confusion; they hadn't even used spit, much less any sort of lubrication, yet Naruto was literally drenched, and more than ready to receive his lover intimately.

Naruto took advantage of his mate's brief befuddlement and lifted his knees to aid the penetration, both of them shivering and moaning. Sasuke's swollen leaking tip lodged in the tightly crinkled and dewy wet entrance to Naruto's body. The wolf shook off his daze, and pulled back slightly, then moving sharply forward to thrust deeply into his precious blonde fox. Then they both froze.

The door to the suite, basically the headquarters for Naruto's ascension party, slammed open violently, and they heard both masculine and feminine laughter; drunken and carefree. Someone was coming in!

Sasuke's hips jerked with the desire to thrust anyway, and he penetrated a little deeper. Then with an oath, he tore his hips from Naruto's. He knew if he finished his thrust, he would not be able to stop, and the consequences would be very embarrassing, at least for Naruto. Sasuke couldn't care less if the whole world watched them make love. Well… okay… then he would have to kill them for seeing his Naruto in such pleasured abandon.

"God, not now," said shy blonde moaned in frustration.

Ah, fuck it. Sasuke made a few quick seals, and all that was left of them were wisps of curling smoke and the clothes that lay scattered everywhere, some, most notably Naruto's pants and underwear, torn to ribbons.

Back at the Uzumaki compound, they found Kyuubi conspicuously absent. Later, they would find out why, but at the moment, they couldn't spare him a thought. They could feel his chakra close by, calm and serene. Well, as calm and serene as a demon fox, ex lord could ever be amid humanity. Right now they had other things on their mind. Naruto was still completely enraptured, as Sasuke was still hovering against his most sensitive bits, pressing and thrusting gently against him to keep the blonde in sexual thrall.

He giggled, feeling almost drunk on Sasuke's urgent kisses. It had been so long since they had indulged in such frantic, heady passion. Surely, they'd made love just that morning, but that was something entirely different. Right now he needed his teme's wild passion, his sometimes rough pleasure. And to encourage this, tanned fingers nimbly danced between their heated bodies, reaching in to cup Sasuke's naked erection.

He groaned into Naruto's mouth and thrust himself several times into that warm and willing hand.

"Take me, Sasuke-teme, I need you so much. Make love to me now. Right now. Oh please." Naruto begged him, catching both of their weeping erections together and sliding them against each other entreatingly.

"Fuck… Naruto…" Sasuke groaned, mind spinning with desire. Without bothering with any more words, his mouth found the blonde's again, and he slid his body enticingly against the other's. The friction was delicious. Naruto moaned, his entire body delicately flushed with arousal, and his knees weakening. Gently Sasuke lowered his mate to the rug, pleased with the responses he was drawing from his dobe. Damn, Naruto felt so damned good. As Sasuke's mouth hungrily devoured his, his thumbs lightly flicked erect nipples, making Naruto quake.

The gold fox arched up to him with a gasp deep into his mouth; a soft cry of his own, for he was burning with need. Bare beneath his black wolf's heated eyes, Naruto felt on fire, and it was unbearable. "Please," he whispered, thrusting his hips up.

Using the pleasing squirming of the other, Sasuke lowered his body, his breath warm on Naruto's straining erection. His back arched, bringing the swollen, leaking close to Sasuke's parted lips. He sighed softly, seeing Naruto entreat him so, his breath washing hotly over it, making the little fox groan helplessly. He kissed the reddened tip, which hardened all the more, and Naruto whimpered, his fingers sinking into his thick black hair. His mouth worried it deliciously, teeth gently nipping, tongue firmly laving it. Naruto cried out, sensation exploding through his body, and quivering legs came up to clasp Sasuke's bare sides. The Uchiha's hands slid down that slim waist, over hips and thighs. With tender fingers, he reached up and stroked the soft dewy golden fur that so deliciously encircled Naruto's manhood.

"Oh, god, Teme," the moan was forced from his lips by gently inquisitive fingers sliding deliciously up and down his heated shaft while those pale lips suckled the tip so forcefully. Naruto's knees drew up, almost to his chin, and he trembled like a leaf in the wind as the fingers of another hand began to slowly probe his dripping entrance. Sasuke was surprised anew to feel how wetly snug, how tightly slick he was inside. He lifted his head, the plum taut head sliding free, but his fingers worked slowly deeper, feeling more heat and wetness.

"Ah, fuck," he breathed softly, this time over Naruto's unblemished navel, and the blonde shivered harder, still exquisitely sensitive there. "You're so damn wet and ready for me, Koi." Before Naruto's deeper blushing could fully kick in, Sasuke softly licked that perfect navel. His fingers delved even more deeply into his dobe's quaking body, exploring him as far as he could. Then he stilled and shuddered. Naruto was so very hot, so excruciatingly tight, so inexplicably yet exquisitely wet; he could not bear it. He would take his mate lustily, as he wanted and needed to. Oh, god, how he would ride him!

Naruto cried out when that mouth and those fingers stilled, arching against him in desperation. "Teme," he begged breathlessly, "stop teasing me! Please, please take me. Love me. Love me now." Slim fingers tugged insistently on dark hair.

He knew he couldn't, not yet. He would never last. If he entered Naruto now, he would come immediately. He was an Uchiha; he couldn't have that. He wanted it to last. He had to taste him, to drink of his climax before he risked penetrating the delicious blonde. His lips found a hard tip again, and Naruto gave a small cry of astonishment. When Sasuke's tongue found his tender slit and flicked it, he shuddered.

"Teme, god, what… what are you doing… my god… I can't… I'm gonna…" The words were lost in a long low moan of pleasure, and he came hotly into a smirking mouth. Sasuke latched on even harder, drinking deeply as the blonde writhed and contorted in pleasurable agony, his body a high, hard arch of climax. Finally, Naruto collapsed, and lay there, panting wildly, his fingers knotted in inky hair.

Sasuke shuddered, the taste of his mate thick and sweet on his tongue. God, how he loved making Naruto come in his mouth. His penis was throbbing painfully, swollen to the point of bursting. He'd come a little too, and he could feel the hot sticky wetness of the rug fibers against his pulsing organ. He found he was thrusting gently against the carpet. He had to do it, whether he came right away or not. He had to have his dobe's hot tight core against his heated iron shaft; he had to release his scalding seed into Naruto's pulsing sheath.

Softly, he bit Naruto's tip, and the little fox gasped, and Sasuke felt it twitch against his tongue. Fuck, Naruto was such a responsive creature. Good. He battered that swollen bulb with his tongue until it lurched against his lips, tiny beads of sweetness oozing from it. Naruto was gasping and sobbing with pleasure and abandon, and Sasuke felt his mate was close to another orgasm. Even better. He bit it softly again, gently raking lip sheathed teeth against it, and Naruto screamed in pleasure, arching hard in climax once more.

Now, god, now.

Sasuke slid up Naruto's body, riding the crest of his arch. With one hand gripping his jerking shaft as it spat a little again in his excitement, the other spread spasming cheeks wide. With one smooth gliding motion, he thrust deeply into his mate. Naruto screamed again, his orgasm almost intolerably pleasurable. Sasuke's penis had driven so hard and fast into him, splitting him wide open, and he was mindless with pleasure. When that rod drove deeply into him, Sasuke's hands fell away, pushing Naruto's thighs up and open, until his knees were just below his chin again. Sasuke's mouth fused to his, swallowing those delicious screams, making little animal moans and grunts of his own as he rode his dobe hard and deep. He was coming in him, oh god, so hard and deep. His penis twitched and jerked, and he shuddered wildly, emptying himself into his blonde's slick and silken depths. He was riding him so hard, he was pushing Naruto's body across the rug with every violent thrust, but it was so good, for both of them. Finally, he could take no more, and ground himself into other, and both of them felt his penis throbbing and writhing so deeply embedded, felt each hot pulsating jet of semen that exploded into his body, mirrored by hot wet splashes against Sasuke's belly.

That night, they never made it to bed, but fell deep into slumber, wet, sticky, and still tangled together. Tomorrow was soon enough for deep thoughts and actions again. Tomorrow was soon enough to be Lord and Guardian. But right now, they were simply Naruto and Sasuke; lovers, mates, friends, and together… forever.


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