My Prince and I

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Hi Everyone, this is my first OHSHC fic. This is dedicated to my good friend Emily for her love of TamaxHaru pairings. Takes long place after episode 26.

Haruhi POV

I stared into the mirror looking into my chocolate brown eyes.

Why did I fall in love with Tamaki-senpai? Why, oh, why!?

"HARUHI!" Tamaki-senpai's voice rises.

His loud shouts are very annoying.

"Tono, your not allowed in here," the twins say simultaneously as they cover my dressing room.

The costs of everything for them are beyond compare.

"But I wanna give my daughter flowers," Tamaki-senpai whined.

"I don't want them," I reply.

"Haruhi doesn't want them," Tamaki-senpai sulks as mushrooms grow.

His sulking annoys me.

"Haruhi," Tamaki-senpai call out as he pulls me into a hug.

"Let me go senpai," I say over until he finally stops.

I absolutely hate his hugs.

"My daughter hates me," Tamaki-senpai pouts, "Mother!!"

And the fact that I only want one father doesn't cross his mind.

"I was only protecting you," Tamaki-senpai says.

"I don't need protection," I harshly reply.

His tries to protect me don't help at all sometimes.

...but sometimes, it makes him look very cool.

I can feel it, I'm falling into the water. SPLASH!

"Haruhi," Tamaki-senpai calls out.

Before I know it, Tamaki-senpai pulls my body up.

He looks very cool, but I won't tell him.

And his bright eyes always make me happy.

"Haruhi," Tamaki-senpai shouts, "Let's go!"

His outrageous gestures are always kind.

"See I'm Tamaki-oneesan," Tamaki begged, "So please stay in the club."

He's there to catch me always.

"Eep," I murmured as I slip of a banana.

I landed on something soft, when I open my eyes. I see Tamaki-senpai.

"Haruhi, are you alright," he says worriedly.

His smiles brighten up my day.

"Time to start Host Club," he smiles.

He chose me out of all the girls, even Eclair, Even losing the chance to see his mom.

I hold my hand out in hopes of Tamaki-senpai coming back. I fall back, once again into the water. I watch him sit there, have I failed. I close my eyes ready to fall into the depths of the water. Somethings tugs me, when I open my eyes. I am in Tamaki-senpai's arms.

He's the one who brought me to the Host Club. He's the one who annoys the heck out of me. He's the one who rescues me. He's the one I care about. He's my senpai and the one I love.

"Haruhi," my father, Ryoji, calls out.

I snap out of my trance and pull something from behind me onto my face

"I'm ready," I reply.

He grabs my my arm as he takes my into the large room. For here is where we met, and here is where I fell in love. The Music Room.

Because I don't mind saying I do to this idiot. I pull my white wedding dress and my father begins to take me down to aisle.

To my prince, to my love, Tamaki.

I stare into the eyes and the smile that make me smile and laugh.

"Haru-chan," "Haruhi," the old host club call out.

But I drown them out as I look at Tamaki.

I know that I am truly happy when I am next to him.

"You may kiss the bride," the priest says.

As we share the kiss that we were longing to do.

We are finally together.

My prince and I.

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