title Regret Tastes Cold

title Regret Tastes Cold

author khushiyan

fandom;characters Avatar: The Last Airbender; Zuko/Katara

rating U

prompt 032. regret

setting Set after B3, Chap. 12. Read Dirty Linen and Other Lies for a sense of continuity. :)

summary Zuko can't help but be annoyed at the lack of group acceptance. Really, a character study of sorts. His unconscious thoughts are in (brackets) to make life more difficult!

If there's one thing he regrets the most, it's the fact that they never understood him. Even though he had been a part of the group for a few days, there was still a sense of unease throughout the group. Only Toph, the blind girl, and Aang, the Ava-(he had to stop adding descriptions to everyone...) were treating him with some sense of normality. The rest either ignored him because of a certain someone (the peasant girl) or she was the peasant.

He forgets the part where he knows it's not going to be easy to win trust, adoration, glory, his country, his honour but only because he's tired of it all.

He also purposely forgets the part where he chose not to tell them anything. He knows that telling them his secrets and his past will help them to understand him, but how can he say it? How is he supposed to tell them the sad and physically painful (well, for him anyway) story that he called "My life"? They would never believe it, and even if they did, would they care? Would they even realise that what they were hearing is difficult for even Zuko himself to comprehend, let alone for them to?

So when Katara drops the serving spoon back into the pot of porridge just as it's his turn to be served and slips a flat "sorry" to him, he sighs and wishes that they would get to know him soon. And when he tastes the cold porridge, he wishes that they would hurry up and 'know' him already before he died of food poisoning, another flavour of regret.