Title: Blast From The Past

Title: The Fifth Element Torchwood style

Author: Wereleopard

Rating: will be nc-17

Pairing: Jack/Ianto,

Spoilers: Ummm all of Torchwood cause you need to know the characters and the film The Fifth Element

Summary: Jack Harkness, a taxi driver gets dragged back into his ex-military life style when a perfect stranger lands in his cab going by the name of Ianto.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Torchwood, or The Fifth Element. I wish.

Chapter One

A young boy and his mule zigzag along the bottom of sun scorched dunes until they finally make it to the temple. A few tents dwarfed by a huge temple door jutting out of the sand. The camp is deserted except for kids buy the temple entrance holding large mirrors, reflecting light into the temple.

The young boy makes his way uneasily down a pillared corridor that opened up into a vast room where an old scientist stands on a small wooden ladder in front of the wall across the room. A young man is beside him he has a large sketchpad in his hands. Behind him Gray holds the last mirror which shines light into the expansive room.

"When the three planets are in eclipse." Dr Copley's fingers trace across the wall which is covered with symbols and strange hieroglyphics as he deciphers it. "The black hole like a door is open, evil comes sowing terror and chaos. See? The Ultimate Evil, Andy. The Ultimate Evil, make sure you get the snake."

Dr Copley points emphatically to the snake, the symbol of Evil coming through the door between the three planets in eclipse. Andy's hand sketches the snake quickly.

"And when is this door opening snake act supposed to occur?" Andy asks.

Copley's fingers touch the signs. "Of this is the five, and this is the thousand." He calculates it in his mind. "Every five thousand years."

"So I have some time." Andy mutters as he reaches for the pad.

Jonah standing at the entrance to the chamber with the water bag, entranced by the sight in front of him. A skeletal hand falls on his shoulder. Jonah turns to an ancient priest in a rough milled black Cannock.

Beth smiles at him. "I will take it to them my son." Startled but obedient, Jonah gives the water bag to the priest. "Go with God, be save from evil."

The priest makes the sign of the Cross on the boy's forehead, dismissing him. As soon as Jonah is gone, the priest turns worried eyes to Dr Copley.

Dr Copley is still translating as Andy is sketching.

"Then arrange the elements of life against the terror." His fingers carry on moving. "Water, fire, earth, air four elements around the fifth." His fingers fall on the one element that has a human shape, surrounded by all the others.

The priest opens the water and begins to pour a vial of powder into the skin.

Gray is falling asleep and as he does the mirror falls, the light falls.

"Gray! Light!" Dr Copley calls out.

The boy struggles to stay awake; the mirror comes up catching the light once again.

"Lord forgive me, they already know too much." Beth whispers.

"In which all the history of the universe resides. All the strength, all the hope, protect us from evil." Dr Copley mutters.

"Amen." Beth says aloud.

Dr Copley turns to the priest who is pouring water into a tin cup from the skin.

"Beth, it is the most extraordinary thin, the greatest find in history. Can you imagine the implications?"

"Only too well, here you must be parched." Beth places a fake smile on her face.

She hands the cup to Dr Copley, he takes it, raises it to his lips and then stops. "I mean look, it is like a battle plan." Beth breathes deeply trying to not get annoyed or to force the man to drink the water. "Here the Good. Here the Evil." He points to the wall and then to the five elements. "A weapon against evil. Amazing! I am going to be famous."

Beth once again tries to get him to drink. "Then let us toast to your fame! Drink"

"To fame. Salud." Dr Copley once again lifts the tin cup up and looks into it. "We cannot toast with water. Andy! In my sack, the Grappa."

Beth watches disconsolate as Dr Copley tosses away his water, sighing to herself quietly as Andy runs down the tunnel to get the drink.

A muffled sound grows steadily louder. Outside, a monstrous shadow disturbs the kid's game and gradually darkens the temple entrance. Andy is looking for the grappa in the doctor's bag. A sound catches his attention; slowly he leans out of the tunnel and sees part of the spaceship. Andy is frozen to the spot.

Dr Copley keeps reading over the inscription. "This perfect person, this perfect being."

In the tunnel Andy now manages to move and presses himself against the wall, in the shadows, terrified, but sketching away as large shadowed figures lumber past him.

The older man still standing reading the wall. "Divine light, hmmmm" At that moment, the reflection from Gray's mirror drops again. The light fails. "Gray light!" The room is flooded with light all of a sudden. "Better, this is the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen."

He turns around and is lifted up and carried off to the side by the aliens. The Kommander stops in front of Beth who is on her knees facing the ground.

"Master, he was about to discover everything but I had the situation under control." Beth explained still on her knees.

The two Dogon guards hold the doctor three feet off the ground.

Dr Copley struggles his voice filled with panic. "Who are you? Are you Germans?" The Dogon shakes its head.

Andy struggles forward, a machine pistol in his hand.

The Kommander holds out his hand to the priest.

"What did I do wrong?" Beth asks as she jumps to her feet.

The Kommander looks at her. "You and the ones before you have done your work well, but we have to recover the elements. They are no longer safe here on Earth

"But what happens when evil returns." Beth whispered.

"In three hundred years when evil reappears so shall we."

It walks over to the wall and holds up one of its hands which is covered in a metal glove, which on the end of one finger is an intricate key which the Kommander slides into a gap that opens the wall.

"Amazing." Dr Copley exclaims.

The Kommander turns and crooks a finger. One of the Dogon waves his hand and presses something into the doctor's back, the man falls to the ground dead.

The Dogon steps into a vast room. The ceiling is very high and pyramid-shaped. In each corner of the room, four vessels containing the four elements. In the middle, an opaque sarcophagus rests on an altar.

"Take them." The Kommander ordered and watched as the Dogon guards moved the elements back to their ship.

Andy staggers through, the gun still in his hand, eyes widening as he sees the doctor dead on the ground.

"Stop." Andy shouts, he trips and the gun goes off.

"NO!" Beth screams as the doors start to close on the Kommander. "You have to hurry there isn't much time."

"Time is of no importance, only life. Pass on just as it was passed onto you." The Kommander said his last words as the wall closed and only a glove with the key on the end poked out.

Beth takes the key. " I will do as you say." She says shouting up to the sky.