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Harry was lying awake on his cold hard bed, it was 2; 30 in the morning and he'd been back at number four for over four weeks now. It had been five weeks since the incident at the ministry, and the loss of his godfather, every night he would wake from harebell nightmares about his parents, Sirius or Cedric all blaming him for their deaths.

Since his return from school his aunt and uncle just ignored him, so he spent most of his time in his room or out at the park down the street. He was thinking over the events of the fateful night when he heard a voice. He jumped off her bead and went threw the windows open to check who had arrived.

Walking down the street to number four were, two people wearing hooded wizarding robes. Harry leapt into action and grabbed his wand off the bedside table. When he got back to the window the two people were walking through the gate, one lagging behind as if not wanting to be there at all.

The next thing that was heard was a knock on the door which maid Harry think 'what death eater would knock on the door?' Harry heard his uncle stomp past his door, cursing loudly then stomping down the stairs. Harry moved to his room door and opened it, he then moved to the top of the stairs where he could see his uncle opening the door.

"What do you mean by calling at this hour?" his uncle yelled as he opened the door. When Vernon was who it was he reddened "What do you want?" he snarled. All of a sudden he was walking back into the house and Harry could see who was at the door. It was none other then Professor Snape.

"What do you think I want" Snape snarled back, then he looked up the stairs at Harry "Potter, go pack your trunk and get your things." Harry looked at his Professor for a second then nodded and moved back to his room.

When he came back a few minutes later Snape still had his wand pointed at his uncle, "Ready?" Snape asked. Harry just nodded. Snape looked at Harry's trunk, muttered an incantation, and Harry's trunk shrunk. Harry then put it in his pocket. "Come on Potter we need to get going" Snape snarled in his usual tone before turning and walking out the door with Harry following close behind, leaving Uncle Vernon staring at their backs.


As Harry stepped out into the night air he saw for the first time the other person that was with Snape, Draco Malfoy was standing with his back to the house, but you could see it was him by the distinguishable blond hair. Snape walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, from what Harry could tell Draco filched in pain.

Draco turned to look at his Professor, then to Harry "Potter" he acknowledged him and for the first time it was not snarled in a cruelly.

"Malfoy" Harry said back

"Come both of you, we have to be going" Snape said before walking back down the road the two boys walking after him.

When they reached the park where Harry would come to gain refuge from his relatives Snape stopped suddenly catching something out of the corner of his eye. He turned to the two boys and pulled a quill out of his pocket still watching the happenings of that instant, Harry had seen something as well "Take it and go the headmaster" Snape said, then he took out his wand

"What about you?" Malfoy asked,

"I'll meet you there" Snape answered. Both boys grabbed the quill as two masked figures stepped out of the bushes. The next thing both boys new they were on the front lawn of Hogwarts.

"They were death eaters weren't they" Harry said to Malfoy, Draco looked at Harry and nodded, then moved up to the castle doors Harry right behind.

The castle was dark as the boys walked threw it to the headmasters office, Malfoy looked at the sleeping paintings as they walked by "do you now why were hear?" Harry finally asked

Malfoy looked at him before answering "Voldemort found out where you were. Snape was there when he sent someone to kill you" then he turned back.

"Why are you here then?" Harry asked as they stopped in front on the gargoyle in front of Dumbledore's office.

"Don't suppose you no the password?" Draco said changing the subject

"No" Harry said.

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy what in the name of Merlin are you doing hear?" a stiff Scottish voice called from behind them. Both boys turned

"Professor McGonagall" they both said

When neither boy answered she asked again "what are you doing hear?"

"Professor Snape said to go to the Headmaster" Harry answered

She thought for a moment then nodded and moved past them and said "candy floss". At her words the gargoyle jump aside and the three headed up the stairs.

When they reached the door McGonagall walked straight up with Harry and Draco close behind, they could see Dumbledore coming down the steps, he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the two boys, he then looked at McGonagall.

"I do not no Albus" she answered his questioning eyes, Dumbledore moved down the steps and to his desk, he waved his wand and three chair appeared and the four occupants sat down.

"Would either of you care to tell me how you got to Hogwarts, and why you are not in you homes?" Albus asked

But before either boy could ask the door swung open and Snape walked in "they are here because the dark lord new how to get Potter and because Malfoy has finally realized that the light side is right"

Harry looked at Malfoy who was just looking at his hands; Harry had a feeling that there was something else to what Snape just said about Malfoy.

They all sat in silence for a moment before Dumbledore spoke "It is late, boys I will have the house elves make up your rooms" then he clapped his hand and two elves appears, Dumbledore asked them to take both Harry and Draco to there room's.

"We will talk more in the morning boys" Dumbledore said before Harry and Draco popped out of the room.

As soon as they were gone Snape spoke "Narcissa is dead. Voldemort killed her in front of Draco" McGonagall gasped, astounded.

"Albus what will happen to him?" she asked

"I will take him. I am his godfather and the next legal guardian"

Dumbledore nodded "Yes that is right. But what about Harry? Why would you take him from the care of his family?"

"Voldemort has found out that his family have not loved and cared for him as they should have for the spell you placed on the house to be fully affected." Snape said as he sat in the seat across from the headmaster and put his head in his hands "he will know I betrayed him by now" Snape said at Dumbledore's curios look he continued "Just as we were leaving Potter's aunt's place two death eaters arrived, Gorgon and Morris, they saw me give the boys a port key. We had a bit of a run in before I could apparate."

Dumbledore looked at Snape "why didn't you contact me when you found out?"

"Because Voldemort sent them before killing Narcissa, I thought I was going to be too late anyway." Snape replied.

There was a long silence before Minerva spoke "What will happen to the boys? You can not send Harry to the Burrow .It's not got the right place, or Grimmauld place, I highly doubt he will want to stay there. And when Voldemort realizes that Draco and Severus have abandoned him then neither will be safe"

Dumbledore nodded "Yes, that will have to be discussed, but it is late. We will talk more in the morning when our minds are a little less worn out." he said as he rose, the other tow did the same.

"Good night Professor Dumbledore, Minerva." Snape said before leaving

Minerva looked at Dumbledore, but before she could speak "I know my dear, we will think of something". She nodded and moved to follow Severus out the door. Dumbledore sat back at his desk knowing that he would not sleep to night, he looked at Fawkes "I believe we have a bit of a problem" and the bird sang in reply.