How Many?

Joanne let out a pleasurable sigh as she fell against the bed breathlessly, her body currently drugged with that pleasant feeling of orgasmic bliss.

"You are so good at that…" Joanne whimpered her body slowly calming down.

Maureen crawled up the bed, popping out from under the covers, hovering over Joanne with a playful smile on her face. "That's what all my girlfriends say."

"Shut up!" Joanne giggled, hitting Maureen's shoulder.

Maureen laughed, lowering herself on Joanne, giving her a long drawn out kiss, before rolling to her side of the bed.

Joanne turned on her side, propping herself up on her elbow, the wheels in her head turning as she studied Maureen. Maureen turned her head to face Joanne, knowing the lawyer had something on her mind.


Joanne shook her head clear, "Nothing."

"Tell me." Maureen smirked, poking Joanne in the shoulder, urging her to carry on.

"Okay..." Joanne said, letting her eyes fall to her hand, which was drawing small invisible circles on the sheets. "How many..." she paused for a second, but then decided to go for it, her interest nagging her to ask this question," How many people have you been with?"

Maureen's face completely fell at the question, not at all prepared for it. Their relationship was fantastic right now, minimal fighting, and lots of sex. If the diva gave her a number, it would for sure trigger a useless fight.

So Maureen rolled on her side, shutting her eyes tightly, "I'm tired, goodnight!" She added quickly, pulling the covers over her head.

Joanne giggled, and reached out pulling the blanket back. She shifted closer to Maureen draping an arm over her waist. "Honeybear, come's a simple question, how many people have you slept with before me?"

Maureen let out a fake snore. "I'm sleeping."

"Come on Maureen." Joanne said, "We always talk after sex, let's talk now..."

"Okay...the truth is..." Maureen began as she rolled over to face Joanne, her expression full of excitement, "I only ever slept with you and Mark. I lied about everyone else...I know I'm ashamed...but-" Maureen's face fell at Joanne's reaction, "You're laughing..."

"Because you're lying through your ass!" Joanne snorted.

"How dare you accuse me of lying?" Maureen said, hurt in her voice. "You know what...I'm not talking to you for the rest of the night...goodnight!" with that she rolled on her back and closed her eyes.

"Maureen...drop the act okay." Joanne said, "Remember back before we started dating? The first time I laid eyes on you, you were half naked, trying to get away from some woman's angry boyfriend because she cheated on him with you."

Maureen smiled at the memory, letting the flashback replay in her head. "I, her and her boyfriend had a threesome three days later..."

" and I went on a date three days later..." Joanne said, "Now that I think about it, you were late for that date too!"

"Not because of the threesome..." Maureen quickly lied, "because I was...trying to ditch Mark..."

"Oh..." Joanne said, getting lost in thought for a moment. "Well yeah, I know you've been with more than two people...and I know it's at least four tell me for real, how many?"

"Come on Joanne I don't wanna play this game." Maureen whined, "Can't we leave at least at little bit of mystery in our relationship? Somebody always gets hurt when this question pops up and the truth comes out."

"Come on I want to know..." Joanne said, while seductively walking her fingers up Maureen's arm. "I won't get mad or've grown up a lot since then, I know you're mine now..." she smirked, kissing Maureen's shoulder.

Maureen smiled at the thought. She had grown up a little, and she didn't admit it to anyone else, but she loved the thought of being Joanne's. But that still didn't change her mind about telling Joanne her number.

"What is it?" Joanne smiled, "Eight? Nine? Even maybe ten?"

Oh boy Joanne has no idea...

"Mine is five..." Joanne willingly answered, while curling up on Maureen's side, resting her head on the diva's shoulder, her finger drawing soothing circles on the diva's firm stomach.

"Good for you Pookie." Maureen said, kissing the lawyer on the forehead. "Tell me about them..." She said, trying to avoid her turn to answer the question.

"You really want to know about my past sexual experiences?" Joanne asked with wide, questioning eyes.

"Yeah, why not? The past is the past right?" Maureen asked.

" first time was in my dorm room at Miss. Porter's..." She began, filling Maureen in on her past relations with people. A half hour later, she finished with, "And then number five was with you."

"Interesting..." Maureen said, pulling Joanne close. "Let's go to sleep now."

"Maureen." Joanne sighed, "Come on I told you my number..."

"But I didn't ask." Maureen said.

"Please..." Joanne said, her tongue swirling up Maureen's neck, until it came to a stop so she could plant sweet, wet kisses behind her ear, the diva's favorite spot to be kissed.

"Fine..." Maureen moaned, and let a random number slip from her mouth, "It's ten." She lied, flipping Joanne on her back. "Happy now?"

Joanne only nodded, getting the impression Maureen was lying, but she didn't provoke anything as Maureen trailed kisses down her chest, her head disappearing under the covers, her kisses traveling down her stomach. "Oh yeah…I'm happy." Joanne sigh contently, her eyes involuntarily closing, a smile on her face, her curiosity slipping away with each moan.

The next morning, while the diva was asleep, Joanne snuck out of bed, curiosity once again surging through her body, knowing for a fact that Maureen had lied about her number. So she did the next best thing and called Collins, the one person who knew Maureen even more than the diva knew herself.

Joanne sunk onto the couch, a blanket wrapped around her still naked figure. She picked up the phone and began to dial Collins' number. The professor picked up after two things, causing the lawyer to smile.

"Hey Collins…I need to ask you something about Maureen." Joanne smirked, her fingers playing with the cord of the phone, desperately wanting to know how many people Maureen had slept with.

"Sure." Collins said, and even though Joanne couldn't see him, she could picture that big grin of his plastered on his face.

"How many people has Maureen ever slept with?" Joanne asked, "She told me to ask you." She quickly added, knowing Collins wouldn't give her an answer right away, if he didn't have permission from Maureen to do so.

Collins chuckled loudly, and he mumbled an answer over the phone, causing Joanne's face to drop, her body sinking into the couch with disappointment, but it didn't stop her lungs from working as she screamed out in shock,


Maureen bolted awake, her heart pounding in her chest as she heard Joanne's voice echo through the apartment, a number attached to that angry voice. It wasn't just any number either, it was her number.

"I'm going to kill Collins!" Maureen swore under her breath, as she jumped out of bed and quickly pulled her clothes on. "But first I am going to get away from Joanne before she can kill me!"

With that, the diva pulled on a sweat shirt and pants, and ran for the window, hoping she could make a get away down the fire escape before her angry girlfriend did God only knows what to her for being such a...what's the word, slut!

The End!


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