There Goes My Life 2: Hannah learns the truth, all of it.

Sequel to There Goes My Life. This one will tie up all the loose ends from that story. Read it first, or some things won't make sense.

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Hannah Reese walked into her dorm room -101- with her best friend, Claire Matthews. They had just gotten there two days ago. Claire had a date with a cute boy named Cody in an hour. She was getting ready. After she got ready, she decided to wait for Cody in the lounge. Hannah decided to stay there. She looked in the closet, and on the very high, top shelf, she noticed a shoebox. She reached up and grabbed it. She plopped down on her bed, and looked at the box.

Our Personal Time-Capsule Box- Class of 2009 was written across the front. That's the year my parents graduated from here, Hannah thought. She opened the box and looked in. It was notes, printed out emails, and letters. There were report cards and everything filling the box. She took out the first letter, and opened it up. She skimmed it over, and thought she knew some of the hand-writing from somewhere. She began to read the letter, slowly at first.


Hey, what's up? Want to go for sushi tonight? Oh wait, dumb question. You have a date with your 'just friend'. How could I forget that? Ha Ha. Well, I guess I'll go talk to Michael or something. Talk to you later.

-Nicole (that's my mom..., Hannah thought)


Nothing is up. Just out of curiosity, why are you writing me a letter? We live in the same room, not to be rude or anything. Chase really is just my friend, Nicole. Do you like Michael or something? You sure been talking about him a lot lately. Later.

Zoey (Michael? Who's that? My mom, Nicole is married to my dad, Logan, not some Michael...Hannah thought)


I don't know. I guess I just felt like writing a letter. I was bored, ha-ha. You like Chase and you know it, Brooks. When we grow up, I swear you're gonna marry him. like Michael? I...don't talk about him a lot, at least I don't think I do. Oh gosh, Zoey I think I like Michael. See you in the dorm tonight.


Hannah's eyes slowly lifted from the page. Her mom, Nicole, liked a boy named Michael? But then how is her dad...not Michael? Zoey and Chase? That must be Claire's parents. I'm not going to tell anyone about this box, though. I'll just slowly look through the box, and learn about my parents. She looked in the box and took out the next letter, which was an email.

From: Logan Reese
To: Dana Cruz
Subject: I need to talk to you
Date: October 8th, 2008


Hey what's up? How's stuff? Well. I want to talk to you. But I don't know if I really want to tell you something this important over email. (Oh no, Hannah thought, please say it here.) But, I don't think I can say it in person. You know I like you...a lot. But this isn't going to go very well. All I can think to say is...please don't hate me.

A few nights ago...I...well me and Nicole...we...slept together...oh gosh...Dana what was I thinking?...Well, today Nicole came to me...and said something awful. This is our conversation...okay?

Nicole: I'm pregnant...
Me: No, you're not.
Nicole: Yes, I am. I took the test, it was blue. (cue tears forming)

Oh..Dana. I'm so sorry. I guess I'm not a very faithful boyfriend, am I? Please don't hate me...okay? Well...that's it. I mean, I thought you should know. And if I know you as well as I think I're probably going to come storming up to me soon, and dump me. I'm such an idiot.


Hannah looked up and thought about this. Her parents slept together...but it wasn't supposed to happen? Who is Dana? That must've been dad's girlfriend at the time...since he talked about her dumping him, Hannah thought. Gosh, what a rough way to end a relationship...poor Dana, whoever that is. She picked up the next piece of paper, it was just a note that had what looked like History notes on the back.


What the --? You and Nicole? How could you do that to Dana? You know, she cried over you all last night. Gosh Logan, you're worse than we thought. Nicole is so upset, and Dana is ready to attack her. Know what? Dana was seriously thinking about telling you she loved you...gosh...what a jerk. Don't answer me back, Mr. Bender is starting to get suspicious.


So...I was a mistake? My dad and mom didn't mean to get pregnant. I need to talk to someone, but who? I can't tell Claire, she'd freak. I'll go look for someone I've already met. Maybe I can talk to them.

Hannah left her room, with the box under her arm. She looked around campus, until her eyes landed on Quentin, a boy from her Algebra class. He seemed nice, and maybe she could talk to him.

"Hi Quentin. You might not know me, but I'm in your Algebra class and my name is Hannah Reese. I was wondering if you'd want to talk to me...because I really need someone to talk to. It's about these letters, in this box."

"Umm...okay. I'll talk to you. Wait, did you say Hannah Reese?" Quentin looked up to meet her eyes, and she frowned.

" last name is Reese. Why?"

"My mother and my dad, they were always talking about this guy named Logan Reese and how mad they are at him. Did he go to PCA too?" Quentin looked around, then back at Hannah. "Did you want to sit?"

Hannah plopped down on the grass beside him and smiled. "Thanks. What's your parent's names? Yea, those letters...they explain a lot. I think I might even know why your parents are mad at my dad."

" mom's name is Lola and my dad is James. They got together in their senior year of high school. They say that it was in junior and senior year that it all went down."

"Yea...maybe you can help me understand a little more. I know somethings..but some parts just aren't there. So...we aren't going to tell anyone right? I don't want to tell anyone just yet. This can just be our little secret?" Hannah looked at him, hopefully. He nodded.

" you want to go back to my dorm? Or to the beach or something? Since your roommate might be in your dorm." His face was slightly red, and Hannah noticed. She smirked a little. She was used to boys falling for her, but it wasn't usually boys like Quentin. He was a nice boy, not a bad boy like the others.

"Umm...your dorm...won't your roommates be there?" She was smiling, watching his face.

"Oh...I guess they will be. The beach then? Is that okay with you?" His face was a little less red now, but Hannah could still sense the slight effect she was having on him.

"Umm...yea. Let's go." Hannah stood up, and turned to look at him. He was staring at her, but she didn't mind. She knew she was pretty, and she was used to guys staring at her. "Quentin? You coming?"

"Oh right." His face got red again as they walked toward the beach. When they got to the sand, Hannah slipped off her flip-flops and took off running. She turned around, and laughed.

"Come on. Bet you can't get me." She yelled and he took off toward her. She laughed as she turned back around, running toward the water. She could hear him getting closer.

"All right, I give up." She heard him say, and she smiled.

"Knew you couldn't get me." She smiled at him, and he walked up to her. She smiled again, and he blushed.

"So...uhh...about the letters..." He started to say, looking right at her.

"Oh right." She smiled a little, and sat in the sand. "We need to talk about those."

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