Hi again everyone. It may be a few more weeks until I get the next chapter even written much less posted.

Why, you ask? Because the computer that I save everything on is having problems and I have to delete everything on it so I can't save anything new on it.

If you have questions you can send me a PM with the question and I will answer. Also ideas are still welcome.

While I at it I am going to have another poll ON MY PROFILE that will last for 2 weeks it will decide who is going to come through the trees.

Hey everyone sorry that this isn't a chapter but I have decided that I could possibly maybe need a Beta Reader. I have a poll that I need all members of to go to on my profile and vote on. This poll will close on January 16, 2009 and if I have chosen to get a beta I will begin searching for one. Until I find one I will have a friend beta for me.

I am going to have the next chapter up on January 19, 2009.