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Of Amortentia & Polyjuice Potion

Chapter One

"As You Like It"

James Potter sat in the back of the classroom twirling his quill in one hand and messing up his untidy black hair with the other. Only a few words had been scribbled on the parchment lying on his desk, but he didn't have any desire to take better notes.

It was an unusually warm day for the beginning of March, and Professor Flitwick had propped open the window to let in the cool spring air while he lectured on the theory of controlling water. The result was that half the class was gazing past the tiny professor to focus on the beautiful day beyond the window and the other half were being lulled to sleep.

Next to James, Sirius Black was sprawled across his desk with one arm stretching across the tabletop, the other arm hanging limply at his side, and a puddle of drool forming at the corner of his mouth. Peter Pettigrew had his chin propped on his fist and was gazing longingly at the students gathered around the lake. More than once Pete's elbow slipped, startling him awake. Remus Lupin alone seemed unfazed by the nice weather. His quill scratched furiously across the parchment, taking down every detail of the lecture.

"Sycophant," James muttered.

"Slacker," Remus retorted, never taking his eyes off the tiny Charms professor.

James chuckled and turned back to the scene outside the window, counting the minutes until he could join the students lounging around the lake. The weather was perfect for flying too. He'd been itching to get back on a broomstick ever since the last Quidditch game against Ravenclaw. Gryffindor was sure to beat Slytherin as long as he continued to push the team as hard as he had been in training.

In a matter of minutes, his eyes had become glassy, his head was filled with thoughts of flying, and he was fighting to stay awake. He glanced at his watch again. Not three minutes had passed since he'd checked the time. He shifted positions, trying to find a more comfortable spot on his chair. Clearly Sirius had the right idea. The only way to make Charms go faster would be to sleep through it.

Normally, Charms was a more enjoyable subject. The Marauders—James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter—were free to make plans for their monthly rendezvous while they practiced with their wands. It was just their luck that Flitwick opted for a theory lecture on the first nice spring day of the year.

A girl in the front row, who had been hunched over her parchment, suddenly sat up very straight and twisted in her seat to stretch her muscles. The breeze wafting into the room caused the stray hairs that had escaped from her ponytail to flutter across her creamy skin. James watched the fiery red locks move over the graceful slope of her neck, captivated by her beauty.

She ceased stretching a moment later, and feeling his eyes on the back of her neck, spun around to face him. Lily Evans's green eyes were narrowed and blazing with unrestrained hatred. Merlin, James loved her! She had so much spirit and such witty comebacks. Sure, sometimes she crossed the line between playful banter and hostility. She was too proud to admit her mistake, of course, but James forgave her nonetheless.

"And remember," Professor Flitwick finished, "there is a mandatory meeting for all sixth-years tonight at 5 p.m. in the Potions classroom."

Evans turned away from James and gathered her belongings. He didn't have a chance to ask her to Hogsmeade—as consolation for the ego-scathing glare—because Flitwick bustled over to her before James could even stand up. Sirius, whose internal alarm clock had woken him up the moment class was over, practically pulled him out of the room.

"We've got an hour before the meeting. Let's go flying," his best friend suggested.

In his excitement, he wasn't paying attention to where he was walking and slammed into somebody waiting outside the door.

"Watch where you're going, Black!" Dorcas Meadowes snapped.

Sirius turned to her smoothly, his gray eyes raking in her tall, slender frame hidden behind Hufflepuff robes. She wasn't the most popular girl at Hogwarts for nothing. She was a Greek goddess with a Kentish accent—dark flowing hair, amber eyes, and olive skin. James and Remus disagreed with Sirius on this, but Pete was on his side. Brunettes beat redheads any day of the week.

"Sorry, Meadowes. How can I make it up to you? A quick trip to a broom cupboard, maybe?"

"I imagine your trips to broom cupboards probably are quick, Black."

Sirius's smile slipped off his face. He didn't miss Remus turning away to "cough." He'd have to have a chat with his Marauder-in-arms about choosing better friends.

"Hey, Anna," Pete mumbled, blushing and averting his eyes.

Sirius, James, Remus, and Dorcas glanced at Annabel Knight to gauge her reaction. She wasn't a beauty like Dorcas and Lily, but neither was she ugly. James and Sirius had decided that she was cute. She had blonde hair that was frizzy more than curly, a button nose, and rather small lips. She also wasn't the intellectual virtuoso like her two best friends, but she made decent enough marks to tutor Pete in Care of Magical Creatures.

"Ugh," she responded.

James tried not to roll his eyes. Yeah, those two had a bright future ahead of them. Pete had fancied her since first-year and still hadn't said more than two words to her. Imagine if all he could say to Evans was: Hey. He would have been out of the running years ago. As it was, he was making excellent headway. Just the other day, when he'd asked her out, she had only rolled her eyes. Now that was progress.

"Prefect meeting at eight o'clock tomorrow," Dorcas reminded Remus. "This is an important one, so try to make sure the fifth-years are on time for once."

James snorted in laughter. "Yeah, Moony, you wouldn't want to miss a scintillating discussion about changing passwords and the all-important rule about no chewing gum in the prefect's bathroom."

"Hey, Potter," Dorcas snapped. When James looked at her, she continued. "Shut the hell up before I hex you."

All other conversation in the hall ceased. No one talked to James Potter like that and got away with it. Dorcas's fingers twitched, ready to grab her wand, but that wasn't necessary. Lily appeared in the corridor a moment later with Professor Flitwick.

"Is there a problem?" the professor inquired.

"Absolutely not, professor," Dorcas replied. "Potter was accepting that I've taken five points from Gryffindor with grace and dignity, as one would expect of him."

She smirked darkly at James as Professor Flitwick praised his good attitude and scolded him for losing points.

"Let's get out of here before Flitwick does," Annabel recommended.

The three girls headed down the hallway towards the library, where they always went after their last class before dinner. Madam Pince smiled stiffly at the girls as they walked past her desk. They took their usual table in the corner of the library between the Ancient Rune dictionaries and the bound editions of the Daily Prophet.

"What's on the agenda for today?" Lily asked. "Arithmancy or … Divination?"

She looked pleadingly at Dorcas. Equations and conversions she could figure out in time, but crystal balls and palmistry were like foreign languages to her.

"Can one of you proofread my Potions essay? Professor Slughorn has been hounding me about improving my grade," said Annabel.

"You should have asked last week!" Dorcas cried, aghast. "Now we can't properly help you."

Annabel shoved the parchment at Dorcas irritably. "Just look it over for me, okay? I'll quiz you on palmistry vocabulary, Lily. Then Dorcas can teach us how to do it."

The next half hour was frustrating for all three girls. Lily became upset when she couldn't rattle off the meaning of various words and lines on the palm, Annabel had to look up every answer and read it verbatim, and Dorcas couldn't concentrate with her two friends bickering.

"I give up!" Lily exclaimed, earning a reproachful glare from Madam Pince. "Let's just go to the meeting early."

As usually happened, the three girls arrived first. Professor Slughorn was piddling away at the student store cupboard, refilling jars and magically sealing them tight, while Professor Sprout rearranged chairs so that everyone could sit comfortably. The Herbology teacher beamed brightly at the girls.

"Always prompt, always helpful," she chirped. "Would you girls mind finishing up? There are some forms I'd like to sort out before more students show up." She cast a disapproving glare at the back of Slughorn's head.

"Of course, Professor Sprout."

Dorcas, Lily, and Annabel pulled out their wands and finished pushing the tables to the walls and lining up rows of chairs.

Twenty minutes later, the Potions class room was packed to its limit. The dungeon room was never meant to hold forty students. Every movement threatened to dislodge some precariously placed jar or topple a stack of books perched on a high shelf.

Slughorn surveyed the room with furrowed eyebrows. The students on the right three-quarters of the room were a jumbled grouping of Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, and Hufflepuffs. Many, like Dorcas, Lily, and Annabel, had strong inter-House friendships. Slytherin House, however, sat huddled together on the left side of the room.

"Well, now that we're all here, let's begin. Since this was Professor Sprout's idea, I'll let her explain," Slughorn said. He shuffled back to his desk and sat down in his comfortable armchair.

"Thank you, Horace. This year is a very special year for sixth-years at Hogwarts. Due to the excellent performance on your OWLs, and because a record number of students are taking both Herbology and Potions as NEWT classes, Headmaster Dumbledore has granted myself and Professor Slughorn permission to offer a Field Study course over Easter weekend."

A murmur of excitement passed through the students. Field trips were not common at Hogwarts, except the routine days in Hogsmeade. When Sprout raised her hand, silence fell over the students.

"I warn you now that this is not any ordinary field trip. It is a Field Study and will count towards one credit of Ministry-approved, post-Hogwarts training." Another ripple passed through the students, but only the academically minded few. "You will be learning a great deal about advanced potion-making and Herbology, but I tell you also, on this Field Study, you will be working much, much harder than in any Hogwarts classroom.

"I believe Professor Slughorn is handling the … ah, legal … side of this Study," Sprout concluded, retiring from her place at the front of the students.

Slughorn stood up and motioned to a tall stack of parchment. "Those of you wishing to take part in the Field Study must fill out this application." He waved around a thick scroll. "You should also attach a letter explaining why you feel you should be chosen, including your plans for a career. This," he picked up another scroll, "is to be owled to your parent or guardian, reviewed, and signed."

"We need permission to take a class?" someone whispered to their neighbor.

"Yes," Slughorn responded. "You see, the Field Study will take place inside the Forbidden Forest."

The loudest murmur yet passed through the students. Some were nervous, others intrigued, and still others excited.

"We must have your parents' approval on record, for insurance purposes." He muttered the last part. "The deadline for applications is March 15th, which gives you a fortnight. Don't procrastinate. There are a limited number of bunks in each tent. Well, then, if that's all said and done, I believe it's time for supper! Slug Club with me, please."

The faintest of frowns pulled at Professor Sprout's lips. Dorcas had mentioned to Lily that Sprout didn't approve of the Slug Club, even if she was friendly with Slughorn. She thought singling out students for popularity was unprofessional and mean-spirited.

All the Slug Club could talk about that night was the Field Study. Dorcas and Lily were genuinely interested in the academic aspect, but Potter and Black only wanted to explore the Forest.

"Well, we'll be in specific areas, of course," Slughorn stated, plucking a crystallized pineapple out of a dish. "We don't want students running around unchecked, now do we? The place we're going is quite safe. It's called Arden, on the northern most edge of the forest. Herbology professors have done field research there for centuries."

As the night wore on, Slughorn's tongue grew looser and looser. Soon, the entire Slug Club knew there were six spots open for boys but only five for girls—because Madam Pomfrey was coming along too; that, as a reward for helping out the school, Professor Dumbledore had granted permission for an extra Hogsmeade visit; that they were excused from Thursday and Tuesday classes; that they would be exempt from Herbology and Potions finals; and that Dumbledore himself would be judging the letters accompanying their applications.

"Now, let's not spread this around," Slughorn advised. "I wouldn't give this advantage to just anyone."

With a wink, he showed his favorite students out the door.

For the next two weeks, the sixth-years discussed little besides the Field Study. Dorcas and Annabel spent every free moment pouring over their letters: writing, rewriting, rephrasing, restarting, and scouring for mistakes. Lily didn't seem at all perturbed about her letter, which was a complete mystery to her friends.

What they didn't know was that Lily wasn't sure if she even wanted to write a letter. She was torn: Should she get some field experience in an area she might not even pursue after Hogwarts? Or study for exams that were rapidly approaching? Every time she watched Dorcas and Annabel combing through their letters, she almost asked their advice, but stopped herself at the last moment. Dorcas would overreact, and Annabel would become irritated. No, Lily would figure this out on her own.

The problem was that March 15th was a lot closer than Lily could have ever imagined. Fourteen days seemed to fly by and she had yet to make up her mind. Before she knew it, Professor Slughorn was reminding the sixth-year Potion classes that the deadline had arrived.

"Of course, Dumbledore has been reviewing your letters as they've come in. He has only a few more to go, and then the list of students can be compiled. Final decisions will be made by 6 p.m. today, and the list will be posted outside Professor Sprout's office."

Lily was shell-shocked. She never missed deadlines! She never procrastinated! She was never plagued with indecision! Now that it was too late, she was absolutely positive that she wanted to go on the Field Study.

"What's up, Lily?" Annabel asked, spreading out her homework on the study table.

Dorcas, who was color-coding her notes, seemed to notice her best friend's dejected expression for the first time. She laid down the quill dripping ink charmed to color coordinate and pushed away the sheaf of parchment. Lily took this as a sign that her friends were truly concerned. Dorcas would never miss a study session before a big test unless something very important came up.

Lily took a deep breath. Then, she told them how she had been torn about the trip, but that she wanted to go, and it was too late. As Lily predicted, Dorcas overreacted and Annabel became irritated.

"You should have told us sooner. We could have reasoned it out with you," Annabel grumbled.

"Lily! This is the single most important class we'll ever take at Hogwarts! A Field Study is a sure ticket into any training program we choose!"

The redhead pursed her lips. Sometimes their extreme moods grated on her last nerve. She loved them, and they would help her with the plan she had formulated, but Merlin, they could be more annoying than Petunia at times.

"Well then, why don't you shut-up so I can explain what we're going to do about it?"

Twenty minutes later, Annabel was staring wide-eyed at her friends. Never in Hogwarts history had two prefects and top students considered a plot so—so—well, Marauder-esque was the only word to describe it.

"You're kidding, right?" Annabel asked.

Lily and Dorcas had an incredible ability to persuade and deceive. She, on the other hand, did not have these uncanny gifts. She could barely believe her friends were considering psychological warfare against such a sweet girl as Sun Kim.

"It's the only way," Lily stated. Dorcas nodded readily. "Great. You'll need to use that wonderful ability of yours—," Lily eyed Dorcas meaningfully, and Annabel gasped. This was more serious than she thought. "—to get the information we need from Sun. Anna, you'll need to stay alert and find out how Sun is reacting our plan."

Annabel nodded absently. "What if she doesn't give in?"

"We move on to Plan B."

"What's Plan B?"

"Not a clue," Lily admitted. "We'll worry about that if Plan A fails."

James and Sirius had been practicing their scoring since Potions class let out. They took turns playing Keeper and Chaser, critiquing each other and trying out new moves. It would have been a boring game if anyone but James Potter and Sirius Black were playing it. Remus and Peter were sitting in the stands, one doing his homework, the other watching his friends' flying skills in awe.

"Hey, Remus," Pete began. When the other boy replied with an absent, "Hmm," he continued. "Who do you think they'll pick for the Field Study?"

Remus marked his place and shut the book. He knew what Peter really wanted to ask, but he wouldn't make his friend say it. Pete was worried that he would be left behind.

"Us, Lily, Dorcas, Sun … the rest depends on who wrote the best letter."

"You're sure?"

"Of course. Slughorn will make sure Padfoot and Prongs go, because they're in the Slug Club, and Professor Sprout will be delighted that you want to be a Herbologist."

He pierced his friend with a knowing look. Sirius had told Pete that a surefire way to get a spot on the trip was to suck up to one of the professors. Since Pete had higher marks in Herbology, he wrote on his application that he wanted to go on the Field Study because it was his dream to become a Herbologist for St. Mungo's. That wasn't Pete's dream at all, but Sirius was right, Professor Sprout would insist he be given a spot.

"What about you?"

Remus smiled slightly. "I'm going to be a teacher, aren't I?"

Pete grinned, thinking that Remus had done the same thing he had. If the smaller boy had paid more attention to his studious friend and less to Sirius and James, he would have known Remus would never lie on an application and that he truly did want to become a teacher.

Sirius and James landed when the light began to fade and the boys headed into the castle for dinner. A gaggle of students were crowded around a sheet of parchment hanging on the wall to the left of Professor Sprout's office door. Nearly every sixth-year was present, except for one redhead, James observed. He wondered where Evans was. This Field Study had her name written all over it. It was just the sort of thing that looked good on a résumé.

Meadowes and Knight pushed their way out of the mass of students, both looking pleased. Sirius perked up when he saw the smiles on their faces. Five days in the wilderness, picking plants and brewing potions with plenty of free time to spend with Dorcas Meadowes sounded like a worthwhile trip to him.

Finally, after many students left with dejected expressions, the Marauders were able to elbow their way to the front of the crowd. The list was written in Professor Sprout's curly handwriting and arranged in two columns, boys' names and girls' names.

Sirius Black

Remus Lupin

Garry Meade

Peter Pettigrew

James Potter

Severus Snape

Dorthea Bulstrode

Annabel Knight

Dorcas Meadowes

Tallulah Parkinson

Piper Robins

Below the names was a note: All students must attend the informative meeting on Friday, 9th of April, at 6 o'clock in Professor Slughorn's office.

James slapped Pete on the back, but made no other sign that he had been worried Wormtail wouldn't be chosen to come on the Field Study.

"But five days in the same tent with Snivellus's greasy hair?" Sirius questioned, looking at the paper in disgust.

"Five days with …," James peered over his best friend's shoulder to read the other column, "… where's Evans's name?"

"Why are there six guys and only five girls?" Pete wondered aloud.

"Because," said a voice from behind the Marauders, "Madam Pomfrey is coming along too."

Piper Robins smiled suggestively at Sirius and completely ignored the other three boys. Sirius couldn't help but notice that her robes fitted a little tighter than most other girls wore them and that her Ravenclaw crest rested lower on her lapel, as if to bring attention to her generous bosom.

"See you later, Sirius."

She walked away, swaying her hips and flipping her dark hair over her shoulder. James rolled his eyes. He'd dated Piper in third-year. But so had Elijah Diggory, Jeremiah Abbott, Preston Pierston, Miles Davis, Johnathan Wright, Frank Longbottom, Heath Marsden, and Garrison Flint. He knew what Sirius saw in her, and he couldn't blame him. But James's eyes were for Evans only.

Lily, Dorcas, and Annabel were curled up on the couches in the Prefects' Lounge discussing ways for Lily to come on the Field Study. In actuality, the Prefects' Lounge was an unused classroom converted by decades of students with inter-House friendships. It was more a gathering place for fifth-years and up than a special prefects room.

"There are no more spots open," Lily repeated, for the hundredth time. "What am I supposed to do? Get Piper to give up her spot? I'm not letting any Slytherins in on this. I can't believe Sun didn't get a place! Even Flitwick agrees that she's better at Unanimated Charms than I am."

Their plan to get Sun to give up her spot had utterly backfired. As it turned out, she hadn't even applied. Like Lily, she had been torn between experience and studying. As Ravenclaw prefect, she was under incredible pressure to do well in her classes to set an example, yet she was always shown up in grades by Gryffindors. She decided to stay behind and, for once, make top marks.

"Are you kidding? Five days in the Forbidden Forest with six virile young men? You couldn't pay Piper to give it up." The girls giggled appreciatively at Annabel's blunt observation. "No, we'll have to be a bit sneakier."

"I don't see how, considering that there are seven bunks in the tent and all seven are taken, two of them by teachers."

"You can convince someone to give up their space, can't you? You are, after all, the infamous Lily Evans who has defied the Marauders for six years. You can do anything," Dorcas laughed.

"How many times can I possibly say that there are no—"

"—more spots open. Yes, I know. Really, Lily, you need to think outside the box. There are no beds open in the girls' tent and none of us will give up a place. So, get one of the boys to stay behind," Dorcas sighed, as if this had occurred to her ages ago.

"I think there is a strict no co-ed policy at Hogwarts," the redhead countered.

"You think like a Muggle, you know that, Lily?"

Both Lily and Annabel, being Muggle-borns, didn't think there was anything particularly wrong with this.

"We have magic on our side. We can do anything! Even convincingly disguise you as a boy, Lily."

The defeated expression on Lily's face was slowly replaced with curiosity, then hesitance. "You're not actually suggesting … That's crazy, Dorcas! … Do you know how many rules we would be breaking?"

Annabel, who was thinking something drastically different than her two friends, grew increasingly concerned as the conversation progressed. When Lily finally said the words, Annabel was so relieved that Dorcas was proposing a temporary measure that she enthusiastically supported the idea.

"Do we even know how to brew Polyjuice Potion?" Lily wondered.

"We have a pass to the Restricted Section for our next Potions essay. It wouldn't look suspicious at all if we happened to check out Moste Potente Potions."

"And the ingredients?"

"Slughorn's store cupboard."

"We don't have enough time to brew it."

"It takes twenty-one days. We have twenty-eight."

Lily was torn between abiding by the rules and formulating a scheme of such epic proportions. Who would ever dream of brewing Polyjuice Potion outside of Potions class? It was an almost certain expulsion sentence. And yet, Lily was not the straight-laced prefect so many thought her to be. She had gotten into a fair share of trouble, but like Dorcas, always managed to get out of it relatively unscathed.

Dorcas could see that Lily was almost ready to give in. It was exhilarating to be on the verge of breaking a dozen school rules. Her mind was racing with ways to keep it a secret, how to cover their tracks, and what stories to tell if they were caught.

"One problem," Lily stated. "Who do I turn into?"

Garry Meade was having a wonderful day, even by his unusually high standards. He'd made top marks in Transfiguration for once, booked the Quidditch field for practice before Potter could, snogged Piper Robins in a broom cupboard, and received a spot on the Field Study. Things really couldn't get any better, he thought, sliding into a seat at a study table.

He surveyed his reflection in the dark window, pleased with what he saw. Perfect black hair, intense blue eyes, a muscular build from playing Beater for five years, and brand new Ravenclaw robes with a prefect badge pinned to the lapel. Merlin, he was a handsome bloke. No wonder Sirius Black didn't like him—competition. They looked too much alike. Any pretty girl who swooned for tall, dark, and handsome would have two men to choose from. No doubt, they would pick Garry any day of the week. He was, after all, Prefect and Quidditch Captain. Black was neither, the git.

Speaking of pretty girls, the two prettiest at Hogwarts had just walked into the library. It was a common occurrence to see Lily Evans and Dorcas Meadowes bent over tables holding spell books and dictionaries the size of paving slabs. It was the bent over part Garry appreciated more than the knowledge they were filling their heads with.

As equally nice as their backsides were, Garry thought Lily won the overall beauty contest. This was a good thing because Mr. and Mrs. Meade might use Unforgivables if their son pursued a Hufflepuff. Granted, she was a Hufflepuff with higher marks than him, but a Hufflepuff all the same. But Lily, on the other hand, Lily was a goddess born to Muggles. And the Meades really had no problem with Muggles.

As Garry figured they would, they made a beeline for him. The ladies at Hogwarts always loved to be seen with him. For the first time he noticed Lily and Dorcas's friend, Amanda or Ashley or something like that, with them. She wasn't his type, so he decided to ignore her.

"Lily, Dorcas, what can I do for you lovely ladies today?"

"Give us a bit of your DNA," Lily answered.

Garry hesitated. DNA? His Ravenclaw brain went into panic mode. He must have forgotten something they talked about in Defense … or would that be Potions? … Or maybe it was a plant?

"What the hell is DNA?" Dorcas hissed.

"Your hair, fingernails, anything like that," Lily explained.

The boy paused. Compared with the two girls in front of him, he might have seemed intellectually lacking, but he wasn't sorted into Ravenclaw and made Quidditch Captain for nothing. He could sort out a strategy or pattern in seconds. As much as he wanted to believe the girls desired pieces of him to put under their pillows, he knew two sophisticated and classy young women wouldn't ask for fingernails.

"Why are you brewing Polyjuice Potion?"

Dorcas grinned easily. This brainless buffoon was too easy to figure out. All Lily had to do with flirt a bit and he would agree. But Lily wasn't a witch to set the feminist movement back twenty years.

"In about a month, I need to become you," Lily stated, "so that I can go on the Field Study."

"And what do I get out of giving up my place?" the boy asked, glancing between Lily and Dorcas.

"You get to become me for five days."

Garry's brow furrowed and he opened his mouth to decline the offer, but Dorcas cut him off. "And, of course, as Lily you'll have to change clothes and shower."

Garry's eyebrows rose at the exact moment Lily's jaw dropped. Annabel, ignored until this point, clamped a hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter. Lily really should have foreseen this glitch, but thankfully, it was too late to back out. They had already nicked the boomslang skin and bicorn horn from Slughorn's store cupboard. To abort now, and risk foiling their own plan, was tantamount to getting caught.

Lily recovered a moment later, but she cast such a feral look at Dorcas that the smile on the brunette's face vanished in an instant. There would be yelling and hexing happening later, and Annabel was already devising a way to watch without being involved.

"Well, Garry?" Lily demanded.

"All right, you can have my place. How is this going to work?"

Lily crossed her arms and refused to speak anymore. Dorcas was the mastermind behind this plan; it was her job to make sure no one but the four of them knew.

"We're brewing the potion somewhere we won't be caught." She pulled out a narrow crystal phial. "Fill this completely with your hair, and we'll give you one with Lily's hair as well. We'll let you know when it's done."

Plan B was underway and simmering in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom …