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Rosalie POV

"Keys, keys, keys, where the bloody hell are they?" I screeched in impatience as I ran around in my killer heels through the modern black and silver kitchen to my red and black bedroom next to it, my eyes scanning frantically. I breathed a sigh of relief and punched my arm in the air as I found my keys, right where I left them last night, on my bedside table.

"Car, car, car, don't fall and break your neck…" I chanted to myself as I pegged it down the hallway to the front door, grabbing my long, fitted and very expensive coat and briefcase on my way before I slammed the door behind me.

I glanced at my watch quickly as I shrugged on my coat, my keys in my mouth as I button up, causing me to cringe at their rusty taste. "Blehhh" I tried to spit the taste out of my mouth a little as I pulled the keys from my mouth and frantically locked the door, with my briefcase between my legs.

"Ten minutes to get to work…" I mumbled under my breath as I stuffed my keys back in my coat pocket and turned for my car. "Twenty minute journey in ten…you can do it…" I encouraged myself as I jumped the three steps from our porch to the ground, landing in one piece even with killer heels on due to my years of practice.

"Morning!" a silky smooth and quite frankly sexy voice came from beside me as I reached my car. I froze at the sound, wondering who the hell was next door at the old abandoned house.

I span on my heel, my car keys in my hand as I was ready to open the car. My eyes settleed on a 6'2, bronze haired, green eyed, well built specimen of a man. He had nothing on Emmett, but even I had to suppress the wolf whistle that I was itching to voice. "Hey there…you moving in?" I asked as I inclined my head at the apparent evidence in the cardboard box in his hands labelled 'Books' that he'd obviously pulled out of the back of the removal van in the drive.

"Yeah…just bought it last week…" he answered me giving me a warm smile before he turned to look up at the two story house which looked slightly dwarfed beside mine and Jasper's three story house. "I'm Edward Cullen…" he introduced himself shrugging his shoulders because his hands were full with the book box.

"I'm Rosalie Hale." I answered with a small wave before I remembered that I was running late already. "I hate to be rude, but I have to get off to work now…" I began as I stepped backwards to my car. "Hey maybe my friends and I could pop over tonight? Meet you properly…?" I suggested as I opened the car door and flung my briefcase to the passenger seat.

"Sure, that'd be great, come over whenever…" my neighbour told me with another warm smile before he turned and walked to his front door.

I jumped into my car and slammed the door after me before I revved up the engine of my BMW and drove as fast as I could to work. I parked at my usual parking space, noting that Alice had evidently made it to work before me from her yellow Porsche 911 Turbo sitting beside my car.

After locking my car, I legged it to the main door of the towering 'Vogue' building, and raced to the elevator beside the main minimalist reception desk. "The meeting started five minutes ago!" Sonia the receptionist called after me in a smug voice as she realised that I was late, having miraculously torn her eyes away from filing her nails.

"Gee thanks captain obvious…" I growled as the elevator ascended and I hurriedly patted my hair and clothes down to look respectable. "Why the hell do we have to be on the top floor?" I whispered in frustration as the elevator took its sweet time to reach its final destination.

Once the doors slid open I took a deep breath and composed myself as I lightly knocked the door to the conference room beyond and then made my way in once I was summoned.

"Ahhh tweedle dumb…nice of you to join us, why don't you let tweedle dee over there fill you in on what you've missed?" I gave my 50 something boss who wore way too much makeup for my liking, a sweet smile before I passed her and took my seat beside tweedle dee, Alice.

"That old codger…" Alice sneered at our boss, Melanie as she prattled on about next month's issue of Vogue and how they wanted to make it more 'autumny' now that September was coming to its end and the autumn was beginning to dig in its heels and push away the summer.

"You have three weeks to get next months articles done and dusted, I don't want any excuses." She snapped, directing her gaze at some girl who hadn't gotten her article in on time a few months back because she'd fallen down a flight of stairs and broken her leg. Apparently, that wasn't reason enough to shirk your responsibilities to Vogue.

"Right, one of you from each pair up here…now…" Melanie growled as she grabbed the familiar black velvet bag from the desk in front of her. I sighed in relief as Alice got up gracefully and stepped in line with the rest.

The black bag was used in each month's meeting to decide who would write which articles depending on which slip of paper you pulled out. In there were, fashion, home, celebrity, health, diet, money, family, friends, love, beauty along with much more. Alice always wanted fashion which was unsurprising from her immense and undeniable love of it. I on the other hand loved this system of choosing which article we would get. It gave us a variety of things to work on, and we learnt a lot of different things that kept us interested in our work.

A few minutes later Alice plopped back down next to me with a crestfallen look upon her face as she sighed, "We got love…"

I gave her a small pat on her back as the old crone up front droned on. "Right, now you've got your topics, go and write an article for them pronto!" she snapped as she hauled back the door, ushering us all out like a flock of sheep.

Once the big bad wolf had shut the door behind us, Alice and I crammed into the elevator and made our way down to level 7 where our office was. "Keith, baby, you know the drill…" Alice called at our receptionist as we made our way past him.

"Two steaming mugs of coffee on the way…" he answered with a cheery salute before he swivelled in his computer chair and went to make our coffees.

I arched my back, letting it click as I stepped into our office, leaving the door open for Keith. I quickly kicked of my black stiletto heels and let myself sink into the huge armchair behind my desk. I perched my feet up on the desk as I turned the computer on and drew a pen and paper nearer to me.

Alice meanwhile dove onto the large black leather sofa beside her desk and groaned before she said in a muffled tone, "What are we going to do about love?"

"I don't know…quizzes, statistics, points of view, our experiences with Emmett and Jasper…" I quickly shook my head at that last thought. Who would want to know that I'd met Emmett, the love of my life at high school five years ago and fell madly and deeply in love with him within the first week? I then thought of Alice and Jasper. Who'd want to read about how she and Jasper fell in love practically within the very moment they laid eyes on each other during the same time. No. People wouldn't want to read about something as positive as that. They'd want something more interesting, dramatic.

"What time is it?" Keith's exuberant voice pulled me from my thoughts as he carried in a tray which had two steaming mugs of coffee and a variety of biscuits and cookies.

"Coffee o'clock!" Alice and I giggled our answer. I thanked Keith as he set the tray down on the desk, right in front of me and then passed Alice her coffee. She thanked him and then invited him to stay and sit with us for a while.

Keith was a cool dude, which sounded kind of lame and childish, but it was true. Emmett and I met him a few weeks ago when he took me out for dinner. Keith was our waiter and Emmett liked him instantly once he realised that the dude wasn't trying to hit on me. The three of us talked a bit when he had some free time from serving, before he was called away to report to his manager. Some half an hour later, as Emmett and I walked to our car, having finished our meal, we found Keith leaning against a wall, looking defeated. I asked him if he was alright and he told us that he'd been sacked because his boss found out that he'd got another piercing which was against the dress code.

Taking pity on him, and because I liked him, I offered him a job as Alice and my receptionist seeing as our last one, Jessica, walked out because she hated us. Thankfully he agreed to come and try it out, and had been our best buddy and receptionist ever since.

"So Keith…what's up with you?" I asked the black haired rocker, as I took a tentative sip of my coffee and grabbed a biscuit from the plate in front of me.

"Biscuit." He stated simply, looking straight at me. I chucked one at him, knowing the routine and then he continued. "I've met this really nice girl, she's called Teegan and she's into piercings and tattoos too…" he finished, letting his sentence trail off with a huge grin on his face.

"Ohhh my god! You got a new one!" Alice called excitedly as she sat up on the sofa, setting her coffee on the floor beside her and crawling over to a chuckling Keith. "Cool…" she laughed as she stuck her face in front of his and judged the small titanium bar that was sitting snugly at the bridge on his nose, in the flesh right between his eyes.

"No, you're cool for letting me get these…" he beamed back at us, poking out his pierced tongue as Alice remained gawping, still studying his new addition. I couldn't help but feel happy as I watched him smiling with amusement as Alice ran her fingers over the back of his neck, over the piercing that sat on his nape. I was slightly shocked by Alice's seeming obsession with doing that, but thankfully, Keith didn't seem to mind.

"Maybe I'll get one of those…" Alice pondered to herself as she sat back, running a hand over the nape of her own neck.

"No way sweetie, Jasper would never let you do that. He'd hate the thought of you being in any pain." I told her before I chucked another biscuit to Keith.

"True…my Jasper loves me the way I am…" she smiled with a dreamy look on her face that always washed over her whenever someone mentioned his name or she thought of him.

"Right…well…I think that's my cue to leave…" Keith announced, getting up. He grabbed a few more biscuits before he left, shutting the door behind him.

"Hey, tweedle dee! Snap out of it!" I hollered, getting Alice's attention.

"God I hate those nicknames. Tweedle dumb and tweedle dee…she's such an arse!" Alice hissed as she sat up, tucking her feet beneath her.

The phone on my desk rang once before I picked it up, "Bella's on the line…" Keith's voice informed me.

"Put her through please…" I told him as I set the phone on loudspeaker ready.

I heard the clicking noise of Keith setting down his phone piece mere seconds before Bella's voice rang into the room. "Hey business bitches…" she called cheerfully, referring to our work clothes. Whenever we were in our work clothes, we were business bitches according to her. I looked down at my outfit quickly and realised that today, like any other day, I ticked every box required to define me as Bella's business bitch. I wore killer heels, cropped trousers which showed some of my great legs and perfect butt, and a blood red blouse which showed off my cleavage.

"What's tickin chicken?" Alice asked Bella as she tipped her coffee mug upside down, trying to will the last drops off coffee out of the mug.

"You won't guess what my boss told me today!" her aggravation turned her voice into a growl of sorts as she spoke. We asked her, highly intrigued, and then she told us. "He told me that I have two whole weeks off of work because he made a major fuck up with my work hours!" she huffed before she continued, "There's only so much time that cleaning the house will take me, what the hell am I going to do?!" she asked before we heard a 'thump' noise.

"Did you just hit your head against a hard surface…wall, table..." I asked and offered, knowing that it would be a Bella thing to do.

"I actually hit my head against a window, but good guess…" she answered with praise in her voice.

"I'd love two weeks off to spend with Jasper…that would be so amazing…" Alice trailed off as that same dreamy look came over her again.

"I'd gladly trade my two weeks off with you if you find me the love of my life…" Bella grumbled back, adding a heavy sigh after

"Ohhh hey look, we have to go, pop over tonight once you finish work!" I told her quickly as I sat up, and made my quick goodbyes with Bella before I turned to a completely bewildered Alice with a devious smile on my face.

"What the devil in a midnight mass was that about?" Alice asked me, throwing in her own random new saying that she'd probably picked up from some song or film.

"I've got it…our love article…'Can you fall in love in 10 days?'" I grinned excitedly at her while she looked back at me as if I'd lost the plot. I smacked my head as I remembered that I hadn't mentioned our new neighbour yet. I talked her through my morning and how I met the gorgeous guy and mentioned that we were going over to meet him later tonight after work.

"Give me basics…" Alice began after I finished my story.

"Hit me" I murmured as I clicked my fingers.

"Height…" she began mechanically.

"10" I said simply. This was our rating system where we rated the guys out of 10, which was the best.

"Eyes…" she threw at me quickly.

Green and penetrating, "10"


The messy auburn hair, a definite, "10"


I remembered back to those cute smiles from this morning, "10"

"Body build…"

The outline of muscles along his arms and back and that were most likely hiding behind the box he was carrying, "10"

"Okay I think I've heard enough. Should I let Emmett know that he has competition? I thought he was your perfect 10?" Alice asked me with a smug arched brow and a smile playing at her lips.

"Okay, scrap that and change them all to 9." I told her, realising that her words were true. This Edward was a hottie, but he had nothing on my big bear.

"So now that we have this hottie, what exactly did you want to do?" Alice asked me, surprising me that she hadn't picked up on my plan yet.

"Bella…is looking for love, Edward Cullen is our new neighbour, who I hope to god is single, so…" I prompted her talking nice and slow so she wouldn't miss anything.

"Hmmm make them fall in love in 10 days…" Alice murmured as she tapped a finger to her chin with her eyes closed. "Ohhh, it's going to be great!" she announced enthusiastically after a few seconds of thought.

"Glad you liked it" I grinned at her as I began to write down some notes, making sure that I didn't forget this little idea.

"I'll come over to yours tonight, get the ball rolling…" Alice stated as she got up and sat behind her desk, ready to do some work, or shopping.

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