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Acting On Revenge

Ike watched Wyatt from the other side of a window; pure hatred in his eyes. That lawdog was responsible for his brother's death last night, and he'll pay. He sat contemplating a plot to kill Earp. Sure, he wasn't very sharp, but he new better than to go waltzing right in there and take a shot at the faro dealer, who was currently surrounded by his brothers and Doc Holliday. That would surely spell his own death.

He sat up on his knees and peered through the window. All he could see was the backs of the Earps and a side view of Holliday.That no-good lunger was winning left and right. Now why three lawmen would choose to hang around a drunken gambler was beyond him, but what ever the reason may be it was blocking him from getting near Earp. And the other two are just as much a problem as Holliday, both good shots and rarely separated from Wyatt.

A wide grin spread across his face. Separated. Of course, separate the four and they have no chance! He snickered and crouching low, made his way back to camp. Ringo and Curly Bill will be pleased when they find out his master plan to get rid of Tombstone's would-be law.

"There it is again." Virgil said as another game was won by Doc, who sat back and smirked. "Indeed. Anyone else have money for me? Morgan?" He looked to the youngest Earp, who shook his head. "Nope. I'm out." At his other side, Wyatt spoke up in the same mocking tone, "Alright, Holliday. I'll take you on."

"Wyatt, good luck. Night Morg." Virgil patted Wyatt on the shoulder and walked out. "Night, Virge." Morgan called out after him then turned his attention back to the game. "Man, Wyatt. By the time your done you ain't gonna have nothin' left in your pocket!" Doc raised an eyebrow. "Is that why you quite?"

"I didn't quite. My pocket started gettin' dusty, that's all." Doc nodded and put on a thoughtful look. "I see, and how long ago was that?" Morgan scowled as Wyatt laughed at him. "Ok, take your turn, Doc."

As soon as it began, Doc had Wyatt beat and broke. "Why, Wyatt, your not finished are you?" Wyatt held up his hands. "Actually, I am. I've got nothin' left to spare. Guess I'll be turning in now." Doc shrugged and collected his winnings. "And what of you, Morg? Are you leaving as well?"

Morgan leaned back and took a sip of his drink. "No way. The night's still young and so am I. I'll stay a while longer." Wyatt tipped his hat and exited the saloon, leaving Doc and Morgan at the table. "So, if your out of money then why are you still here?" Doc inquired while collecting the remaining coins on the table.

"I'm not sure. Just not tired yet. Hey Doc, what do you say we head over to the billiard hall and play a round?" Kate came up and draped her arms around Doc's neck. "Must you, Doc? I've made special plans for tonight." Morgan rolled his eyes and got up. "Well, when you decide you know where to find me."

"You know, Darlin', I think I shall join young Mr.Earp in a game of pool. It's been ages since I've last held in my hands a pool stick." A hurt, yet obviously faked, expression graced her face as she stood and stormed out.

"Why do you put up with her, Doc? She's just with you for your money." Morgan asked as they walked to Campell and Hatch's for their game. Doc didn't answer at once, just played with the question for a while. Morgan was right, she just wants his money, and he knew it. So why is he with her?

"I really don't know, Morg."

What was intended to be a few short games evolved into half a night at the pool table, with Morgan winning every round. This was dismissed by Doc as having more hand-eye coordination. After all, his talent relied more on a straight face than a straight shot.

"You know somethin', we should do this more often." Morgan laughed as he landed a ball in a pocket. Doc huffed and applied more chalk to the end of his stick."Yes, I'm sure you'd love that. By the way, how is your wife doing?" Morgan shrugged as he bent to take another shot. "Fine. We're thinking about havin' a kid, but she wants to wait until we have the right amount of money to raise a family."

"Well then, congratulations to you. I'm sure you'll make an excellent father." Doc smiled. He was happy for his friend, but there was some sorrow on his part. He'll probably never get the opportunity to experience the feeling of parenthood. Not with Kate anyway. The poor kid wouldn't get a chance at life with her as its mother.

He looked up at the sound of the door opening, and standing at the entrance was none other than Johnny Ringo. Morgan, too, looked over, and at the sight dropped his stick and placed his hand on his gun. "Hello, boys. Out awful late, arn't we?" He taunted them while circling the table.

Morgan backed up next to Doc, who also had his gun at hand. They had been confronted by Ringo not long before and knew he was quite lethal with a gun. "What, nothin' to say to your old pal? I didn't think so. Just keep in mind, what you did yesterday, at the OK Corral, hasn't been forgotten. You did wrong, not us. And now, I think it's appropriate to return the favor."

At this, Doc drew his gun and prepared to fire at Ringo. But before he had the chance he was hit on the head by a second man. He hit the floor, quickly losing consciousness. Before his eyes closed he saw Morgan fall as well. "Wyatt..." He whispered before falling into a deep slumber.

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