A Typical High School Fic


Yes, I've done it again. I've started a story without finishing my other ones. I'm so disorganised it's unreal. But at least this proves I'm not fighting writer's block any more. Anyway, as the title suggests, this should prove to be a slightly different "High School" story than usual. I'm trying, at least. If CalliopeMused can get away with writing a High School story, why can't I?

Because she's better at writing than you.

Shut up.

Chapter One: A New Beginning.

Rachel hefted her bag onto her shoulder as she climbed onto the bus. Scanning the interior, she quickly found an open seat and sat. Pulling out her timetable, she glanced half-heartedly at her lessons. Sighing to herself, she stared out the window, observing the autumnal colours as they slipped past the window. Idly, she wondered what the school would be like. She had toured it, of course, but that was somewhat different to what the establishment would actually be like. She supposed she'd find out soon enough.

Gar looked over at his alarm clock, and swore drowsily. Sitting up, he yawned. He hated these late nights. Dressing haphazardly, he grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl, and his ring from the side, slipping the apple into his pocket and the ring onto his left finger as he stumbled out of the apartment.

Rachel looked around the lunch hall, trying to spot anyone she recognised. She remembered what her mother had said to her that morning.

"Remember, dear. You need to try and make some friends this year. It's not healthy for someone your age to be by herself all the time."

With that stiffening her resolve, she brought her tray over to the table where she spotted a familiar face.

"Is this seat taken?" She asked, trying to sound as if she didn't care. The large teenager she had addressed looked up, and smiled.

"Not at all." He blinked in recognition. "Hey, I know you. I showed you around, didn't I?"

Rachel nodded.

"Cool." He pointed at his companion, a shorter guy with spiked black hair. "I'm Victor, and this is Dick. He's alright, but he lives up to his name sometimes."

"I am right here, you know." Dick said, with something of a pout in his voice.

"Dick? That's a name?" Rachel said, incredulity overcoming reserve for the moment.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. It was a name first, you know."

After a few moments of silence, Rachel noticed Dick staring at a girl a few tables over. She followed his gaze, and saw she was sitting next to a short boy with spiked blonde hair. They appeared to be deep in conversation. "Who're they?"

Victor grinned. "That's Gar and Kory. They're the most official unofficial couple in the school."

Dick glared. "They're not a couple."

Victor threw up his hands in mock frustration. "Of course they aren't. They're just inseparable, and have this weird habit of disappearing at odd times of the day. Together."

Rachel smirked as Dick tried to find a way to counter this. "Sounds like a couple to me."

Victor threw a companionable arm around Dick's shoulder. "Well, when you're wallowing in your pit of unfathomable jealousy, remember this: at least he's shorter than you."

"Shut up." Said Dick, pushing Victor away.

Rachel sat in history, trying to concentrate. She glanced sideways, and saw Gar and Kory, sitting together. Both looked half dead, almost as if they'd been up half the night.

She had to say, it looked as if Victor had been right about them.

"And I shall expect your collectivisation essays by next Thursday. Class dismissed." Said the teacher, Mr. Light, or something.

"Hey, Rachel, come over here." Victor waved to her as she walked out of the school gates. He was standing with Dick, Gar and Kory. Dick was torn between ogling Kory and giving Gar the most evil of evil glares.

"Yeah?" She said as she walked over.

"I was thinking you might want to join us later. We were gonna go bowling or something."

To her credit, she considered it for a moment, something she would never have done a few years ago.

"Maybe some other time."

Victor threw up his hands in desperation. "Great. Another recluse."

"What do you mean?" Rachel raised an eyebrow.

Victor pointed accusingly at Gar and Kory. "These two are too busy making out all the time-"

"Dude! I told you, we're not together!" Gar said angrily, Kory nodding at his side.

"Of course you aren't. Anyway, these two are always busy, West's got his job, and you're a recluse. It's just me and Dick, and what fun he is."


"Just messin' with ya. But seriously, Rachel, come along, it'll be fun."

Rachel wavered, and then acquiesced. "Alright. Just let me call home." She pulled out her cell phone, and dialled.


"Yeah, honey?"

She sighed. She hated it when her mother used pet names. "I'm going to be late back; I've been invited to go bowling." She tried to sound enthusiastic, but it was hard. She hadn't sounded enthusiastic in a long time.

Wonderful. Have a nice time. You have got the key, haven't you?"

"Yes, mom."

"Dinner will be in the oven when you get back. Have a nice time."

With that, Rachel hung up, and the group set off.

Rachel blinked. Then she blinked again. The Kory girl had just lifted a bowling ball as if it was a balloon. Suddenly she began to feel the weight, and Rachel shrugged and forgot about it.

She had missed Gar frowning at Kory, and Kory briefly meeting his eyes.

"Well, I gotta go. It's getting late, and I got a history essay to do." With that, Gar left, before Victor could protest. A few moments later, Kory left too, agreeing that the history essay needed doing.

Victor looked sidelong at Dick. "Alright, now try to deny they're a couple."

Dick harrumphed.

"You know what the weird thing is?" Victor said.

"No." Rachel answered.

"Watch when the time comes to hand the essays in. I guarantee that neither of them will have done it."

"That's not so weird; if they're spending their time doing what you insinuate they're doing." Rachel said, dryly.

"That's not the weird bit. The weird bit is no one will mention it. No teacher has ever called them on not doing homework. The Head says they're a 'special case', whatever that means."

Rachel frowned. "Any theories on that?"

Dick spoke up. "There was a rumour going round that she was sleeping with Wilson, but I wouldn't pay too much attention to that."

"I'm sure that there are more sensible explanations. Well, I'm off home."

"Hello, Rachel. How was your day?" Angela asked as she unpacked the last of the books. She had spent the day in the apartment, and Rachel had to admit it looked nice.

"Fine, mom."

"Did you make any new friends?"

"I can hardly be expected to make friends in one day, but if you're asking if I made acquaintances, then yes. They seem nice enough, I suppose." Rachel replied, as she pulled a plate out of the oven.